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Wednesday, 29 May 2013 20:09

Top NFL Quarterback Battles

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With the NFL Draft now over and most teams filling out their 90 man rosters, teams know, for the most part, what quarterbacks are going to be on the roster. However, some teams still don't know who will be their quarterback for week 1. Teams like the Jets and Jaguars have an open quarterback battle with no clear cut leader, so I'll take a look at the top battles and who has the inside track at the spot.


NEW YORK JETS- Mark Sanchez vs. Geno Smith


What a mess the quarterback situation in New York is. Not with the G-Men, but rather with Gangrene Gang Green. In one corner you have Mark "Buttfumble" Sanchez who really has no reason to keep his job and in the other corner there is a plucky rookie with some maturity issues in Geno Smith. Smith may have some maturity issues, but the Jets are said to be 'smitten' with him. Sanchez has been on a freefall since his first two season in New York, leading the Jets to two consecutive AFC Championship games. Sanchez was very erratic last season and was benched as the Jets made a last ditch effort to make the playoffs.

Do the Jets really want to make the same mistake with Smith that they did with Sanchez and start a rookie? It's a tough call, but the Jets might not have any choice. It was once a crowded house at the quarterback position in New York, but with Greg McElroy being released and David Garrard retiring, the team is left with the smoldering remains of Sanchez and Smith. 

Either way the Jets are in for a long season and Rex Ryan will finally be out of a job.

Prediction: Geno Smith


JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS- Blaine Gabbert vs. Chad Henne


If the Jets battle is the worst, this may be a close second. New Jaguars coach Gus Bradley is in for a nightmarish season. Mark Long of the AP called the recent Jaguars workout session the "worst day of quarterback play I've witnessed at Jaguars practice in years"


Gabbert is still having a hard time with completing short passes and Chad Henne is faring out much better. New offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch is coming from the University of Miami where the 'Canes improved in offense every year he was there, but the Jags aren't the 'Canes and Gabbert/Henne aren't Jacory Harris. It really doesn't matter who you start this season, the Jaguars will still struggle with a new coach and no solid number one quarterback. Gabbert was the starter last season before getting injured and Henne didn't do much to snatch that spot away from Gabbert.

At least Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater is draft eligible next year.

Prediction: Blaine Gabbert


PHILADELPHIA EAGLES- Michael Vick vs. Nick Foles vs. Matt Barkley


Normally I wouldn't put this as much of a battle, but with a new regime means possible a new field general. Chip Kelly is bringing his explosive offensive scheme to the city of Brotherly Love and needs a certain type of quarterback to make it click.

Before Kelly was hired, Vick was probably gone from the Eagles roster, but now he has the inside track. Kelly liked using mobile quarterbacks during his time at Oregon and I'd expect more of the same with the Eagles. Nick Foles had a brief starter's role last season, but did nothing with it and Matt Barkley, who was considered a number one overall pick one year ago, plummeted down the board. Barkley may have talent to become a starter, but not in Kelly's unique offense.

Vick still makes too many mistakes with the ball, but he is still the best option to make Chip Kelly's offense fir on all cylinders.

Prediction: MIchael Vick


OAKLAND RAIDERS- Matt Flynn vs. Terrelle Pryor vs. Tyler Wilson


Where have we heard this one before? New Raiders quarterback Matt Flynn looks like he's in another quarterback battle. Last season, he was expected to be the Seahawks starter, but with an injury late in the preseason and the emergence of rookie Russell Wilson, Flynn was out of a job in Seattle.

This season, rookie Tyler Wilson has impressed Raiders coaches and could very well snatch the job away from Flynn. Former NFL scout Dan Shonka said that the Raiders should 'keep Flynn away from sharp objects' if he loses another starting role. Terrelle Pryor is another guy that could fly under the radar and claim the role over Wilson and Flynn.

If I had to make a choice right now, I'd say Matt Flynn simply because the Raiders invested into getting him and might just be the best option so far, but look out for Tyler Wilson, he could steal the spotlight.

Prediction: Matt Flynn


CLEVELAND BROWNS- Brandon Weeden vs. Jason Campbell


Another team with a new coach and no clear cut starting quarterback. However, this situation is a better one than the Jaguars hot mess. 

New coach Rob Chudzinski comes over from being the Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator and the Browns now have Norv Turner to call the shots on offense. Chudzinski had Cam Newton and his hybrid style quarterbacking in Carolina, but, in the words of Rick Pitino, Cam Newton's not walking through that door. Jason Campbell is the next best bet for the Browns. He is mobile and quick, not as swift as Newton, but quick.

Campbell is said to have outplayed Weeden so far during minicamps before reverting back into Jason Campbell the next day. Brian Hoyer is also on the roster but has no real shot. Norv Turner has a way with quarterbacks and will definitely tutor whoever the next guy will be, like he did with Troy Aikman and he turned out okay.

Although, Campbell had apparently just one good day of camp, he looks to be the best shot in Chudzinski's offense.

Prediction: Jason Campbell