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Friday, 09 October 2015 17:20

Week 5 Preview: Patriots vs. Cowboys

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Week 5 Preview: Patriots vs. Cowboys fanclubs.patriots.com

Next up on the Revenge Tour 2015: the hobbled Dallas Cowboys.

The New England Patriots are 3-0 and coming off a bye week in week four. Next on the revenge tour is one of the few owners who can rival Robert Kraft’s power in the league. Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys will host the undefeated Patriots at 4:25 on Sunday afternoon. There are oh so many reasons as to why this should be an easy game for the Patriots…


Under Bill Belichick, the Patriots are 11-4 after a bye week. They would be 12-3 if Luke Kuechly was called for pass interference when he bear hugged Rob Gronkowski in the endzone. Either way, it is still an incredibly impressive record.


The Cowboys are without their two best players in Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. Bryant is one of the best receivers in the league and Romo, despite his reputation for being a reckless quarterback who can choke in the big moment, is a very solid quarterback who a team can win with in this league.


Not only are Bryant and Romo out, linebacker Sean Lee, running back Lance Dunbar, and receiver Brice Butler were all injured on Sunday night against the New Orleans Saints. Lee is their best defensive player and will have to pass concussion tests to be cleared for Sunday. Dunbar tore his ACL. There is not much of an update on Butler’s hamstring injury at the moment. He is questionable.


The strength of the Cowboys’ offense is their offensive line. The strength of the Patriots’ defense is their front seven. This should be a great battle in the trenches, and if the Patriots can win that battle and put pressure on Brandon Weeden, he will surely make poor decisions. In terms of the running game, the Patriots have not been very good at stopping the run this season. However, they have the personnel up front and Belichick is the best at making adjustments, both in game and between games. If he believes stopping the run is necessary to win, they will probably do a better job of stopping the run.


Rob Gronkowski. Until somebody proves they can actually stop a healthy Gronk, I will not believe that he can be stopped.


Don’t forget that two months ago, Jerry Jones came out and backed Roger Goodell over Robert Kraft saying that the commissioner was doing an “outstanding” job. Don’t think for a second that Kraft, Belichick, and the Patriots forgot about that.


You know what? We don't even have to go back two month. Let's go back two days. Greg Hardy, who has been reinstated for about 20 minutes, came out and spoke about Brady's wife and saying how he hopes she comes to the game. I'm sure Brady doesn't want a dejenerate speaking about his wife.


There is also the fact that the Patriots are on a mission to destroy everything in their path. They are averaging 40 points per game and do not appear ready to slow down. Should the Patriots win this game? Absolutely. Will they? Any given Sunday…

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Sam Pericolo

Sam is a Patriots writer for CLNS Radio. He is a graduate of Assumption College where he studied History, Marketing, and Political Science and was a Co-Producer on a weekly sports talk television show.

Sam has a baseball knowledge and that compares to that of Tim Kurkjian, football expertise equal to Adam Schefter, along with being very proficient in sports in general. He is an avid sports fan and columnist who brings ideas to the table that sparks the fun-filled sports debate that everybody enjoys and you'll love arguing with him (even though you'll never win one of those arguments). 

Follow Sam on Twitter @SamPericolo

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