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Alex Mazzolini

Alex Mazzolini

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CLNS Radio's featured NCAA Football & Basketball columnist.


Host of "The ABC's of the ACC" and "Pushing the Envelope" podcasts.


Following college sports for over a third of a century, covering not just the games, but also the recruiting, of the super conferences.


When it comes to college athletics I love the present day as social media gives us so much information. However, I long for the old days when college sport was more about the programs the young men played at and less about where they would end up at the next level.

Monday, 25 August 2014 21:11

UNC Football: The lines are drawn

With game week arriving for both the O & D it is clear they must draw a rigid line in order to make this a special season...

It is once again Sunday morning, which can only mean it is once again time for "Pushing the Envelope", the podcast that never sits on the sidelines on any of the major topics...

Before we all head to the ledge ... it was an exhibition game...

The Tar Heels will be playing two exbibitions games in the Bahamas starting today...

Felton is now in Dallas ... will it re-launch his career or will it be his last stop in the Association?

Sixty minute that punch a wallop, must mean it's once again time for Pushing the Envelope...

Could Tyler Zeller to the Celtics be a good fit for both the team and the former UNC big man? I think so...

Wayne Ellington has been traded for the second time this off season and this time it might be for the worst...

Wednesday, 06 August 2014 09:05

UNC Football: Thorpe out, but for how long?

With the season coming closer and closer it seems that the UNC football team might have had its first big injury, and it comes to someone who has had too many of them...

Tuesday, 05 August 2014 13:58

Once again the NCAA does not disappoint!

Just when it was safe to put cream cheese on your bagel...

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