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Wednesday, 06 September 2017 01:15

Patriots Beat w/ Miguel Benzan 9/6/17

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210: Miguel Benzan | Breaking Down the Salary Cap for 53-Man Roster | Jacoby Brissett Traded to Colts | Powered by CLNS Media

2:00 - Miguel Benzan (@PatsCap) of PatsCap.com

5:00 - How the Patriots have manipulated the salary cap in the Bill Belichick era

9:00 - Biggest salary cap hits on Patriots 53-man roster

16:00 - Comparing Stephon Gilmore's deal with the potential money Malcolm Butler can make next year

21:00 - Impact of Jacoby Brissett trade to Indianapolis Colts

24:00 - Combined potential salary cap hit if Patriots keep both Tom Brady & Jimmy Garoppolo in 2018


Patriots Beat

Patriots Beat is a weekly podcast dedicated to coverage of the New England Patriots.

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