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Wednesday, 14 August 2013 21:09

Players comment on Tom Brady's apparent injury

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"Oh no!"

They are the last two words spoken on the most watched video in New England Wednesday afternoon.

They also convey the sentiment of Patriots fans everwhere as Tom Brady went down with an apparent knee injury during 11-on-11 drills against the Bucs.

The injury occurred when Bucs DE Adrian Clayborn pushed Patriots LT Nate Solder back into Brady, who was facing away from the two and finishing a throw.

"I don't know what happened, I'll have to see it again," Solder told reporters after practice.

For his part, Clayborn said he  “bull rushed the tackle and apparently [Solder] tripped on Brady and fell on him."

"Anytime someone goes down you worry about it," Solder said, "but we'll see what happened, I don't know yet."

After getting hit, Brady laid on his back and clutched his knees for a few seconds before hopping up and walking gingerly to the sideline. He returned one play later for the rest of the drive - about three or four plays. In his return, Brady did not appear to be limping but after the drive, he left the practice field for the remainder of the day.

Ryan Mallett and Tim Tebow split snaps the remaining 45 or so minutes of practice.

Following practice, Patriots players said they were not aware of Brady's condition and Bucs head coach Greg Schiano told reporters he didn't see the play.

"I saw him laying there afterward but I didn't get to see it," Schiano said.

"Coach Belichick and I stress to our teams to let them throw the football. Rush the passer but go by him. Don't get around him. But I can't tell you (about what happened on that play) because I didn't see what happened but I'll look at it on tape. I hope he's okay."

“You always have to stay away from the quarterback, but if you get a guy on his heels, my instinct is to keep going. And that’s what I did.”

Stay tuned to CLNS Radio for the latest information as it becomes available.