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Monday, 07 August 2017 18:23

Vince Wilfork Retires After 13 Seasons

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Vince WIlfork decides to call it a career after 13 seasons in the NFL. 

Yet another New England Patriot great has retired. Today, longtime fan favorite, Vince Wilfork, has decided to call it a career and hang up his big cleats.

It was reported after the Houston Texans season ended in January that Wilfork was contemplating retiring from the game.

“At this point in my career, it’s winding down, I’ve been thinking about it.” Wilfork said in January.

Wilfork had a long and storied career. His tenure in New England spanned 11 seasons and bookended his career with Super Bowls. He was a rookie in 2004 and was a role player in that defense, but in 2014, he was an integral part and huge key in a defense that helped beat the daunting Seattle Seahawks. For anyone that doesn’t remember, there were multiple times in the Super Bowl where the big man man-handled and bench pressed offensive lineman like they were 135 pounds. He clogged the hole and met Marshawn Lynch in the hole multiple times to provide key stops.

Another game and quite possibly his greatest game was the 2011 AFC Championship against the Ravens. Wilfork was constantly in Joe Flacco’s face and was everywhere on the field. For a man that is listed at 325, but we all believe he is more, it was unbelievable watching him. He looked like Apollo Ohno gliding around on ice the way he was moving.

Wilfork’s greatest years came over a four year span of 2010-2013. 2011 an 2012 are arguably his best years. With 3.5 sacks, a forced fumble, 2 recoveries and 2 amazing, epic, and large… very large interceptions. 2012 saw him rack up another 3 sack and 2 forced fumbles, and a whopping 4 fumble recoveries.

Vince Wilfork was not just about statistics though. His stats show when guys like Jerod Mayo, Don’t’a Hightower, or the older guys like Tedy Bruschi, racked up 100 tackles and made the plays we all saw. Those plays would not have happened if they did not have a monster among men controlling the lineman in front of him.

Hopefully we will see the big man return and spend some of his next chapter in life back in the area he called home for 11 years. Whether he is just a citizen enjoying life or somewhere in the media or even coaching, we would love to see big Vince come back to New England. Congratulations on a big career for an even bigger man, after 13 years in the league, you deserve to go out on your terms and hopefully we see you back in town. 

Charles Russek

Charles Russek is a member of the CLNS Radio New England Patriots beat team.  Currently serving as the staff writer for the Patriots Beat Podcast, Charles provides coverage of one of the most foreknown podcasts covering the four-time Super Bowl Champions.  You can also hear Charles on the CLNS Radio New England Patriots Post Game Show which goes live after every single Pats game available on CLNSRadio.com and iTunes and Stitcher.  He is studying Criminal Justice at Plymouth State University.
Follow Charles on Twitter: @chuck_wagonn

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