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Tuesday, 08 October 2013 18:53

Fantasy Football Week 5 Recap

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You read that headline right. Welcome to the new CLNS Fantasy Football Weekly Recap. As you’ve probably guessed, from now on I’ll be providing you with a recap of the past week’s fantasy action. Below you’ll find a few notes on the past week’s player production based on my predictions, add/drop advice, and key injuries going into Week 6 and beyond.

Win Some

·         Willis McGahee’s 72 yards and a TD served you well if you placed him in your Flex spot like I suggested. Even more telling are his 26 carries. Trent Richardson owners have to wonder where those opportunities were earlier in the season, but the Browns are clearly trying to get the former Broncos RB more involved.

·         Alshon Jeffery definitely my biggest hit of the week. Marshall’s injury is limiting him more than we’ve seen since he’s joined the Bears and Alshon is reaping the benefits. 10 catches aren’t happening every week, but he’s a Flex play going forward.

·         The Broncos may be the best offensive team in the league, but they made the Cowboys’ passing game look even better. Tony Romo put up great numbers (remember this is fantasy, I doubt owners complained about that late game INT) and Terrance Williams looked great filling in for Miles Austin. It would be nice to see DeMarco Murray get more touches, but the first half TD helped your team nonetheless.

·         Danny Woodhead once again looked like the better RB and I’m willing to bet that Ryan Mathews doesn’t put forth even half the numbers Woodhead does for the season. Woodhead is a Flex (RB2 in PPR formats) unless he faces any injuries.

Lose Some

·         Ryan Broyles, yeah. I’m done with him. Drop him for a guy like Terrance Williams. Even when Miles comes back I think Williams will be utilized more than Broyles at this point. Eddie Royal too. That 2 week breakout seems more like an anomaly every passing game.

·         Seems like Andre Johnson only plays well when I doubt him, and puts up a dud when I endorse him. I blame Matt Schaub, who is really making this offense ineffective other than Arian Foster.

·         Speaking of players who only do well when I denounce them, Mike Wallace is one of the biggest up/down players in the league. Add in the fact that Brandon Gibson is getting more looks and my Hartline love is starting to dwindle.

·         AJ Green is still a definite start, but the past 4 week total from him is only 30 yards better than his Week 1 numbers. Defenses are focusing on him more, and Andy Dalton isn’t exactly improving as a QB. Is it time to be scared?

Players to Add

·         Greg Jennings – Matt Cassell will most likely start and I think he raises the value of Jennings. If Freeman does eventually start, which I think he will, I think Jennings will return to at least Flex standing. Freeman did great work with Vincent Jackson, so I think with time he can revive Jennings’ career.

·         Zac Stacy – He’s officially the starting RB for the St. Louis Rams and had a good game against the Jaguars. The next few weeks do get harder, but RB is so thin this year it doesn’t hurt to stash a starter on your bench in case he does break out later in the season.

·         Marcel Reece – Darren McFadden is Darren McFadden, so I say he misses at least one more week. Rashad Jennings left the game with a hamstring strain and we should all be aware of how tricky those can be. I say Reece gets a bulk of the carries next game, as well as some looks in the passing game.

·         Garrett Graham – Owen Daniels will be out for 4-6 weeks with a broken fibula, and Graham has already put up 3 games with a TD. Andre isn’t exactly playing lights out, and Schaub needs to be more careful with the ball, so I think he’ll look for Graham more often going forward.

·         Jay Cutler – Upcoming games against the Giants (!), Redskins (!!), BYE week, then the Packers (!!!) and Lions. Cutler has one of the easiest upcoming schedules, and he just dropped 358 yards and 2 TDs on a solid Saints defense. Cutler could be a starting caliber QB for the next few weeks.

Players to Drop

·         Previously mentioned: Ryan Broyles, Eddie Royal, and Andy Dalton (not sure why you’d have him to begin with).

·         Matt Schaub – He just isn’t looking good and isn’t doing anything more for you than the aforementioned Cutler would. Upcoming games against the Chiefs, Colts, and Cardinals won’t be easy and he’s already at risk of losing the starting role on his team. He should lose the starting role on yours too, and I doubt you want a mediocre QB wasting a quality spot on your bench.

·         Ryan Mathews – He has the opportunity and has done nothing with it. Worse, Woodhead is taking it over one game at a time and Ronnie Brown is getting goal line carries. If you didn’t spend a lot to get him, get rid of him.

·         Rashard Mendenhall – What exactly has he done better than Andre Ellington? Nothing. He has more touches and yards, but Ellington is clearly running well and I’d even advise dropping Mendy in order to Add Ellington. Matter of fact, do that.

·         Brandon Myers – He seems to be the Giants’ equivalent of Eddie Royal.

Injury Update

·         Julio Jones may be out for the season due to a foot injury as reported by NFL Insider Jay Glazer. Julio will get a second opinion, but it’s expected that his season is over. Bummer.

·         As stated earlier, Owen Daniels will be out 4-6 weeks due to a broken fibula. Make sure you pick up Garrett Graham (take a look at Heath Miller too) until he comes back.

·         Michael Vick is likely to miss Week 6 due to a sore hamstring, but it is possible he may play through it. I don’t suggest adding Nick Foles, but guys like Sam Bradford or Alex Smith could be a nice fill in. Miles Austin is likely to miss another week due to his hamstring issues as well.

·         EJ Manuel and Brian Hoyer suffered unfortunate injuries in their Thursday night game. EJ will be out 4-8 weeks with a sprained LCL and Hoyer’s season is done due to an ACL injury.

·         David Wilson will likely miss Thursday night’s game against the Chicago Bears due to a neck injury in Sunday’s game. Ahmad Bradshaw will also remain out due to a neck injury a few weeks ago.

Follow me @CLNS_Marc for more fantasy updates throughout the season!