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Saturday, 30 August 2014 12:41

Patriots: Jimmy Garoppolo was given an opportunity, but did he do enough?

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With the New England Patriots trimming down to the 53 man roster, in less than twelve hours, where will quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo end up? Does Ryan Mallett make the cut?

Jimmy Garoppolo was given a golden opportunity to prove he is worthy of backing up Tom Brady this season. Starting against the New York Giants, Thursday night, Garoppolo thinks things could have gone better.

“You know, it could have gone better,” Garoppolo said, via WEEI.com. “There was definitely some things that, you know, we messed up on, fixable things and things to learn from when you watch the film. I’m not sure. I don’t know. It’s one of the things that we’ll see on the film, whatever it was, that we weren€’t clicking like we should€’ve been. We’€’ll fix it.”

Finishing 22 for 42 attempts, totaling 284 yards and a 71.9 quarterback rating, there was moments of showing poise and the ability to move down the field, while at the same time, overthrowing targets and in a rush to get rid of the football.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick summed up the game in pure Belichick fashion calling it “good experience”. Offing no input as to what the Patriots will do today at the deadline for cutting the roster down from 75 men to 53.

Today will bring some clarity as to the future of the quarterback depth chart for the Patriots in 2014. It would be a safe bet to say, the Patriots will keep all three quarterbacks. Something that the Patriots don’t do very often, but given the circumstance it’s quite possible.

Could the Patriots justify holding on to three quarterback if it means losing a player that could help in the season? Let’s face it, if Tom Brady goes down the whole scope of the season changes. Expectation would drop if he was to end up on IR. Could Mallett step in and play two or three games? Sure he could, but I also think Garoppolo could as well. So why lose a player like Malcolm Butler or Brian Tyms so one of the two quarterback can ride the pine for a year? It does not seem feasible to me. We will find out today.