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Wednesday, 02 December 2015 02:41

Late Night Snacks with Careless Whispers at 10 PM EST

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Can't sleep?  Call CW at (323) 642-1484

Can't sleep?  Let Calvin Chamberlain and Matt Rury soothe your mind and ease your soul. Or the other way around if you prefer.  These human versions of chicken soup will certainly warm you up on a cold December night.  If you are in a warm place, they will be your ice bucket of truth to cool you down.  

Do you think this post is gibberish?  Just wait until you hear the show!  Tonight should be one for the ages as the guys talk about Kobe, David Price, and probably the deafeated New England Patriots.

Call (323) 642-1484 to get your voice on the air and tell these guys where they went wrong.

Oh, and the Philadelphia 76ers just beat Calvin's Lakers.  We'll ask him how he feels about that.

Matt Rury

Matt Rury is the brains behind the CLNS Radio Celtics Postgame Show.