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Wednesday, 28 January 2015 20:25

ESP #022: Kobe Bryant to Retire? | Patriots Deflect #Deflategate | Super Bowl Preview | Scoring in The Evening

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CLNS Radio Content Manager Sean Bakke joins host Brian Langford and the sports podcast industry will never be the same again! In episode 22 of the re-vamped Evening Score Sports Podcast, Bakke and Langford dive into a variety of topics.


In ESP#022 of The Evening Score Sports Podcast, powered by Lynda.com, Langford and Bakke return from the holiday break to discuss the latest injury to L.A. Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant and whether or not he should hang it up and call it a career.

Instead of breaking down the Super Bowl matchup between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks, we are still talking about deflated footballs and the so called #DeflateGate. Sean Bakke has some very strong feelings on the subject and rants poetic on the subject, while Brian Langford shares his thoughts on the controversy as well. If they did deflate footballs, should the punishment be worse than Spygate or worse yet Bountygate?

Langford and Bakke do get to breaking down the actual game a bit as both hosts predict a very close game between the AFC and NFC champs.

In addition to Scoring in the Evening this week, Brian reveals his "Drink of the Week" as well. What is your drink of choice? Follow the hosts on Twitter @CLNS_Sean & @BrianAintLyin and let them know.

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Sean Bakke

Sean Bakke is co-owner of North Station Media. Bakke is an experienced blogger and podcaster. Bakke is the Content Director at the CLNS Radio online magazine. and responsible for managing all written content as well as any related media content on CLNSRadio.com. He oversees the management of all CLNS Radio beat writing teams and their managers with regards to editorial content and promotion in order to ensure the quality and integrity of its published work. His role includes the recruitment of talented contributors who are dedicated to the same values and the continuous improvement of all CLNS Radio products.

Brian Langford


A born native of Washington DC. Brian has been podcasting since 2010. He was the founder of the now defunct XSN Radio. Once I fell in love with sports I knew that I had to find a something that was sports-related and that he did. Brian covered Team USA in 2012 while the team was in Washington DC.  The excitement and pleasure that comes along doing radio is networking and hearing different peoples opinions. My dream is to live my life with this feeling and somehow make it in this industry. There is a saying that you have to follow your dreams, I say chase your dreams.


Follow on Twitter @BrianAintLyin