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Sunday, 22 February 2015 00:01

Patriots Beat: How Best To Approach The Revis Contract Situation?

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Though Patriots fans are still basking in the afterglow of the team capturing its fourth Super Bowl Championship in franchise history, Bill Belichick and his staff are already gearing up for next season’s title defense. 

With the Draft coming up in April and the Combine already underway, it’s far from premature to wonder what the 2015-16 Patriots roster will look like and how it will compare to this past season’s squad. The Patriots are faced with many key personnel decisions this offseason. Arguably, the most important of these is how to keep Pro Bowl CB Darrelle Revis in town. With this in mind, Patriots Beat’s Jeff Kane and Bobby Krivitsky took to the airwaves along with special guest, Miguel from PatsCap.com to discuss possible scenarios for Revis’s return next season.

            While visiting with Patriots Beat, Miguel advocated for giving Darrelle Revis a 4 year deal with a his 2015 and 2016 salaries guaranteed. Revis will likely require a contract similar to the ones signed by Richard Sherman and Patrick Peterson in 2014 for 4 years at $56 million and 5 years at $70 million respectively. Revis has indicated that he will sign with whomever makes him the highest paid cornerback in the league. With that said, it is quite likely that Miguel is right in saying that renegotiating Revis’s contract will require certainly no less than the $10 million up front that Sherman received and could realistically surpass the $11.6 million that Peterson was paid.

            If the Patriots are planning on repeating in 2015-16, their best shot to do so is by keeping Darrelle Revis in the fold. That being said, Revis certainly is not the only large piece that the Patriots will have to decide what to do with. Devin McCourty, Stephen Gostowski, Dan Conolly, and Shane Vereen are also entering free agency, among others. How the Patriots approach Revis will definitely affect if or how they pursue the re-signing of other key pieces. After a captivating Super Bowl win complete with a heart-stopping finish, the Patriots offseason is likely to follow suit in holding fans’ attention.

For continuing coverage of the Revis contract negotiations as well as all of the Patriots offseason activity, tune into Patriots Beat on Sundays at 1 PM with Jeff Kane and Bobby Krivitsky on clnsradio.com or on the iTunes and Stitcher apps