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After spanking Chris Archer and the Tampa Bay Rays (66-70) on Friday night, the Red Sox (59-76) faced a dominant Jake Odorizzi and got a big loss handed back them on Saturday, the final score standing at 7-0. 

Today is that day that you do not want to receive a phone call from your teams head office. Today’s NFL 53 man roster deadline at 4pm EST, is fast approaching. On Saturday the New England Patriots wasted no time releasing a slew of players.

With the New England Patriots trimming down to the 53 man roster, in less than twelve hours, where will quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo end up? Does Ryan Mallett make the cut?

The Boston Red Sox farm system is racking up the awards this week.

With rumors circulating regarding the Boston Red Sox offseason plans to reload their squad after a disappointing 2014, the Sox farm system may be the key to adding several key pieces to take the team from worst to first next year.  But one player in the minors may be making himself completely untouchable due to his tremendous performance in 2014.

The Boston Celtics are more than just a basketball team and here's how

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