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Tuesday, 30 July 2013 12:36

Bruised But Not Broken: Why the New England Patriots are Still the Team to Beat in AFC East

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The NFL has always been one of the most favorite sports in the world and its popularity continues to mount with each passing year. Whether it’s the hard-core football fanatic or the regular enthusiasts of NFL betting, the last-minute excitement of every football rivalry is incomparable. With this year’s season scheduled to commence in some time, fans have already started picking up their early favorites. Moreover, the bettors have also tightened their shoelaces to run along the players of their favorite team and win substantial awards by betting on the NFL. What comes out as a surprise is the upheld dominance of the New England Patriots in the AFC East, even after an unpleasant past.


New England Patriots is still the most darling team among NFL supporters, and is also a team to be feared in the AFC East. No matter how badly the team looks because of various incidents such as the removal of Aaron Hernandez from the roster and the uncertainty of Rob Gronkowski's physical readiness, there still isn’t any other team that could easily beat Tom Brady and crew. Though the natives are getting restless without any championship since 2004, the Pats still have the ability to rewrite their history. They have managed to qualify for the playoffs in 10 from the past 12 seasons, and have won 3 Super Bowl titles meanwhile. This has not only contented NFL football betting enthusiasts in the past, but has also earned a loyal fan base for the team.


Even though the Pats did not make any major draft picks this year, they will still enter the upcoming season as the top favorite of the AFC East. They have the ability to make it to the playoffs, but it still depends upon the impact the existing players and the newly signed rookies. Websites such as www.nflonlinebetting.com still indicate the  NFL odds for the Pats, with people confidently placing bets on their AFC East’s favorite. People are readily indulging in free NFL betting, and the regular Pats fans believe that their favorite team still has some strengths and strong points that make it worthy enough to fear in the AFC East.




This is one region that hasn’t worried the Pats for quite a long time. Tom Brady, even at the age of 35, remains one of the premiere Patriots at the most sensitive positions on the football field. He has managed to throw 137 touchdowns and only 37 interceptions in the past 4 seasons, showing zero signs of performance deceleration. Ryan Mallett proves to be a wonderful backup in this regard, along with Tim Tebow who is another excellent option at the back. As long as these stars continue to upgrade their performance, the NFL football odds will remain in favor of the Pats.

Offensive Line


New England Patriots’ offensive line has always been one of their key strengths in the past seasons. For the upcoming season, the Pats have already taken major steps to ensure that the line remains the same by locking up Sebastian Vollmer, their star tackle, through a contract extension. The team’s offensive line deserves most of the credit for the success in the past seasons. Since their irreplaceable offensive pieces are still on the roster, and with a couple of new draft picks made to assist this side, the depth of the team’s offensive potential has reached deeper levels, making them the worthy kings of the east.


Running Backs


This is yet another region that gives strength to the Pats, and which gives bettors the confidence to continue supporting their team through NFL betting online. Steven Ridley wonderfully led the ground-attack, rushing for over 1300 yards and making 12 touchdowns in the previous season. Steven was the only back who received over 80 carries, and which certainly pushes him towards the category of a workhorse. Among the other solid backups are Shane Veeren and Brandon Bolden. Lean Washington will easily pick up the place left vacant by Danny Woodhead. No matter what, the Pats will always have a back to protect their eastern throne.


With players full of natural talent and an unmatched attitude for winning, it will be very difficult to dethrone Bill Belichick and team from the AFC East.

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