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Sunday, 15 June 2014 12:41

Patriots Beat: A Look Back at the Patriots Through the Years

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On this episode of Patriots Beat we dive into many subjects.  We look at the ownership legacy of the Kraft family.  We will discuss Tom Brady, where he began, what he became and what he ultimatly will be in the back end of his career.  


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We discuss the Patriots Hall-of-Fame, Should Bill Parcells be in the Pats Hall? 

What can we expect this season from the offensvie line, most importantly the center and right gaurd position.  

Is Logan Mankins an all time great guard?  

We look back at the selection of Terry Glenn in the 1996 draft and how it was the begining of the end for Parcells in New England.  

Is this years Patriots Locker room filled with a group of guys that will put team first?

Was Pete Carrol before his time with the selection of Tebucky Jones

All that and more on the Father's Day addition of Patriots Beat 

Read more: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/clnsradio/2014/06/15/patriots-beat-a-look-back-at-the-patriots-through-the-years#ixzz34iAECb7g

Jeff Kane

Jeff Kane is the Patriots Beat Manager for CLNS Radio He is the lead host for Patriots Beat and Host of the Patriots Post Game Show. His quick-witted style and knowlege of the New England Patriots are some of his endearing qualities to CLNS listeners.

Jeff is a lifelong Boston sports fan who grew up right outside of Boston. His passion for the New England Patriots dates back to watching his first game in 1984. Jeff grew up with love for the Larry Bird led Celtics, watching games after his bedtime with his father Chuck.

A self describe football know-it-all. Jeff says his favorite sports memories are the Snow Bowl Game and attending game one of the NBA playoffs with his father in 2008.

Jeff currently resides in New Hampton, New Hampshire with his Wife Michelle and his two sons Connelly and Saygen.

Jeff can be reached by email: jkane@clnsradio.com

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