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Matt Poirier

Matt Poirier

Patriots Staff writer who writes about my opinions and breaking news. I graduated from Daniel Webster Collge with a Sport Management degree, I have also worked with ESPNNH Radio and contribute to the very popular blog Celtics Direct on Twitter. The avatar is my cat Toby, the brains behind the operation.

Follow me on Twitter @BSTRONG415

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Last night, wide receiver Brandon Marshall was released from the New York Jets. This came as no real shock as the Jets have been cutting veterans all week and Marshall came with a cap hit of $7.5 million. However, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN, it wasn't all about the money because the Jets actually offered him an extension to stay, but he did not want to and requested for his release. 

This morning, Josina Anderson of ESPN tweeted out that the reason Marshall asked for his release was because he "wants to compete for championship." This does not come as a big surprise given the fact that Marshall, a six time pro bowler in an 11 year career, has never been to the playoffs. That is right, never mind capturing a ring, he has never been on a team between the Broncos, Dolphins, Bears, and Jets that has captured a playoff berth. This is why I believe Marshall would be the next perfect Patriot. 

Belichick loves to get players with experience and who are hungry for the title. Some examples include Chris Long, Brandon LaFell, Darrelle Revis, and Randy Moss. Now, Brandon Marshall is 32 years old, will be 33 on March 23rd, and is coming off a season with only three touchdowns and a catching percentage of 46.1%. The Jets did not have exactly the best quarterbacks, but a career worst of less than 50% is notable. However, Marshall stands at 6'4 230 pounds and has had eight 1,000 or more receiving yard seasons. 

The Patriots offense is not tailored to throw often to the outside numbers, but Belichick took a chance on Michael Floyd at the end of the season who will become a free agent. The Floyd signing at least showed Belichick saw the need for an outside guy. The Patriots do have many priorities before Marshall, such as coming to a deal with their franchise cornerback Malcolm Butler and rebuilding their linebacker core a bit. However, if Marshall is to ignore the other multiple suitors that will be after him, take a pay cut and a smaller role, learn the playbook, then he could be a Patriot.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017 19:37

Dont'a Hightower will not be Tagged

Breaking: According to Adam Schefter the New England Patriots will not be placing the franchise tag on linebacker Dont'a Hightower. He will be a free agent and test the market.

To me, this news does not entirely comes as a surprise. The franchise tag is based on average salaries of the linebacker position and other players like Von Miller as made the number over $14 million for one year. The Patriots believe in value, and even for Hightower who has been injury prone, that salary is not good value. However, I am shocked the Patriots did not go with the transition tag. 

The transition tag, which is an alternative to the franchise tag, would have essentially made Hightower a restricted free agent. He still could explore the market, but the Patriots would still have the right to match any offer he lands. That way, Hightower can check his true market value, and based on that, the Patriots can determine if it is too much. Now, Hightower can sign a new contract with a new team without even a phone call to the Patriots before doing so. One has to think, the franchise tag may be put on another Patriot free agent. The two candidates that come to mind is Legarrette Blount or Martellus Bennett, but no reports have indicated that is the case. Every team has to decide on using their franchise tag by tomorrow, March 1st.

Monday, 20 February 2017 14:51

Patriots Top Free Agents

Read who can go and who can stay amongst the top four Patriots free agents. It is time to park the Duck Boats back in the garage and get ready for the Patriots offseason.