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NFL - New England Patriots

NFL - New England Patriots

This is the CLNS Radio magazine page for the NFL and how it relates to the New England Patriots. Tune into this magazine page for featured columns, breaking news stories, podcast announcements, news and notes.



With a chance to regain the top seed in the AFC, the New England Patriots had another battle against the Baltimore Ravens.
POSTGAME v. Baltimore Ravens | New England Patriots Week 14 | CALL IN (929) 477-2386 | NFL
Each week, the CLNS Radio Patriots staff will bring you their predictions for each and every New England Patriots game.
12/9/16 Newsfeed | Patriots reportedly “strong candidate” for international game | Practice report | Powered by CLNS Radio  
With injuries coming into the mix, the Patriots look to add depth on offense. 
12/8/16 Newsfeed | Martellus Bennett returns to practice | Tom Brady praises LeGarrette Blount | Powered by CLNS Radio  
12/7/16 Newsfeed | Stephen Gostkowski wins Special Teams Player of the Week | Rob Gronkowski nominated for Man of the Year | Powered by CLNS Radio  
The Pats Hater is back with takes on this whole ridiculous total wins record which wasn't valid until Tommy Boy got win #201, Gronk's long list of injuries, and more on that epic win over the Jets (who just lost 41-10 to a mediocre team)!
Wednesday, 07 December 2016 17:48

Running Back Position Gains New Depth with the Patriots

Written by
  The Quarterback often steals all the attention in any given NFL team, both during the good times and the bad times.
Wednesday, 07 December 2016 00:27

NFL Power Rankings - Week 14

Written by
As the playoff races intensify, a look at how the teams across the league stack up.
12/6/16 | Bill Belichick praises LeGarrette Blount | NFL Power Rankings Week 14 | Powered by CLNS Radio  
12/5/16 Newsfeed | Danny Amendola injury | Reaction to Tom Brady record win | Powered by CLNS Radio  
Tom Brady has recorded his 201st career victory making the New England Patriots quarterbach the winningest QB in NFL history
It was a banner day in Foxboro as the Patriots hosted the Rams and honored the 15th anniversary of the 2001 Super Bowl Champions.
POSTGAME v. Los Angeles Rams | New England Patriots Week 13 | CALL IN (929) 477-2386 | NFL
12/2/16 Newsfeed | Bill Belichick & Tom Brady react to Rob Gronkowski injury | Powered by CLNS Radio  
12/1/16 Newsfeed | Rob Gronkowski to have back surgery | Tom Brady back at practice | Powered by CLNS Radio  
Thursday, 01 December 2016 20:05

Rob Gronkowski INJURED; Out 8 Weeks

Written by
The star tight end is expected to miss time with a back injury. 
Thursday, 01 December 2016 19:14

New England Patriots Roundtable | NFL Week 13

Written by
Each week, our friend Wes Langley from New England Patriots Nation will answer the big questions of the week in our Weekly Roundtable.
11/30/16 Newsfeed | Bill Belichick praises Rams punter | Tom Brady third in MVP poll | Powered by CLNS Radio