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Sunday, 26 May 2013 14:12

Nick Gelso Takes Calls on Sunday Morning Celtics Late Night Show - on demand

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It's Sunday, May 26th. We are in the heart of the NBA Conference Finals and the Boston Celtics are not playing. So why broadcast a morning edition of the Celtics Late Night Show? Well, I say why not?

I'm in withdrawal from broadcasting and there's actually some stuff to discuss in Celtics-Nation.

Rondo's appearance on Joan Rivers Terrance Williams speaks about arrest Jared Sullinger will be ready for training camp(?) Why am I a proud LeBron James hater? Spurs vs Heat Finals? Passing of the torch? Why does Doc Rivers have to commit to the Celtics? Should Danny have let him speak to Brooklyn? Where's B-Paul? and much more!

I'm gonna' play some music too. Why? Because it's Sunday morning and I can. Will you like the music I play? Well, you'll have to tune in to find out.

I hope you'll call in to my first-ever solo-broadcast... I know it's early and you were all up late watching the Bruins elliminate the NY Rangers and tuning into the Bruins Post Game Show but, hey! Get your butts outa' bed and chat with me.

Cya at 10:30 am, ET!


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