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Thursday, 24 July 2014 18:14

Tom Brady’s Take on Training Camp

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The New England Patriots quarterback is entering his 15th season. He still prepares for training camp like it’s his rookie season. With his success, I would be doing the same thing each year too.

The first practice of training camp is in the books. Tom Brady wants to savour these moments. Because you never know, this could be his last training camp.

“It goes pretty fast,” Brady explained. “You just appreciate the moments that you have, and every year is something different. This could be your last training camp – you never know. So you have to make it count. You can’t take anything for granted in the NFL.”

Having that drive and winning attitude has helped Brady create a legacy only few players can match. He knows this is just the start of a long journey with many bumps in the road. Putting in the work now helps reap the benefits heading into the season.

“I’m excited to be out here with my teammates and working to get better,” Brady said, post practice. “It’s a long training camp. It’s going to be a lot of effort and a lot of work. There is no easy way about it. You just have to grind and put the work in and listen to the coaches, try to make the improvements. Hopefully when we start the season, we’ll be a lot better team than we are now.”

There was some added excitement for the start of training camp, Rob Gronkowski was catching passes from Brady. Having Gronkowski back in the offense, with a clear bill of health, gives Brady a boost.

“When you have great players like that on the field, it helps you a lot. Your margin for error goes up,” Brady said. “But you have to prepare for both. I don’t think the expectations have changed -- you still have to go out and execute the play the best way you know how to and try to do it at a high level on a really consistent basis.”

Ending on a positive note, Brady showed enthusiasm towards second year Kenbrell Thompkins, who had a strong showing today. This can only help Thompkins to try and secure a roster spot.

“He’s been doing that since he got here. I have a lot of confidence in him, a lot of trust. He works his tail off, so I think that’s one of his best attributes. There’s nothing that’s been given to him.”