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Monday, 18 September 2017 17:50

New England Patriots offense carries them to dominant victory

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The New England Patriots were back on track with  dominant offensive performance against the New Orleans Saints. 

The New England Patriots went back to the basics yesterday and calmed all of New England down before going into a panic.

For years we have seen Tom Brady use a variety of weapons in a multitude of ways, but the most effective we see the Patriots is when they control the clock and game with a consistent and quick offense. They have enough tempo to keep opposing defenses on the field rather than substituting players and they’re not too fast where they’re off the field in 2 minutes and force the defense into a tough situation.

Last week James White and Rex Burkhead combined for 4 catches, 38 yards, and 0 Touchdowns. Gronk also only hauled in 2 passes himself. Fast forward a week and James White is leading the team with 8 receptions and Burkhead had 3 catches and a Touchdown. Together they combined for 126 yards. Bray was able to locate his biggest target early and often with Gronk catching 6 balls for 116 yards and a beastly Touchdown before leaving the game with a groin injury.

The New Orleans saints have had a comically bad defense the past few years, but it’s a great sign for Patriots fans to see Brady and the bunch to go back to what they do best. A quick and consistent offense. When the running backs are being used frequently, there is success. They can constantly get yards after the catch and chip away at a defense and every few plays the break off a big one. It provides versatility and does not force the offense to rely on Gronk getting open down field constantly. If Danny Amendola can get back and remain relatively healthy, this Patriots offense can begin to live up to the hype that it was given after an exciting off season. With the quick game emerging, defenses will have to prepare and focus on the shifty backs which will help open up the offense for Cooks to explode down field and for Chris Hogan to expose second or third cornerbacks.

Yesterday was what everyone needed, a dominant offensive victory. The defense look like they have turned the page from last week, but the pass rush is something we will have to keep an eye on with only having one sack on Drew Brees. Overall, the Patriots are back on track and look to silence the hyped up rookie Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans. 

Charles Russek

Charles Russek is a member of the CLNS Radio New England Patriots beat team.  Currently serving as the staff writer for the Patriots Beat Podcast, Charles provides coverage of one of the most foreknown podcasts covering the four-time Super Bowl Champions.  You can also hear Charles on the CLNS Radio New England Patriots Post Game Show which goes live after every single Pats game available on CLNSRadio.com and iTunes and Stitcher.  He is studying Criminal Justice at Plymouth State University.
Follow Charles on Twitter: @chuck_wagonn

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