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Sunday, 18 October 2015 14:21

Week 6 Preview: Patriots vs. Colts

Written by 
Week 6 Preview: Patriots vs. Colts davegranlund.com

Here is the game we have all been waiting for. How badly will the Patriots beat the Colts?

Well, we’re finally here. The week six matchup of the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots. Before we get started, I would like to give a bit of advice to those who may bet the occasional game or so…take the Patriots and the over. The line is currently Patriots -9.5, which they should have no problem covering, and the over/under is 55.5 If I’m being totally honest, the Patriots could score 55 on their own, so as long as the Colts can manage at least a field goal, you should be all set. Now onto the game.


Do I really have to do this?


The Patriots are the better team in every single aspect. Tom Brady has been the best quarterback in the NFL through the first five weeks. Andrew Luck, when he was on the field, was not very good. He was careless with the football, leading to more turnovers than touchdowns, and some very close games.


Dion Lewis is basically Barry Sanders, so the Patriots win that battle.


Pass catchers also belongs to the Patriots. TY Hilton is a solid receiver, but Julian Edelman is better and tougher to cover. Andre Johnson can only get up for a game against the team that said, accurately, he was too old. Rob Gronkowski blows Coby Fleener out of the water.


The offensive line is the reason Luck is hurt in the first place. They cannot protect him and general manager Ryan Grigson did nothing to help improve it. The Patriots offensive line has been very good, with the exception of Greg Hardy manhandling Nate Solder last week. However, the Colts do not have anybody nearly as talented as Hardy.


Defensive line and linebackers both go to the Patriots. The front seven is the strength of that defense. Jamie Collins continues to improve and is developing into one of, if not the, best linebacker in football.


People had questions about the Patriots’ secondary entering the season, and rightfully so. They had lost both Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner in free agency. However, the Patriots are 11th in the league in passing yards allowed per game. The Colts are 28th. The Patriots’ defense is also seventh in points per game while the Colts sit at 16th. Despite the stat line that Antonio Brown put up in week one against him, Malcolm Butler has shown that he can be a number one cornerback.


The only thing left is coaching. I’m not even going to waste my time going over this.


Now that I’ve gone over how the Patriots are better in literally every single facet of the game, I am going to on a little tirade.


Ryan Grigson should be fired today. No, he should’ve been fired months ago. The Colts have a young franchise quarterback who should be the next big thing. They need to put a team around him. That does not mean go over to the nursing home and sign Frank Gore and Andre Johnson. That does not mean draft a clone of TY Hilton and then sign Hilton to a five-year extension.


The defense is a major problem. They cannot stop a nosebleed, never mind a legitimate NFL offense. So instead of drafting Malcom Brown, one of the top-rated defensive tackles in the draft who was giftwrapped for them there at 29, they went with 5’10” receiver Phillip Dorsett. He is another small, speedy guy like Hilton. There was plenty of defense, at all positions, available in the late first round. 23 of the next 35 picks were defensive players.


Even if they pass on Brown because they are building a team around Luck offensively before focusing on improving the defense, they should have looked to improve the offensive line. This was a deep draft for offensive linemen, at both tackle and guard.


Don’t get me wrong, Chuck Pagano is a bit of a clown. A win in week three against the Tennessee Titans is one of the biggest wins he’s even been apart of? He clearly has not gotten to any big games if that is the case. However, he is not the problem. Grigson is 100% the problem in Indianapolis and they will not win until he is removed from the front office. 

Sam Pericolo

Sam is a Patriots writer for CLNS Radio. He is a graduate of Assumption College where he studied History, Marketing, and Political Science and was a Co-Producer on a weekly sports talk television show.

Sam has a baseball knowledge and that compares to that of Tim Kurkjian, football expertise equal to Adam Schefter, along with being very proficient in sports in general. He is an avid sports fan and columnist who brings ideas to the table that sparks the fun-filled sports debate that everybody enjoys and you'll love arguing with him (even though you'll never win one of those arguments). 

Follow Sam on Twitter @SamPericolo

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