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The Latest Sports News

The Boston Red Sox offense came alive with 11 runs in support of a solid effort by starter Rick Porcello. They cool off the Texas Rangers who came in red-hot.

Cleveland Cavaliers def. Boston Celtics 112-99

With manager John Farrell on the potential hot seat, the Red Sox take on the Rangers to begin a three game series.

In the past four seasons I feel like I’ve heard one million criticisms of Red Sox manager John Farrell. Some have been warranted and some of course, haven’t. It seems like everyday that I talk to someone who wants him fired and that has been the case for a long time now. Me personally? I don’t want to root for the guy to get fired at all, but I also don’t think he should be the manager of the Red Sox anymore.

Well today, the heat on the seat got cranked up to a level I have not seen it at yet. Fox Sports MLB reporter and king of the Bowtie Ken Rosenthal wrote a piece titled “Trying times for John Farrell as Boston Red Sox manager” today. Naturally, it became big news and we found out a lot of the inside info that Rosenthal has. 

Apparently, Rosenthal believes that Farrell could have been fired on Monday “if the Red Sox had not avoided getting swept four straight in Oakland by winning the final game of the series.” But he doesn’t stop there as he adds that a Farrell firing may still be on the horizon. “It might come next week, if the Sox fail to ignite during a six-game home stand against the Rangers and Mariners.” 

Rosenthal then says that the firing may not happen at all if the Sox start to get things together soon. But, my take on this is that the Red Sox relationship with Farrell is irreparably damaged. I don’t think the two parties can co-exist and succeed even if the team starts to play better baseball. There is too much actual evidence to support that Farrell has lost the team. 

It was pretty clear to everyone early on that this team had some leadership issues when the whole Dustin Pedroia and Manny Machado incident happened with the Orioles. Then we saw the blowup between Pomeranz and Farrell in the dugout just the other day. I think it’s pretty plain to see that this guy doesn’t command the respect of his players and he definitely doesn’t make sure they are ready to play everyday. 

Also in the Rosenthal piece is a tidbit about how Farrell didn’t even have the whole clubhouse behind him in 2013, in his first season as manager when the Sox won it all. Apparently there were and still are players that don’t feel he has their backs, or communicates well. Of course, there are also players that question his game-management skills, but that’s so obvious that it’s almost not even worth mentioning.

When it comes to players thinking that Farrell doesn't back them enough in the media, I get confused. I feel like Farrell has been making excuses for them too much over his tenure, but I guess they don't see it that way. We’ve now heard this stuff from Rosenthal along with other additional accounts of Farrell not having the clubhouse. I don’t really know what’s going to happen right now, but I do know that this issue runs deep and as long as it persists, the Red Sox won’t be winning anything significant.

[News] Amir Johnson, Deron Williams Game-Time Decisions for Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 4 | Golden State Warriors Advance to NBA Finals over San Antonio Spurs | Powered by CLNS

The NBA Summer League 2017 is almost here and if the match-ups are anything to go by, the 2017 off-season is primed to be exciting.

The PawSox' slide continued last week, as they lost six of their seven games, which included three walk-off losses in extra innings.  David Price lasted just two innings in his rehab start on Friday, while Brock Holt and Pablo Sandoval ended the week in the starting lineup as they also work their way back to Boston.  Sam Travis and Rusney Castillo had big offensive weeks for Pawtucket, which can be heard in the Week in Review!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017 13:59

Patriots Beat 5/23/17

Written by

194: NFL Owners Meetings | Patriots Hall of Fame fan vote | Powered by CLNS Media

PREGAME vs. Cleveland Cavaliers | Boston Celtics Eastern Conference Finals Game 4 | Powered by CLNS

In this Game Theory episode, Sam Vecenie chats with Cole Zwicker from The Step Back. First, they break down Game 3 of Cavs-Celtics, which the Celtics surprisingly won. Then, for most of the episode, they do a deep dive into the prospects ranked No. 6 through No. 10 on my 2017 NBA Draft Big Board. First, we talk De'Aaron Fox, who Cole and I differ somewhat wildly on.  Please remember to rate, review and subscribe to the Game Theory Podcast on iTunes. You can find Cole at @colezwicker on Twitter, and Sam at @Sam_Vecenie.

Monday, 22 May 2017 20:34

What is Xander Bogaerts Power Problem?

Written by

Maybe I haven’t been paying enough attention, but when I saw Xander Bogaerts step to the plate yesterday in Oakland, I was shocked. He has no home runs this year? Are we sure about that? I could have sworn he’d hit one or two. Nope, he hasn’t and I’m starting to worry about the power in his game.

Bogaerts is flying under the radar right now because he has had a great batting average and seems to be spraying the ball all over the field. As of right now, he’s batting .320 with a .389 OBP, .433 slugging percentage and a .822 OPS. Bogaerts has 48 hits, nine of which are doubles and four of which are triples. He’s also running the bases well with seven steals and fielding decently. There isn’t a whole lot to hate about what he’s doing and in a weird way; he’s off to a really good start.

But two numbers really stick out in his stat line. He has zero homeruns and only 12 runs batted in thus far this season. That’s not what you want from a guy that is batting third in your lineup at all. This isn't unusual for his young career either. After an All Star campaign last year that saw Bogaerts hit 21 long balls and drive in 89 runs, many people thought his power had finally showed up. That doesn’t seem to be the case, as that year seems to be the outlier. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love a guy that can make some great contact and be a tough out like Bogaerts is, but we need more from him at the plate. I don’t want him to get away from having a good approach and start pressing, but something needs to happen. This offense is struggling and one reason is because he isn’t contributing by getting runs across to score.

[News] Amir Johnson Suffers Sprained AC Joint, Questionable for Game 4 | Boston Celtics 2016 First-Rounder Guerschon Yabusele to Miss NBA Summer League | Powered by CLNS

Boston Celtics def. Cleveland Cavaliers 111-108

Boston Red Sox beat Oakland A's 12-3 behind strong pitching and offense. 

Eduardo Rodriguez gets the ball for the Boston Red Sox as they try to avoid a sweep in Oakland. Mitch Moreland and Jackie Bradley Jr. return to the lineup to face right-hander Andrew Triggs. Brandon Workman is up from Pawtucket.

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Kyle Busch wins $1 Million in his first All-Star Race victory.

The Boston Red Sox bullpen imploded to allow four home runs in an 8-3 loss to the Oakland Athletics. Drew Pomeranz only lasted four innings and the offense was ineffective after the fifth frame.

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