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Larry H. Russell

Larry H. Russell

Author of Fall of the Boston Celtics: How Bad Luck, Bad Decisions Brought the Mighty Celtics Empire to Its Knees and Ushered in the Dark Ages.  Senior editor and featured columnist for CLNS Radio. Executive Producer + Host of: Celtics Beat Podcast & Boston Celtics Pregame w/ LHR.  E-mail: larryrussell86@gmail.com

Isaiah Thomas spent this summer making many changes to his lifestyle.  But while smaller guards have never had long careers in the NBA, could that mean that these changes could lead to possibly the largest contract extension ever given out by the Boston Celtics in 2018?

The Boston Celtics have spent the off-season making some key additions, such as Al Horford and a hefty draft class.  However, they’ve scored some other victories off the parquet as well.

Boston Celtics forward Jae Crowder has been in the news the last few days.  From comments regarding Kevin Durant and the Toronto Raptors, to a so-called cryptic tweet that surely must give away all the secrets of the Celtics off-season plans.

The Boston Celtics rumor mill has quieted down.  For now...

The ever-elusive Mike Zarren has joined Twitter.  Is this further fueling speculation that a major Boston Celtics move is near?

Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas is supposedly cleaning up his diet.  Easier said than done.  Is he like many Americans in that he's not educated enough to make the right dietary decisions?

Tuesday, 21 June 2016 06:35

TOP 5 Best NBA Finals ...EVER [Part II]

Larry H. Russell finishes off the top five NBA Finals in league history.  Here's the final edition of a two part series.

Monday, 06 June 2016 11:46

TOP 5 Best NBA Finals ...EVER

As part of this week's top five countdown, Larry H. Russell ranks the top five NBA Finals in league history.  Here's the first part on a two part series.

Thursday, 02 June 2016 08:30

Top 5 Best Playoffs Series in NBA History

After the Golden State Warriors triumph over the Oklahoma City Thunder - many have asked the question where it ranks amongst the best in NBA history? CLNS Radio ranks the best NBA Playoffs series in its history which were not played in the NBA Finals.

On the 156th edition of Celtics Beat, myself along with Kyle Draper of Comcast Sports Net New England handed out individual report cards for the 2015-16 Boston Celtics.  Below are my grades accompanied with a small blurb.  To hear Kyle’s reasonings, tune into the latest show which ran this past Mother’s Day.

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