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The Latest Sports News

Sale and the Red Sox look to bounce back after a tough loss last night as the Sox get set for game 2 of 3 against the Kansas City Royals.

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Red Sox bats fell silent as Jason Hammel led Royals in opener.

Red Sox bats fell silent as Jason Hammel led Royals in opener.

The Red Sox will be without Dustin Pedroia as they take on the Royals in the opener of a three game series at Kauffman Stadium.

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Monday, 19 June 2017 21:33

Pretty Ricky Looks Pretty Ugly

Written by

Well, the Red Sox have a Rick Porcello problem. This is not something I was expecting to be writing again this year after the righty took home the 2016 American League Cy Young Award. Of course, it’s not as though I thought Porcello was immune to struggling, I just did not think it would ever get this bad. But, after he got absolutely racked again on Saturday, this time giving up seven runs on ten hits to the Houston Astros, I think it’s time to worry.

Porcello has not looked anything like what we saw last year, in fact, he looks more like the 2015 version that every Red Sox fan pulled their hair out over. He’s leaving pitches up in the zone and getting hammered night in and night out. His ERA has climbed to 5.05 for the season and 6.02 in his last eight starts. Opposing hitters are just finding it way too easy to barrel up the ball on him right now as he is not only getting taken deep, but he’s just giving up an astounding number of hits in general. 

It sounds like the Red Sox are doing everything they can to figure out the issue with Porcello and apparently it isn’t an injury. He’s working on some changes to his delivery and also may try having Christian Vazquez behind the plate rather than Sandy Leon. In my opinion, I think we’re getting into the territory where you start thinking about skipping a start of sending him to the disabled list. He needs to regroup because right now it all just seems to be snowballing and there is no answer.

The problem is, the Sox need Porcello to regain his form. He doesn’t have to be an ace or anything; he just needs to become a solid, dependable guy out there. Right now, the only consistency he has is getting hammered. He’s given up less than eight hits only five times this year. He’s also walking guys more and you can see that with his lack of location, he can’t succeed. Porcello doesn’t have the swing and miss stuff to get away with mistakes so he’s going to have to find a way to fix his command. 

In my opinion, he’ll right the ship eventually here. He’s too much of a grinder and a competitor not to. That’s one thing that gives me faith in this guy and that’s seeing how he handles himself. Right now, among all this adversity, I’m excited to see how he responds.

Xander Bogaerts hits his first multi-home run game of his career as he leads the Red Sox to a 6-5 victory over MLB best Houston Astros. With the win, the Red Sox move into a tie of first place in the AL East with the New York Yankees.

In this Game Theory episode, Sam Vecenie chats with Andrew Lynch from over at Fox Sports about a bevy of different topics that happened over the course of the weekend.  First, they go into the Boston-Philadelphia trade that saw the No. 1 pick be moved for No.3 and a future pick. Which team comes out looking good? Does it make sense for both? Then, they delve deep into Markelle Fultz's fit in Philadelphia, and how it seems to be perfect.  Second, they chat about the news that broke as they were recording, as Paul George has told the Indiana Pacers he plans to leave in free agency next offseason. That leaves Indiana holding the bag. How should the Pacers proceed from here? They come up with a few fake trades that likely make very little sense.  Finally, they break down the Suns offseason. What will they look to do at No. 4? What should they do with Eric Bledsoe? What free agents should they try to hold on to? How excited are they about their young core?  Please remember to rate, review and subscribe to the podcast. You can follow Andrew at @AndrewLynch on Twitter, and follow Sam at @Sam_Vecenie.

Sunday, 18 June 2017 23:30

Kyle Larson Wins at Michigan

Written by

Kyle Larson says "KA-CHOW" to the field on his way to victory lane with a special Cars 3-inspired paint scheme.

David Price and the Boston Red Sox get set to take on the Houston Astros in tonight's rubber match as Boston's offense looks to wake up in a crucial game 3. 

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Rick Porcello continued to struggle in the month of June, allowing seven runs on ten hits in Boston's 7-1 loss to Houston on Saturday night.  Chris Young had the only extra-base hit of the night for the Red Sox, as his third homer of the year was Boston's only offense.

The struggling Rick Porcello gets set to take on David Paulino and the team with the best record in the majors, the Houston Astros, as the teams prepare for game two of their three game set.

Saturday, 17 June 2017 14:18

Celtics Beat w/ Sam Vecenie 6/18/17

214: Sam Vecenie | NBA Draft | 2017 Boston Celtics Off-Season Preview

Jaylen Brown went through the normal grind of an NBA season, yet unlike most rookies, he earned playoff reps and had the opportunity to play in some meaningful games. He's now prepared to take on more.

A late home run by Mookie Betts, combined with a solid start from Drew Pomeranz and another scoreless outing from the Sox' bullpen, gave Boston a 2-1 win over the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park on Friday night.

The Boston Red Sox begin a three game series against the Houston Astros. Drew Pomeranz takes on Mike Fiers.

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