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Billy Wyatt

Billy Wyatt

Billy Wyatt is a New England Patriots beat reporter for CLNS Radio. Now covering the Patriots for multiple seasons, Billy is a veteran journalist at CLNSRadio.com A graduate of the University of Hartford with a communications degree, Billy’s prior experience was as a sports writer for the Hartford Informer.You can reach Billy via e-mail at bwyatt_91@yahoo.com. And you can follow him on Twitter @Billy_NFL.

In their first game after their bye, the New England Patriots went on the road for a game against the Denver Broncos. The Patriots were in control throughout and cruised to an easy victory.

Wednesday, 08 November 2017 15:05

Scouting Ahead: Denver Broncos

After coming off their bye week, the 6-2 New England Patriots travel to Denver to face a reeling Broncos team. 

In their final game before their bye week, the New England Patriots looked to continue their strong play in October with a tilt against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017 14:17

Scouting Ahead: Los Angeles Chargers

A look ahead at a lesser known opponent, Los Angeles Chargers.

It was a Super Bowl LI rematch Sunday night at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots picked up right where they left off in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl.

In a surprising battle for first place in the AFC East, the New England Patriots and New York Jets battled it out in the Meadowlands. 

After a disappointing first month of the season, the New England Patriots looked to turn things around and avoid falling below .500 for the first time since 2002. Meanwhile, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers looked to make a statement.

In their first meeting since 2013, both the New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers entered the game at 2-1. Only one could leave Gillette Stadium with a winning record.

In a week three tilt, the Houston Texans traveled to Gillette Stadium to face the New England Patriots. It was a very competitive game throughout.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017 13:59

Scouting Ahead: Houston Texans

After both teams started the season off with disappointing losses, both the Patriots and Texans rebounded in week two. Now they face off in week three. 

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