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Nick Gelso

Nick Gelso

Nick Gelso is the Founding Partner and CEO of North Station Media, CLNS Radio. Gelso has been covering the NBA and Boston Celtics since 2008. He has locker room experience and is an accomplished NBA columnist and radio personality. Gelso has appeared on Boston radio, Las Vegas television, ESPNBoston, CBS Sports. He is co-host of CLNSRadio's flagship production, the Celtics Late Night Show and co-owner of CLNSRadio.


Additionally, Gelso is the co-host of Beats & Eats Podcast. Beats & Eats is an entertainment, foodie and pop-culture podcast network. Beats & Eats hosts podcasts from Hell's Kitchen Chefs' Barret Beyer & Anthony Rodriguez. Actors such as Lydia Cornell and Matt Fahey. Technology expert, and CLNS Columnist, Rich Conte. Hell's Kitchen Chef Dan Ryan hosts a reddit-based, pop-culture podcast. Chopped Chef, Rob Burmeister & Hell's Kitchen Chef, Clemenza host the culinary-comedy podcast, "Chewing the Fat with Big and Beefy."



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We are all aware that Rajon Rondo can be a very difficult person at times. Many of you know that I've never been a huge fan of #9. But could Rajon Rondo be a big factor in Doc Rivers' indecisive attitude towards returning for a 10th season with the Boston Celtics?

Chris Sheridan, friend of CLNS Radio, reported today that sources close to the Celtics told Sheridan Hoops that Rajon Rondo and Doc Rivers had a blow-out fight, including F-bombs that almost became a physical altercation during a team meeting. Sheridan Hoops event went so far as to say that Doc and Rondo had to be broken up. Following the 2011-12 post season, reports were abound that Rondo had a temper tantrum during a film session and broke a TV screen.

Fight with referees, alienating teammates, suspensions, temper tantrums and now this.

Is Danny Ainge being forced to decide between Doc and Rondo?

This story continues to unfold and all the drama that was wrapped up is now dropping out of the bottom. Stay tuned for more details.

The beat goes on. The Boston Celtics announced that they will be holding a press conference on Monday. Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers will be in attendance to discuss Rivers' future with the team. Here's the story from CSNNE:



Celtics president of basketball operations and coach Doc Rivers will hold a joint press conference Monday at the team's facility in Waltham, Mass., where the coach's future with the team will likely be addressed.

The Celtics originally sent out a media advisory Friday morning that the press conference would be Friday, but about a half-hour later came word that it would be pushed back until Monday.

A proposed trade between the Celtics and the Los Angeles Clippers that would have Rivers end up coaching the Clippers as well as send Kevin Garnett to L.A. was held up by commissioner David Stern on Thursday. To gain league approval, the Celtics-Clippers deal would likely have to be expanded to include more players, picks or a combination of the two in order to get league approval, sources told CSNNE.com on Thursday. Stern indicated that the deal between the two teams as it has been constructed would be a violation of the league's Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Earlier on Saturday, I wrote about my disdain of this entire Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce to the LA Clippers gossip mill. CLNS columnist, Rich Conte, added his 2 cents shortly after.

We both stated our hesitance to believe any such rumors regarding Doc, Danny and the crew.

I'm not that easily swayed but now the ever reliable, Adrian Wojnarowski is in the mix and had this to say:

The Boston Celtics are deep in discussions with the Los Angeles Clippers on a blockbuster deal to send coach Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett to Los Angeles, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The final hurdle of a deal centers on the Clippers' willingness to include guard Eric Bledsoe into a trade package with Boston, sources said.

The Celtics would like to land Clippers point guard Eric Bledsoe. (USA Today Sports)Boston and Los Angeles are discussing a package that will send DeAndre Jordan and two first-round picks to the Celtics for Garnett and the right to hire Rivers as coach, sources said.

Garnett will waive his no-trade clause to go to the Clippers, where he'll be reunited with Rivers. Celtics assistant Ty Lue also will likely join them in Los Angeles, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Clippers owner Donald Sterling is prepared to pay Rivers in the neighborhood of the $7 million annual salary he currently holds with the Celtics, front office sources said. Rivers has three years and $21 million left on his Boston deal.

If a deal is agreed upon, Rivers will likely speak to Chris Paul immediately on his willingness to re-signing with Los Angeles, sources said.

Rivers can't be part of a player transaction, but the inclusion of the draft picks – and perhaps Bledsoe – would allow Boston to free him of his contractual obligations.

The Celtics and Rivers want a finality to these talks, and there's pressure to complete a deal in the next two days or walk away completely, sources said.

h/t KWAPT/Red's Army

If you are in the "keep the band together" camp with me, than this is slightly disturbing. As I said earlier today, I will be patient and wait to see what happens.

An old-school "bloggers" rant on the Doc River situation...

Since the overwhelming rumor dump began about Coach Doc Rivers, I've been bombarded with mailbag questions regarding the future of the Boston Celtics roster and coaching staff. So here is my answer to you all, in one short "blog" post...

This entire situation has done nothing but disgust me. The more I look at Facebook and Twitter, the more disgusted I get. Rumors of Danny Ainge trading his COACH to the LA Clippers for players. Oh wait! Stop the presses! It's a 3-way deal as the Clippers are going to send us Deandre Jordan and Elgin Baylor in the deal to get Tommy Heinsohn and Paul Pierce in return. Today, Doc Rivers is coming out of retirement to play point guard for the Atlanta Hawks again. Oh but the Hawks would like Kevin Garnett in the deal too.


People forget that Doc Rivers was all but gone in 2010. We sweat, some shed tears, some called their doctor for advise and support because Glen Rivers was headed back to the broadcast booth and leaving the bench in Boston. Here we are, 3 years later, and the same nonsense continues.

Danny Ainge has said recently that he is 'being careful to give Doc Rivers some space."

Why don't we all give Doc some space? Doc is a loyal, "green-bleeding" employee of the Boston Celtics. Bordering 10 years as head coach makes Rivers the longest tenured coach since Arnold "Red" Auerbach. Though Doc's titles don't add up to the legendary patriarch (only one other coach in NBA history does), Rivers has been a stabilizing force through the tumultuous mid 2000's and the clear leader, mentor and... well... DOCTOR of the championship caliber teams of the past 6 years. So, it's not shocking that Celtics fans are in a tizzy once again about Rivers. However, let's think about this for a bit...

Is Doc not permitted to survey his options while such unanswered questions remain regarding the Celtics legendary duo of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce?

I believe he is permitted. Better yet, I believe he is almost obligated.

Danny Ainge will not commit to the return of Paul Pierce which directly effects the future of Kevin Garnett. This leads me to believe that Doc Rivers will patiently wait for Danny Ainge to make a decision, while Danny goes to the media and puts the pressure on Doc. Typical Ainge head games and media manipulation.

Celtics fans, whether we like it or not, the winds of change are circling TD Garden. If it doesn't happen in 2013-14, it's certain to happen the following year. The dynasty that never was, is about to end. The window of opportunity for championships closed in 2010. The question is, when will the change come?

I do not believe it will be this season. The fact that Danny Ainge has already turned down the Brooklyn Nets and the LA Clippers from speaking with his indecisive coach tells me that Danny is making it as hard as possible for Doc to leave. That also tells me that he has yet to make a decision on Paul Pierce's status for 2013-14. What about KG?

Folks, I am not going to answer these questions for you. Neither is Stephen A. Smith or Chris Broussard. Stop listening. Just be patient and wait.

In Danny we trust. Until he hires Vinny Del Negro as Doc's replacement...

Former Boston Celtics Forward, and openly gay athlete, Jason Collins throws first pitch at Fenway Park. Collins being saluted at the legendary Fenway by the Boston Red Sox, just furthers the attitude that the world of sports better get used to gay athletes sooner rather than later. The Boston Red Sox show that they are ready to move on past such cultural differences and focus on sports.

A nice tribute for a courageous man. Congrats Jason.


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From Coach Nick/Bball Breakdown:

Published on Jun 8, 2013

FOLLOW: twitter.com/bballSource Companion Article: http://www.bballbreakdown.com/nba-fin... Coach Nick breaks down this thriling opening game of the Finals, examining what is going wrong with the Heat offense, particularly down the stretch. Dwyane Wade didn't score in the fourth quarter, and crucial mistakes allowed the Spurs to steal this game and get home court advantage.

Jared Sullinger has been busy rehabbing his back after season ending surgery. This is an interesting chronicle of "Sully's" recovery process. Courtesy of CELTICS.COM.


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It's Sunday, May 26th. We are in the heart of the NBA Conference Finals and the Boston Celtics are not playing. So why broadcast a morning edition of the Celtics Late Night Show? Well, I say why not?

I'm in withdrawal from broadcasting and there's actually some stuff to discuss in Celtics-Nation.

Rondo's appearance on Joan Rivers Terrance Williams speaks about arrest Jared Sullinger will be ready for training camp(?) Why am I a proud LeBron James hater? Spurs vs Heat Finals? Passing of the torch? Why does Doc Rivers have to commit to the Celtics? Should Danny have let him speak to Brooklyn? Where's B-Paul? and much more!

I'm gonna' play some music too. Why? Because it's Sunday morning and I can. Will you like the music I play? Well, you'll have to tune in to find out.

I hope you'll call in to my first-ever solo-broadcast... I know it's early and you were all up late watching the Bruins elliminate the NY Rangers and tuning into the Bruins Post Game Show but, hey! Get your butts outa' bed and chat with me.

Cya at 10:30 am, ET!


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In my opinion, Jared Sullinger was one of the few bright spots to what was an up and down season for the Boston Celtics. As the season entered the mid-winter months, and the trade deadline approached, block buster trades were ablaze and Boston was not excluded. Rumors that sent Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to the LA Clippers, Rajon Rondo was being shipped all around the league in potential trades.

This is the NBA, especially at trade deadline time.

Jared Sullinger's name was rarely mentioned. As the Celtics Post Game Show blazed along, Sullinger was a name I mentioned as an absolute must-stay with the C's.

In Sully's contributions, prior to his season-ending back surgery, I saw a young man with a great desire to learn from the resources surrounding him in the Celtics locker room.  I was totally impressed by the under-sized power forward's uncanny ability for positioning around the glass. Sullinger has great hands and feet to compensate for his not-so-great jumping ability.

It's now the off-season for the Celtics yet Jared Sullinger continues to work, giving back to the community. Friday's Boston.COM article focuses on "Sully's" involvement in the 22nd anniversary of the Boston Celtics stay in school program. According to the Globe, Sullinger joined Walter (Waltaah) McCarthy and Dana Barros as the team representatives that appeared at Northeastern's Matthews Arena.

The Boston Celtics have had a long tradition of charitable efforts in Massachusetts, New England and beyond.

Back in the 1950's thru 1970's, team patriarch, Red Auerbach instilled great civic ethics in his ball players. The dynastic Celtic-Alumnists of the Red Auerbach coached and managed teams gave back to the community and volunteered their time to work for the NBA in it's developmental stages. Selling tickets, appearing in FREE promotional basketball games to help sell out Boston Garden for Celtics games. The players and coach (Auerbach was the entire coaching staff) doubled up as scouts, ambassadors, civil rights leaders and never shied from opportunities to contribute to the community in an era where professional basketball players made less money than you or I. They didn't spend days discussing their charitable ways on ESPN. They did it quietly, because it was the right thing to do. They were led by the example of Red Auerbach and that example carries on in today's Boston Celtics.

The late Reggie Lewis was well known for his Thanksgiving Feast, feeding the poor. Lewis was a graduate of Northeastern, where this week's stay in school program was held.

In other news, Sullinger told the Globe that he does not expect any recurring injuries with his back; a good sign for C's fans.


Sullinger (pictured with McCarty above) was an active participant in those off-court activities during his first year in Boston -- and on the court he's confident he'll be even more active in year two, despite the surgery that has sidelined him since February. He hopes to be 100 percent by September or October, around the time training camp opens.

“I’ve got 10 weeks to get back to where I was or even better,” he told the Globe's Baxter Holmes on Thursday.

“Everybody says ‘back’ with a question mark, [but] you might as well put an X through that,” Sullinger continued. “Because I had surgery, I’m taking my time and getting back right. [There] won’t be no recurring injuries.”

Jared Sullinger

..on his back surgery


Jared Sullinger continues to prove why he is a deserving member Boston community, on and off the court.

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The Boston Bruins are in New York tonight to attempt complete the sweep.

Tonight's Bruins vs Rangers post game show will start at 10 pm, EST.

Hosts will be Patrick Shankhour and Kevin Maggiori

As always, the hosts will be taking your calls throughout the broadcast.


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