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Red Sox Beat

Red Sox Beat

Red Sox Beat is a production of CLNS Radio, covering the Boston Red Sox and Major League Baseball (MLB). New Episodes upload weekly.
Hands down the best Red Sox podcasts around! Red Sox Beat brings you the best Red Sox and Major League baseball coverage with in-depth analysis from our Sox beat team. With talented hosts like Jared Scali, Nathan Rollins, Adam Belue and Jess Thomas, this 60-minute weekly podcast never lacks entertainment and information. Sox Beat airs every Monday a and can be listened to on demand at www.clnsradio.com or on ITunes and Stitcher.  

Winter Meetings are under way and Red Sox Beat talks all rumors and deals on this week's episode!
Wednesday, 03 December 2014 20:43

MLB: Are Teen Reporters Good for Baseball?

Written by
Baseball writers are hardworking journalists who dig deep to buid sources and provide fans with correct information. Can anyone do it?
Jake Wesley has hit the baseball world by storm and he joins the guys to talk teen reporting and recent MLB News
MLB Hot Stove is in full effect and the Red Sox have made the biggest splash! Two big names are off the board as Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval are shipping up to Boston.
Red Sox Beat is turning up the heat this week as we discuss all things MLB Hot Stove!
We're back and better than ever talking MLB Hot Stove and the Offseason here at Red Sox Beat!
Ben Shapiro of Masslive and the Huffington Post joined the us this week to talk the World Series, Cespedes trade talk and other Red Sox news! Don't miss a beat baseball fans!
Wednesday, 22 October 2014 21:37

Boston Red Sox: Is Chili Davis A Good Fit?

Written by
The Red Sox hired Chili Davis as their hitting coach for the 2015 season. Now, the questions becomes is that a good thing or a flop?
The Boys are back talking World Series and of course your Boston Red Sox!
Friday, 03 October 2014 01:17

Boston Red Sox: James Shields Can Be Ace For 2015

Written by
Shields is fresh off helping his team advance past Jon Lester and the Athletics to play the Angels in the ALDS. Shields went five innings and giving up 4 ER at home. These are good numbers for an ace pitcher. Yes, an ace.
Alot has happened in MLB in the past week. Jared and Nate are here for episode 3 to break down all the lastest news and make bold predictions here on Red Sox Beat!  
Wednesday, 17 September 2014 21:52

Steven Wright: A Knuckleballer Who Deserves A Shot

Written by
The Red Sox need pitching for the 2015 season. This guy should have a shot just as much as any of the other prospects for a spot at the bottom of the rotation.
Red Sox Beat has arrived and Hosts Jared Scali and Nathan Rollins were joined by Tom Joyce of Yawkee Way Report to catch you up on everything baseball.    
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