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Wednesday, 15 March 2017 20:29

Ben Volin: New England Patriots view Malcolm Butler as a Number 2 Cornerback

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Patriots Cornerback Malcolm Butler Patriots Cornerback Malcolm Butler Maddie Meyer - Getty Images

Where will Malcolm Butler end up? Patriots Beat looks into Malcolm Butler's options.

The Malcolm Butler saga continues here in New England. Will Butler be traded, walk away, stay for one more year, or sign long term? Patriots Beat and Ben Volin look to answer those questions in this week’s episode.

Malcolm Butler became a household name after making one of the greatest interceptions ever in Super Bowl XLIX. Butler followed that up with a pro bowl season in 2015 and another great season in 2016 where he intercepted 4 balls.

Ben Volin appeared on the show this week and does not seem too optimistic of Butler staying here long term.

“The Patriots made it clear they do not value Butler as a number one cornerback with the Stephon Gilmore signing”. Volin mentioned. The Patriots signed cornerback Stephon Gilmore to a lucrative 5 year 65 million dollar contract, a contract many thought would go to Malcolm Butler. This leads many to believe Butler is upset and would rather be paid and play elsewhere.

Volin believes that will be the case “Malcolm Butler plays one more year and walks away in free agency”. So it is looking more and more like the relationship between Butler and the Patriots getting worse. Hopefully it can be mended as a tandem of Butler and Gilmore would be among, if not, the league’s best.

To hear more of Ben Volin’s interview, tune into the Patriots Beat Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, or CLNSradio.com. 

Charles Russek

Charles Russek is a member of the CLNS Radio New England Patriots beat team.  Currently serving as the staff writer for the Patriots Beat Podcast, Charles provides coverage of one of the most foreknown podcasts covering the four-time Super Bowl Champions.  You can also hear Charles on the CLNS Radio New England Patriots Post Game Show which goes live after every single Pats game available on CLNSRadio.com and iTunes and Stitcher.  He is studying Criminal Justice at Plymouth State University.
Follow Charles on Twitter: @chuck_wagonn

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