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Sunday, 19 May 2013 20:00

Gronk to party in Vegas before surgery

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Jared Wickerham/ Getty Images

LAS VEGAS—With Rob Gronkowski’s  latest surgery news, many thought that the extravaganza entitled “The Summer of Gronk” would be coming to an end.  However, as a report from Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com notes, the boisterous tight end is partying right up until his surgery on Monday with a trip to Las Vegas.

The trip to Vegas is part of an experience package from http://www.jumpseat.me . The company “circulated an e-mail” on Friday according to the report offering four seats on a private plane that will take Gronkowski and a teammate to Nevada.

This Saturday night, share a cabin and fly privately with Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman from Boston to Las Vegas for a last minute get away before Gronk goes for yet another surgery,” the email explains.  “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend time with a living Patriots legend.  Gronk is offering 4 seats in the cabin.”

You have to wonder if his hard-partying days will catch up to him at some point or if rule-oriented head coach Bill Belichick’s patience with the 24-year-old is wearing thin. However, it appears that as long as he can party, Gronkowski will continue to do so.

With that being said, he should probably focus more on playing football and less on partying. After all, he is a football player.