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Thursday, 30 May 2013 21:45

Similar Situation in Buffalo...?

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If you have looked at the developing situation in Buffalo this offseason, you should have no hard time finding similarities with the 2012-2013 Seattle Seahawks. The Quarterback battle is more than intriguing this season as the Bills are deep down hoping that at least one of the 3 QB's that they have on their roster will pan out, such as Russell Wilson did in Seattle last season. Just like Seattle, the offence will be heavily based on a strong run game, which to put even more spice in to the similarities; remember where the all powerful RB Marshawn Lynch started off his career, if you guessed Buffalo, you've just won a big high five! As I was saying, both offences rely on strong run games to set up the air game, as C.J Spiller will be a man on a mission this year for the Bills.


Then comes in the all important tri-fecta of Quarterbacks that Buffalo has assembled. The first one that catches my eye is Tavaris Jackson, as he was one of the three headed monster that consisted of himself, high priced offseason addition Matt Flynn, and 3rd round rookie, Russell Wilson. Jackson was dealt to the Bills just before the start of last season where he was inactive for the whole season. Jackson then signed a $2.25M 1 year contract with the Bills on February 15th 2013. In a turn of offseason events, Jackson has found himself in one of the most freakishly similar situations in which he was in last season.


The second ingredient is an unproven, highly paid offseason addition. Kolb failed miserably in Arizona and was released by the Cardinals on March 15 of this year when Kolb and the Cardinals failed to reach a restructured contract. Kolb was then signed by the Bills on the 30th of March as the whirlwind of offseason Quarterback moves carried on. Kolb was added to serve as competition to Jackson who had taken over the top of the depth chart with the release of former starting QB Ryan Fitzpatrick.


Kolb has been compared to QB Matt Flynn as they both were praised backups behind strong starting QBs in Aaron Rodgers and Mick Vick. Kolb had been given a chance to start in Arizona, and as previously mentioned, failed miserably. Flynn on the other hand had been inserted in the three headed monster that Seattle assembled at the start of last season. Flynn has yet to really 'get' his fair shake at a starting spot, but has been given a great opportunity to show his stuff in Oakland this season.


The third and final ingredient in this delicious off season treat is the rookie Quarterback. Russell Wilson, who was drafted 75th overall in the 2012 NFL Draft, started Seattle's OTA as the 3rd QB. E.J Manuel was taken 16th overall by the Buffalo Bills in the 2013 NFL Draft. Manuel was the first QB taken in the draft as many draft analysts suggested that there wasn't any 'true' franchise QB in the 2013 draft. This thought was reciprocated by almost every NFL team in the draft as most QB's were taken later than where they were projected, and none were taken in the first 15 picks.


There we have it; Tavaris Jackson, an unproven, high paid QB, and a rookie QB have made a sequel to last years unpredictable run to the playoffs for the Seahawks. This is one just one of the fun Quarterback battles to watch coming in to the season. While there will always be some sort of QB controversy in the NFL, a tri-fecta of QBs coming in to the season, all vying for a starting gig is surely going to need lots of popcorn! I'm excited to see how this one turns out for the Bills. E.J Manuel is now taking 3rd string reps in the Bills OTA's to start the season. A place where Wilson found himself at the start of last season's training camp. Manuel has to be hoping that he has some of that 'Wilson Magic' working for him this year! I believe that alot of their offence will come from Spiller this year, but they will also be throwing the ball alot because they will be falling behind in games. Jackson has never looked like a starting QB in the NFL, but is a solid back up. I don't think Kolb has very much to offer, but you never know with him. E.J Manuel is the big question mark, as well as the fun potential for a lousy Bills team. All three will surely try to put their best foot forward to try and help this struggling franchise.


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Thanks for reading!

If you have any questions or comment feel free to tweet me @phillipbeneteau


Phillip Beneteau

My name is Phillip Beneteau and I've been around and involved in sports my whole life. I started skating when I was 3 years old and swinging a golf club shortly after. I have an uncanny love for all sports and any sort of competition. This love for all sports and competition has led me to take a strong interest in fantasy sports. I started writing about sports back in January of 2012, and have been mainly focusing on fantasy sports along with the odd segment of something else that catches my interest. I starting writing last year by ways of my blog http://sports-half-philled.blogspot.ca/ . 

If you have any questions or comments you'd like to send my way, follow me on twitter @phillipbeneteau