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Friday, 04 August 2017 13:12

17 Predictions for the Patriots 2017 Season

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Football is just around the bend, which means that at this point everyone is salivating like rabid dogs in anticipation of another bone-crunching season chock-full of excitement.

And, if you’re betting on football this next 2017 season, it’s more than likely you have already some predictions on what your Patriots can achieve.


If your expectations are high, you’re not alone. Sportsbooks have New England as the all-around favorites to make it once more to the Super Bowl. In fact, some people are predicting they’ll go 16-0 in the regular season.


Which is why we’ve come up with a few bold predictions of how the Patriots will fare out in their regular season games.


Week 1: Kansas City Chiefs at home


Remember what happened last time the Patriots faced the Chiefs in Week 1? Tom Brady tore his ACL and was out for the season. Should that worry fans? Not a bit. The Patriots kick-off the season with a win.


Week 2: New Orleans Saints on the road


The Patriots face the Saints who will be fresh off the first Monday Night Football game against the Vikings. The Saints is a team heavily reliant on Drew Brees and the offense, which cut put the Pats’ defense in hot water. Patriots lose this one.


Week 3: Houston Texans at home


Last year the also played the Texans in this same week, but it wasn’t for Thursday night football. The Texans will come into this game prepared by former Patriots’ Mike Vrabel as defensive coordinator. But, it’ll be the Patriots who prevail; New England Win


Week 4: Carolina Panthers at home.


It’ll be the “Under Armour” battle between Cam Newton and Tom Brady. Which doesn’t happen all too often in the regular season for some reason. The Panthers will be hard-pushed having played games against the Bills and Saints. Chalk a win for the Patriots


Week 5: Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the road.


It’s been a while since the Patriots have played a Thursday night football game on the road. The last one was in 1990 when they lost against Dan Marino’s Dolphins. It’ll be different this time around. Patriots win.


Week 6: New York Jets on the road.


Nobody has too much faith on the Jets these days. It doesn’t matter that they’re playing the Browns a week earlier, they’re still going to lose this game. Patriots win.


Week 7: Atlanta Falcons at home.


The Falcons will play with a huge chip on their shoulders after what happened in Super Bowl LI (you think?). Who knows if Atlanta will have shaken off their Super Bowl hangover, but we think not. Patriots win.


Week 8: Los Angeles Chargers at home.


The Chargers have a tough schedule with games against the Giants, Raiders, and Denver. Plus, it’s coach Anthony Lynn’s first year at the helm. Patriots win.


Week 9: BYE


Week 10: Denver Broncos on the road.


If it were a few years ago, think 2016, would you have believed the Patriots could’ve beaten the Broncos in Denver? Not too many people did, and yet, who won? That’s right. Patriots win.


Week 11: Oakland Raiders on the road (in Mexico)


The Raiders will have a week to rest because of their bye. It’ll be a tough game for both teams, but have faith. Patriots win.


Week 12: Miami Dolphins at home.


The Dolphins will have had a week to rest  because of their bye. It won’t matter though, they’ll be playing at Foxborough and the Pats will make it count. Patriots win.


Week 13: Buffalo Bills on the road.


It won’t be fun and games in Buffalo in December. Let’s pray the weather will hold up at least. But, the Patriots win nevertheless.


Week 14: Miami Dolphins on the road.


What, another game against the Dolphins in less than three weeks? Yes; it doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. Not a good one for the Patriots. Loss.


Week 15: Pittsburgh Steelers on the road.


It’ll be the fifth road game for the Patriots, which has to be tough. But, the Steelers will have also come off a tough stretch of their own. Patriots win.


Week 16: Buffalo BIlls at home.


What do know, it’s Christmas Eve and the Patriots may be getting an early present. Patriots win.


Week 17: New York Jets at home.


By this time, I’m hoping the Patriots will have wrapped up their spot in the playoffs. The Jets meanwhile…who cares? Patriots lose.

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