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Sunday, 27 April 2014 12:32

Pushing the Envelope (04/27/14)

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College basketball might have left us, but there is plenty going on with the NBA post season. So today it's all about the hardwoods. From the good and the bad on the court, to what might be the ugly off of it!

March Madness is gone, but April is when the ones at the next level show who is king of the hill. So today it's all about the hardwoods, and the hard things going on within the court and just out of it. The tanking of some teams, the dominance of others, the words of an owner that all hope not to be true, the old guard still keeping pace, the youngens wanting their space and much, much more. With the best thing being... it's only the first round! If along the way something else comes up, I might just talk about it as well, cause we all have to remember, this is "Pushing the Envelope", where we never sit on the fence on any discussion. So before you settle into your Sunday routine, before you start thinking where will my team end up in the Big Dance, come listen to yours truly on another episode of the often opinionated, never underrated "Pushing the Envelope", and if you want to chime in, please do, at (347) 215-7771.