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Saturday, 23 August 2014 12:19

12-Team PPR Fantasy Football Mock Draft: Round 1

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Wow the fantasy football season is already upon us and with one pre-season game left it is time we help you out with your upcoming draft.

Round 1

Pick 1: Jamaal Charles- RB, KC

Call me crazy but how can you pass on Charles with the number 1 overall pick? Now this is a PPR(points per reception) fantasy league so who better with the number one overall pick than someone who hauled in 70 passes for 693 yards last season? Oh I almost forgot to mention that Charles' 19 combined touchdowns last season ranked number one. Charles was the most owned player last season out of all league winners.

Pick 2: Matt Forte- RB, CHI

Again, here with Forte the PPR factor comes into play. Forte hauled in 74 passes last season which were 22 more than McCoy and let's say a bunch more than AP. Forte really helps spread out the Bears offense and is a reliable target for Mr. Cutler. Look for Forte to top his 1,339 yards on the ground last season as well.

Pick 3: LeSean McCoy- RB, PHI

McCoy at the three pick is a steal. The only reason he falls down so far is because he doesn't haul in too many passes but his ground presence is superior. McCoy rushed for 1,607 yards last season and will likely be relied on even more this season with the lose of DeSean Jackson.

Pick 4: Adrian Peterson- RB, MIN

Not a huge fan of Peterson in fantasy leagues like most people are. Ya, Peterson will get you those yards on the ground in bunches but he only got into the endzone 11 times combined last season. His 171 receiving yards ranked below the likes of Marshawn Lynch, DeMarco Murray, Le'Veon Bell, Giovani Bernard and Reggie Bush to name a few guys.

Pick 5: Marshawn Lynch- RB, SEA

Be careful when drafting Lynch as the emergence of Chrisitine Michael will likely take away touches from Lynch but you can't pass on a guy at the number five pick who got into the endzone 14 times last season and combined for over 1,500 yards with his ground and passing presence.

Pick 6: Eddie Lacey- RB, GB

Not a huge fan of Lacey if this were to be my pick but you can't look past his 11 rushing touchdowns last season in his first year. Also, Lacey will find himself in the red zone a ton as Aaron Rodgers loves to fling the ball down field with his big play wide receivers. Look for Lacey to get 13+ touchdowns this season.

Pick 7: Calvin Johnson- WR, DET

It's tough to pass on Johnson with the seventh pick. Ya you could make the argument for Graham over Johnson but I love Johnson's ability to fight for the ball and haul in those big throw plays. With Eric Ebron not on the Lions, look for the focus of the defense to shy of Johnson just a little.

Pick 8: Demaryius Thomas- WR, DEN

Loving Thomas here at number eight. This kid hauled in 14 touchdown passes from Peyton Manning, which ranked number one in the league. Thomas is another big body receiver and a tough cover for the other team. Don't look for him to have 14 TD's again this year, 12 is a very good season as well.

Pick 9: Doug Martin- RB, TB

Wow, Lovie Smith is going to be happy to get this guy back in the Bucs' offense. Martin was held to six games last season but the year before that he was dynamite, accumulating 1,454 yards on the ground, 472 yards in the air, 49 receptions and 12 total touchdowns. He's an excellent pick at nine.

Pick 10: Arian Foster- RB, HOU

Fantasy football tends to be a running back heavy league. Foster with the tenth pick is an excellent option. Don't forget this kid rushed for 1,424 yards and 15 touchdowns just two years ago so he likely still has it. But health is always the main concern with Foster.

Pick 11: Jimmy Graham- TE, NO

One of the best players in the NFL. Graham is a big target and Brees loves to get this kid the ball. Graham has hauled in 85 and 86 passes in his last two seasons respectively. Oh don't forget this guy had 16 touchdown catches last season, which ranked number one in the NFL. Graham is a fantasy football point getting machine.

Pick 12: Rob Gronkowski- TE, NE

Once one tight end gets drafted there is normally a line of them who follow. Gronk has only played in 18 games over his past two seasons but this kid is a red zone animal. When healthy you could be looking at 18 touchdowns from this kid he's that good. He could either wind up as a complete steal at number 12 or a bust bearing injuries. He all hope for the best for this guy and I can assure you Brady fantasy owners hope for the same.