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Friday, 04 August 2017 12:20

New England Patriots: Gronkowski Looks to Brady for Training, Nutritional Guidance

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Who knew that a time would come when Rob Gronkowski would look to Tom Brady for training inspiration?

 Sure, Brady is a superstar, and he’s clearly near the top of his game. And with him in the mix, without the deflate-gate scandal to drag him down, the New England Patriots odds to win Super Bowl are looking pretty good.


But, then again, Rob Gronkowski doesn’t look like he likes to take training guidance and advice, at least not from his fellow players. Rob has always been the party animal of the team. If it is true that he is actually looking to Brady for help, it might mean that he is finally changing his lifestyle, a development that can only benefit the Patriots in the long run. 


Then again, maybe it isn’t that surprising that Rob is looking to make some changes. The Athlete has spent his career fighting injuries. It isn’t just a matter of his present health. If Rob wants to keep playing well into his forties, he has little choice but to experiment with the nutritional practices of colleagues like Tom Brady.


In a recent interview, Rob admitted that he admired Brady and the work he injected into improving his body, not only with regards to how he eats but the manner in which he trains. According to reports, Rob and Brady have begun engaging on a personal level. Rob wants to know how Brady is so pliable and flexible and why he is able to maintain such a loose physical form.


Brady looks like he is always ready to go regardless of the time or the day and reaching that state takes practice and devotion, the sort of practice and devotion that Rob Gronkowski seems set to give. 


The last eight years of Rob’s career have been worrisome. He is always succumbing to injuries of one sort or another. The athlete couldn’t even participate in New England’s win in Super Bowl 51 because of a back injury. 


And this is Rob at 28-years of age. Tom Brady, on the other hand, just recorded one of his best seasons to date, and he will be forty-years-old in a little while. Any suggestions that Brady should think about retiring died out after Brady’s suspension ended and he took to the field, delivering a whopping 28 touchdowns. 


Brady’s presence almost always seemed to make the difference in every game. The man doesn’t look like he understands the meaning of physical decline. He has already admitted that he has no intention of leaving the NFL anytime soon, at least not until he is in his mid-40s. And even then, Brady could choose to extend his stay in the NFL.


Rob needs to replicate what Brady is doing. At the very least, something needs to change in terms of his lifestyle. Otherwise, Rob Gronkowski isn’t going to last that much longer in the NFL. 


Even if Brady’s training and nutritional regimen don't make Rob stronger, it will give him added protection from injuries, something he greatly needs. Of course, adjusting to Brady’s strict diet won’t be easy. Though, with everything that is on the line, Rob might surprise everyone. 

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