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Tuesday, 08 September 2015 22:54

Careless Whispers Drops You Like a Bad Habit at 9 PM EST

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Have you ever been spied on by the New England Patriots?  Then this is the show for you!  

While the NFL dredges up the past, Matt Rury tries to look forward to Thursday night when the Defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots take on Big Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The only thing standing in his way is his co-host Calvin Chamberlain who insists on trying to tweak him out.

Calvin also has some thoughts on his New York Giants' (former?) star defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul.  What do you have there, Calvin?  Fireworks?

Tune in tonight at 9 PM EST and call (323) 642-1484 to get in on the action or attempt to break up a fight.  Tweet @TeamGreenTruth and check out the show's (terrible) Facebook page here.

Matt Rury

Matt Rury is the brains behind the CLNS Radio Celtics Postgame Show.