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Thursday, 16 May 2013 19:05

Patriots Gave Love Option of One Year Retirement or Release

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According to Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk, the New England Patriots gave the recently released Kyle Love two options: take a one year retirement or be released.

Love, who was diagonsed with Type-2 diabetes two weeks ago, was released yesterday and according to his agent, Richard Kopelman, the Patriots gave him the two options. Love chose to be released so he can resume playing immediately. 

The Patriots said that they would be willing to waive any ability to recover a signing bonus if Love chose the one year retirement.

Kopelman said that Love holds no ill will towards the Patriots about his release, but hasn't ruled out a lawsuit against the team. Love could sue the Patriots for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act or the Massachusetts equivalent. However, Love's agent said that his client's number one concern is trying to find a new NFL team.

Kopelman also said that right from the initial diagnosis from the team doctors, the team gave Love the two options almost immediately. Love and Kopelman both felt that it was much too early at the time to make such a decision and that Love would be ready in a couple week's time. 

Kopelman siad of Love's health and chances to play this season,

“We have every reason to believe Kyle is going to be well enough to play this year. We’d rather be in position of having a chance to play this year versus not having a chance to play this year.”

Teams have until 4PM today to claim Love or he will become a free agent, if he is not claimed.