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Friday, 21 July 2017 19:55

Patriots Hesitant to Trade Garoppolo Because They Think He Might be the Next Great Quarterback

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Since he was drafted by the New England Patriots with the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft, Jimmy Garoppolo has been heralded as the quarterback in waiting for the Patriots after future Hall of Famer Tom Brady retires. 

Even though head coach Bill Belichick and the Patriots haven’t publicly said so, the team’s reluctance to trade him indicates they see him as their future quarterback. Interested in betting in the Patriots? Check out the Patriots betting odds for the 2017 season.


According to two AFC scouts speaking on condition of anonymity, Bill Belichick believes Garoppolo will be the team’s future signal caller once Brady hangs up his cleats. Another one of the scouts said Belichick thinks Garoppolo has what it takes to be a very good quarterback in the league.


Adding credibility to what the scouts said is the fact that the Patriots have turned down a lot of solid offers for their backup quarterback since they drafted him. Garoppolo also helped out his stock by performing very well last season when Tom Brady was suspended for the first four games.


Garoppolo looked like a seasoned veteran in Brady’s absence and the team would likely have finished with the best record in the AFC if Brady didn’t return and if Garoppolo had managed to stay healthy. 


Unfortunately, Garoppolo, who completed 69 percent of his passes and threw for 496 yards and 4 touchdowns in the two full games in Brady’s absence, got injured in his third start and didn’t get any playing time the rest of the way.


The scouts added that some teams felt the Patriots were asking too much for Garoppolo in an effort to dissuade them from trading for the young quarterback. According to the scout, Belichick obviously doesn’t want to part with his backup quarterback, but if he has too, the team trying to acquire him will pay a hefty price.


Right now, Belichick and the Patriots have all the leverage because teams have seen what Garoppolo can do, and the team still has him under contract for another year.


However, things are going to get very interesting in New England because Brady said numerous times last season that he intends to play well into his forties. If Brady plays another 4-5 years, it is very unlikely Garoppolo will be content sitting on the bench for that long.


For now, Garoppolo is content about riding the bench because he is trying to learn as much as possible from one of the greatest to ever play the position. However, as a competitor, he’s going to want to play soon. 


If Brady is still playing at a high level when Garoppolo’s rookie contract expires, he will likely be looking for a starting opportunity and leave the team in free agency.


The Patriots might try to keep him in New England by using the franchise tag on him, but even if they do so, he will still want an opportunity to start, and there is no scenario in which Belichick will bench Brady unless his game completely deteriorates like Peyton Manning’s at the end of his career.


Since there are no guarantees Garoppolo is the second coming of Tom Brady, the wise move for the Patriots in this situation is to trade him and get as much as they can for him instead of risking losing him for nothing.

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