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Thursday, 07 September 2017 17:28

NFL Week 1 Betting Trends

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The New England Patriots are 9-point home favorites in the NFL Week 1 betting odds.

But is anyone really that surprised. The regular season will be starting in a little while and most analysts and pundits are predicting a dominant performance from New England throughout the season.


The Patriots stole a stinging victory in their game against the Atlanta Falcons on the 5th of February. They won 34-28 and clinched the Super Bowl 51 win, this after doing the impossible and coming back from a deficit of 25 points.


Is it any wonder that the Patriots are favorites? The team took what should have been a night of elation for the Falcons and bathed it in their colors and now the betting public is throwing their weight behind the defending champions.


The Kansas City Chiefs will take the first crack at the Patriots. One expects that the team is a little daunted by the task. Their performance against the champions could define not only their future in the season but the future of the Patriots.


Defeating the Patriots in Week 1 would give other teams a boost in confidence. Of course, the chances of that happening are pretty slim. After all, Kansas City has never fared well against this particular opponent.


In fact, the Chiefs have lost six consecutive times to the Patriots in eight games at home. The new season does not bode well for them because, unlike 2016, Tom Brady will be playing in the opener. Of course, there is a consolation to be taken from the fact that top receiver Julian Edelman won’t be in play.


Brady and Edelman have always been a great team. The receiver’s season was ended before it started when he sustained a knee injury during the preseason. But does that mean Kansas City has some sort of advantage against the Patriots?


Well, not really. Try to remember that the Chiefs do not have the luxury of using Spencer Ware. Like Edelman, Ware was sidelined by a knee injury. If anything, the Kansas City Chiefs have more of a handicap going into Week 1.


Speaking of Week 1, the Patriots/Chiefs game isn’t the only action that people will be looking forward to. The Seattle Seahawks will play the Green Bay Packers on their home turf. The Packers are home favorites by 3 points.


The Seahawks left the preseason with an impressive record, having gone largely unbeaten, one of only four teams to achieve that feat. They also totaled the most points, this while the Packers left the preseason with a 3-1 record.


That being said, the Packers are in a pretty good position to earn their third victory in six meetings.


The Falcons are seven-point road favorites as they prepare to take on the Chicago Bulls. With ten victories out of their last thirteen games, the Bulls have an edge, this despite the fact that Atlanta is one of the best sides in the NFC.


The Philadelphia/Washington and Arizona/Detroit games are expected to be close because the point spreads are less than two points. In addition, there’s also the Tennessee Titans/Oakland raiders bout. Both teams are getting a lot of love in the future markets.


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