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Thursday, 31 July 2014 21:11

Patriots Brandon Browner is as Advertised

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The New England Patriots went into this offseason knowing there was an issue with their secondary. They required a big, physical, and down right nasty attitude cornerback. The remedy? Brandon Browner.

“That’s part of intimidation,” linebacker Dont’a Hightower said, referring to Brandon Browner, following practice. “He had that when he was in Seattle and even before that. That’s his style of play. As a receiver and you’re watching film, and you see him ragdolling guys around and choking guys out at the line of scrimmage, that’s intimidation. You strike fear into them. That’s definitely a trait that he’s had, and he’s definitely using it.”

Need proof that Brandon Browner isn't going to take it easy on anyone? Just ask Patriots receiver, Kenbrell Thompkins.

Thompkins caught a touchdown pass from Tom Brady, during Tuesday’s time on the field. In order to make that catch, Thompkins was able to out muscle Browner, throwing the big cornerback to the ground.

Once lined up for the next play, Browner reminded Thompkins, he is there to be physical and impose his will, on those that challenge him. Hammering Thompkins to the ground on the next play, and blanketing him for the next several drills. Browner got his job done, the end result, Thompkins worst showing thus far in training camp. Despite Thompkins being on a hot streak, Browner was able to get in the head of the second year wide receiver.

Browner will have to try and keep his composure, during game time, lay the wood, but stop the chirping. After blanketing Thompkins, both Browner and wide receivers coach, Chad O’Shea, got into a heated argument that several players had to break up.

According to Browner, it’s all part of the game and how he plays it. Pushing his teammates to play harder.

“It gets us both better,” Browner said, via CSNNE.com. “Guys on the other side of the ball, it’s what [opponents are] going to do in guys in games. And it’s what they’re going to do to me in games … That’s my style of play. Play aggressive. You don’t want to cost your team any penalties, but we’ll let the officials do their job.”

The first four games of the season are going to be interesting, no doubt, but when Browner returns in week five, after serving his suspension from last year’s issues. I think Bill Belichick will be happy to have Browner on the right side of the field.