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Thursday, 16 May 2013 19:26

Dwight Freeney's Dad Wants Him to Play for Pats, Mom Doesn't

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Dwight Freeney is still without an NFL home and if you ask his parents, they have differing views on where he should play next.

Dwight Freeney's father, Hugh, has said that he would prefer his son to play this season with the New England Patriots. Freeney has visited with the Patriots earlier in the offseason, but with Freeney's main concern being money, it's unlikely that he will wind up in New England.

Hugh Freeney lives in Connecticut and would love to see his son play so close to his home. The elder Freeney said,

“I would love for him to play for the Patriots. … For business purposes, I think it would be a great choice,”

However, Dwight's mother is dead set against her son joining the New England Patriots. Hugh Freeney said about why she doesn't want Dwight to play for the Pats,

“His mom is really, really against that city. They verbally abused her when she went to the game, they treat her badly. The mob was attacking her. She didn't want to go back.”

According to Hugh Freeney, Dwight's preferred team is the New York Giants, but they don't appear to be interested and as Hugh said, "They're broke".

This offseason Freeney has visited the Pats, Denver Broncos, and San Diego Chargers with the Miami Dolphins and Houston Texans reportedly being interested in the former All-Pro and Indianapolis Colt.

The San Diego Chargers have both the money and the need for Freeney, so, they are said to have the inside track at signing the veteran defensive end.