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Sunday, 17 September 2017 02:46

More Ray Allen Cuz That's the Way He Wants It

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Justin Poulin and Jon Duke have no choice but to review the ongoing Ray Allen situation, who continues to fill in summer news for the Celtics.

Allen was recently interviewed on ESPN explaining why he left Boston and the position he was placed in leading up to the decision.

Should the fan base be expected to forgive Ray Allen when he isn’t even asking for it? What does Allen have to do to place himself back in the Celtics good graces? Will it be in time for Paul Pierce’s jersey retirement?

Is Allen upset that his #20 will not be lifted to the rafters now that Gordon Hayward is wearing the number? Will Allen’s number be retired anywhere other than Connecticut?

How was Allen’s move different from Doc Rivers leaving the team?

Jon Duke says Ray Allen feels left out. He had the right to leave and fans have the right to hate that decision.

Moving on the Isaiah Thomas. Justin notes how fantastic and well done Isaiah’s piece in the player’s tribune was. On the other hand, the press conference was awkward at best with the hip injury looming as the elephant in the room.

Did the Cleveland Cavaliers show incompetence with their inability to deal with the hip injury questions? How about how they left Isaiah Thomas hanging out to dry by dragging in the injury into the spotlight.

Marcus Smart has lost 20 points and looks to be ready to start his contract season. Will the weight loss make him quicker? Should he start over Jaylen Brown? Jon Duke thinks Smart should come off the bench, but be on the court to close the game.

Will this actually be Terry Rozier’s breakout year?

Justin likes the idea of Smart, Jayson Taytum and Jaylen Brown getting a lot of time together on the second unit to build chemistry as the younger end of the team.

Justin and Jon end the show by highlighting the upcoming media day.

Please listen below!


Samuel Lias

Samuel Lias is a contributor to Boston Celtics coverage on CLNS Radio