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The Latest Sports News

Justin Upton's grand slam in the fifth inning broke the game wide open, as the Tigers prevented the Red Sox from sweeping their three-game set on Sunday night.  Drew Pomeranz allowed six runs in 4.1 innings, which could have been even worse if not for some outstanding defense by Xander Bogaerts during the early stages of the contest.

Sunday, 11 June 2017 23:38

Blaney Picks Up First Victory at Pocono

Written by

Blaney becomes the third first-time winner of 2017.

The Red Sox look for the sweep of the Detroit Tigers on Sunday Night Baseball. Drew Pomeranz will take the hill against Daniel Norris.

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Mitch Moreland had the go-ahead RBI double in the seventh before the Red Sox broke the game wide open in the eighth in Saturday's 11-3 victory over the Detroit Tigers. 

Chris Sale and Justin Verlander face off in a pitchers duel at Fenway Park. Lineups, pregame report, and rehab update on Carson Smith.

Jackie Bradley Jr. hit an absolute rocket in the eighth inning to give the Red Sox a 5-3 lead after Brian Johnson gave up three runs through 4.1 innings of work

The Red Sox will try to get back on the winning track against the Tigers as Brian Johnson toes the rubber opposite Jordan Zimmerman. 

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Friday, 09 June 2017 02:49

Celtics Beat w/ Abby Chin 6/11/17

213: Abby Chin | Player Grades for 2016-17 Boston Celtics | NBA

Friday, 09 June 2017 05:16

Can Sacramento Kings Turn the Corner?

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In this Game Theory episode, Sam Vecenie chats about the Kings and Blazers upcoming NBA Draft and offseason decisions. With these two teams having five first round picks combined, Sam felt they were a good tandem of teams to throw together.  In the first half, Greg Wissinger and Sam chat about the Kings and their new direction. Are things better without DeMarcus Cousins? Is there something of a renewed energy? What players should be considered pieces of the core going forward? What should the team look to do with picks 5, 10, and 34? In the second half of the podcast, Sam chats with Erik Gunderson about the Blazers and what they can do going forward. Was this season a disappointment? Is there something they can do here to change things up? What can the team do with its three draft picks (15, 20, 26) to improve? There are a lot of options here.  Please remember to rate, review and subscribe to the podcast. You can follow Greg at @gwiss on Twitter, Erik at @Erik_Gunderson and Sam at @Sam_Vecenie. Thanks!

David Price did not have a good start following his blowup with the Boston media Wednesday night.

David Price has been the center of controversy over the past couple of days, but will that effect his performance tonight as he toes the rubber for the Red Sox as they take on the New York Yankees?

Friday, 09 June 2017 01:15

Nobody Looks Good In This David Price Debacle

Written by

There’s really no need to rehash what happened last night at Yankee Stadium between David Price and the media. We all are very aware of the story by now as it was all that was talked about today in New England. Everyone has an opinion and most are very anti-David Price. In my mind though, this situation makes everyone look bad.

David Price should not have blown up on Evan Drellich and other media members last night. He didn’t need to get so angry and start hurling F-bombs over a tweet. Especially when the tweet was not even critical of him. He also doesn’t need to lie and say he doesn’t look at Twitter when we all know that’s the biggest joke of a statement ever. Price is too sensitive and doesn’t handle things well at all. It’s odd timing and it’s a shame because it looked like he might be turning a corner here in Boston.

But, I also have no sympathy for the media. With the exception of Evan Drellich, I thought the Boston media was a joke today. Some of the things that were said and written were so whiny and I hate to say it doesn’t surprise me at all. They are way too entitled and you can tell that they think Price has an obligation to talk to them. He doesn’t and frankly, if I were him I wouldn’t want anything to do with them either.

The worst of all has been the “fans” of the Boston Red Sox. These are the people who are really to blame for the contentious relationship between Price and Boston. I’ll admit, I’ve been critical of him before, but it’s been warranted. What isn’t acceptable is rooting against him and hoping for him to fail just because you blindly don’t like him. I mean I actually heard fans saying they wanted to see him get knocked around tonight. That makes no sense at all and proves what kind of fan you are.

People need to realize that the Red Sox need David Price. Without him, they are much, much worse and may not even be a playoff team. Turning your back on him now means that you don’t want a World Series title. So if you’re taking the side against him, don’t come crawling back when he pitches well and helps lead the team to October.

Too many Red Sox fans build up a certain narrative about a player early and they never let it go. When Price struggled last year, fans decided they were against him. They conveniently forget that he actually had a pretty good year and just want to label him as a failure. Because of this, Price gets heckled on Twitter and AT HIS OWN BALLPARK, which is wild. There were actually people taunting him while he was making a rehab start in Pawtucket earlier this year. So sorry, but I understand why he’s frustrated.

Trust me, I hate to sit here and defend David Price. He has messed up quite a few times now and as I sit here typing this he is getting rocked by the New York Yankees. It’s all very frustrating and I don’t think anyone looks great in this whole headache of a situation, but I also won’t abandon him because that’s a foolish thing to do.

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Although everyone is still talking about what David Price did after Wednesday's 8-0 loss, what was even more disgraceful was the lineup that John Farrell started in a game that could have put the Red Sox back in first place in the AL East.

The New England Patriots look to lock up Julian Edelman and make him a New England Patriot for life. 

Jess, Lauren, Mike & Ethan discuss David Price's meltdown last night in the Red Sox Clubhouse. Was Price out of line? They also talk about if they will motivate Price moving forward.

CC Sabathia dominated the Red Sox over eight shutout innings and Chris Carter took care of the offensive load in an 8-0 Yankees win.