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The Latest Sports News
Friday, 16 October 2009 18:06

NSS One on One: Top Five Teams of All-Time

Written by


Rating the best teams of all time is often scrutinized, sometimes criticized, most times bias and always over discussed. Yet, NSS has decided to take a journey down history lane one more time. Why? because the coverage, the stories, the quotes and the order of the list, is rarely duplicated. Everyone, regardless of age, comes up with a different list. Sometimes the same teams appear on lists, however, the order in which they appear rarely coincide.

Nick's Fav 5:

In the age old debate of which team is the best of all time, several names are usually mentioned. The 1996 Bulls, The 1969 Lakers, to name a few...One team that is rarely mentioned but makes my "fav 5" list at number 5 is the 1983 Philadelphia 76ers.mosesdoctor #5 - 1983 Philadelphia 76ers (65-17)The most under-appreciated and underrated team of it's era, the Philadelphia 76ers dominated the Eastern Conference in the late 70's and early 80's. Stacked with All-Stars such as Bobby Jones, Mo Cheeks, Andrew Toney and, of course, Julius Erving, the 76ers were the Eastern Conference champions in 1977, 1980, 1982, and 1983.In 1982, one year prior to winning the title, Boston Garden was home to one of the more poignant moments in NBA history as, when it was evident the Sixers were going to beat the Celtics and advance to play the Lakers in the NBA Finals, the Celtics fans chanted "Beat LA, Beat LA", a rallying call previously reserved for the Celtics when facing the Lakers. Either the Celtics fans REALLY hated LA or they were paying respect to this great 76ers squad.Though after making the EC Finals three out of the previous five seasons, it was not until one year later, when Moses Malone joined the team, that the 76ers destiny seemed to be fulfilled. That year, the 76ers won 65 games and Moses was named league MVP. An undersized center, Malone gave the 76ers the toughness to defend Abdul-Jabbar and the consistency to offer Julius an offensive player that would ease the scoring burden often put upon him.Speaking of scoring, let's not forget Andrew Toney. Toney regularly torched the Boston Celtics in the early 1980's and prompted Red Auerbach to pursue a defensive minded backcourt player to combat the scoring exploits of Toney. Eventually, Andrew Toney was the driving force behind Auerbach replacing Tiny Archibald with Dennis Johnson.You cannot discuss the 1983 76ers without mentioning Moses Malone's prediction of "Fo, Fo, Fo" or "Four, Four, Four", a reference to the 76ers sweeping their way through the NBA playoffs. Nearly correct in his prediction, the Sixers would only lose one game en-route to the championship and Malone winning the Finals MVP against the Los Angeles Lakers.#4 - 1972 Los Angeles Lakers (69-11)One of the winning-est team in NBA history, the Los Angeles Lakers of 1972 held the record for most wins in a single season for 23 years. This team won 32 consecutive games, a record that still stands, and was the home to the top two league scorer's Gail Goodrich and Jerry West.Wilt Chamberlain, clearly passed his prime, managed to lead the league in field goal percentage and rebounds. The Lakers steamrolled through the regular season and routed the Bucks in the Western Conference finals. Chamberlain at 35 years old, showed his old form as he dominated Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and the Lakers beat the Bucks in six games. LA went on to face the New York Knicks in the Finals. As Willis Reed sat out with injuries, the Knicks had no answer for the Lakers explosive offense. After a decade of losing to the Celtics and two seasons of heartbreaking playoff losses, this Lakers squad finally found their Mo-Jo and were able to drop Jack Kent Cooke's balloons that were sitting in the Forum's rafters since 1969.The Lakers time to celebrate didn't last very long, as they waited another eight seasons before competing in the Finals westbayloragain.This team's inability to win a title the previous 12 seasons made the 1972 championship bitter sweet. However, the talent level, athletic ability, depth and recognizable names on this team, combined with their inability to win championships, drops this teams standing in my fav 5. Being unable to win a championship with Elgin Baylor, Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West is a mystery to me.In 1972, the NBA was undergoing a transitional era. Sam Jones and Bill Russell's retirement contributed to the Celtics demise. The Knicks, a team that devastated the Lakers with an emotional game 7 victory two seasons earlier, were plagued with injuries. Not to take anything away from this team, as I respect their accomplishments greatly, I must say that the league was being absorbed by developing stars and as those stars were developing, the league was generally dilluted. This fact also contributed to my placement of this team at the #4 spot and not higher.Noteworthy:In a twist of irony, Lakers owner, Jack Kent Cooke brought in former Celtics nemisis Bill Sharmen as coach to manage this team's superstar ego's and develop them into a champion. Imagine a Laker attempting to adopt the Celtics philosophy in order to win a championship.Great Quote:Jerry West, the league's greatest martyr, supplied one of the greatest quotes I've heard in reference to basketball. After dominating games for a decade and his Lakers losing, West played some of the worst basketball in the 1972 Finals, ironically, a series the Lakers won. West had this to say in reference to his sub-par play in the Lakers victory, "I played terrible in the Finals and we won. That didn't seem to be justice for me, personally, because I had contributed so much other years when we lost. Now, when we won, I was just another piece of the machinery. It was particularly frustrating because I was playing so poorly that the team over came me.""But maybe that's what a team is all about"...#3 - 1996 Chicago Bulls (72-10)I always take a beating in NSS One on One and I know I am going to earn the most criticism for the placement of the '96 Bulls team at #3 on my list. I can handle it.jordanpippenWithout a doubt, this Bulls team was the most statistically dominant team in NBA history. Winning a league best, 72 games, this team's achievements have been a measuring stick for all championship contending team's since. The '96 Bulls, dominated every statistical category, as a team. This team was feared by opponents as they would devastate opposing team's from the opening tip. I can remember several games when teams struggled to score double digits in the first quarter against the Bulls. Certainly one of the most intimidating team's in NBA history.There is a valid argument that if Michael Jordan had not retired in 1993, the Bulls could have challenged the Celtics dynasty of the 60's record of eight consecutive titles. Jordan did retire, however, and when he returned, in 1995, it seemed the pent up basketball from 16 months of retirement had collided with the frustration of the Bulls team's inability to win without Jordan to create a time bomb that blew up the entire league. The stars had collided and the Bulls were unstoppable in 1996.In an era that saw the retirement of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson and the demise of the great Detroit Pistons teams of the late 80's/early 90's, the Bulls decimated a league depleted of formidable opponents. The Bulls were the first NBA team to win multiple titles without a dominant center. Impressively, the Bulls of the 90's consisted of Jordan and Pippen, surrounded by well rounded role players.When put into the context of today's champions, no team can compete nor compare with this Bulls team. Absolutely the best team in the post 1987 era.Noteworthy:In defense of my '96 Bulls #3 placement on my fav 5 list, I look back at the Bulls opponents in the playoffs as a piece of evidence that backs up my claim that the league was depleted of formidable opponents. Round One: The Miami Heat (42-40) - Bulls, 3-0Semi Finals: New York Knicks (47-35) - Bulls, 4-1EC Finals: Orlando Magic (60-22) - Bulls, 4-1NBA Finals: Seattle Supersonics (64-18) - Bulls, 4-2 In looking at the Bulls eastern opponents, they faced one team (en-route to the finals) that won over 47 games. As a matter of fact, out of the 15 Eastern Conference teams in 1996, only two other teams, The Orlando Magic and Indiana Pacers won over 48 games. The Magic dominated the Atlantic Division where they faced no opponent with over 47 wins.In comparison to the two teams ahead of them on this list. The 1986 Boston Celtics faced only one team with under 50 wins. Round One: The Chicago Bulls (30-52) - Celtics, 3-0Semi Finals: The Atlanta Hawks (50-32) - Celtics, 4-1EC Finals: The Milwaukee Bucks (57-25) - Celtics, 4-0NBA Finals: The Houston Rockets (51-30) - Celtics, 4-2 In reference to the 1987 Los Angeles Lakers, player for player, there is no contest at any position, excluding shooting guard. PG - Magic Johnson (23 ppg, 12 apg) vs Steve Kerr (8.4, 2.3 apg) - Lakers winSG - Byron Scott (17 ppg, 2 apg) vs Michael Jordan (30 ppg, 4 spg) - Bulls winSF - James Worthy (19.4 ppg, 5.7 rpg, 2.8 apg) vs Scottie Pippen (19.4 ppg, 6.4 rpg, 5.9 apg) - DrawPF - AC Green (10.8 ppg, 7.8 rpg, 53% fgp, 79 gms) vs Dennis Rodman (5 ppg, 15 rpg, 48% fgp, 64 gms) - Lakers win - due to Rodman's scoring, missed games and behavioral difficianciesC - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (17.5 ppg, 6.7 rpg. 56% fgp) vs Luc Longley (9.1 ppg, 5.1 rpg, 50% fgp) -Lakers Win6th - Michael Cooper (10.5 ppg, 3 rpg, 4 apg) vs Toni Kukoc (13 ppg, 4 rpg, 3 apg) - Lakers win Great Quote:The following quote, from Michael Jordan, is one of my favorite quotes of all time. "I have missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions I have been entrusted to take the game winning shot, and I missed. And I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is precisely why I succeed."#2 - 1986 Boston Celtics (67-15)birdmchaledjLarry Bird's last championship was his most dominant campaign. In 1986, Bird had won his last of three consecutive league MVP awards. Many of the familiar faces from the 1984 Celtics championship team had stuck around. Dennis Johnson, a former Finals MVP, had developed into the league's best back court defender and a clutch scorer. Two time Sixth Man award recipient, Kevin McHale had taken his position in the starting line up, and developed into the league's most unstoppable low post players. Robert Parish continued his consistent play and earned his sixth consecutive all-star appearance. The team's all-stars (Bird, Parish and McHale), were surrounded by talented role players (Danny Ainge, Scott Wedman, Jerry Sichting) and now joined by Sixth man of the year award winner, Bill Walton took the NBA hostage with several extended game win streaks and never losing more then two consecutive games. The Celtics bull dozed opponents in the playoffs and ultimately destroyed the Houston Rockets in the NBA Finals.#1 - 1987 Los Angeles Lakers (65-17)The Lakers of 1987 are, in my opinion, the best team in NBA history because of the record they posted in a year that displayed some of the greatest opponents in league history. 60% of NBA teams finished over 500.The Boston Celtics, nearly a mirror image of this Lakers unit, were still atop the East, defending their title. The Detroit magickareemworthyPistons had come of age, Michael Jordan was fully healthy, averaging 37 points per game, the Dallas Mavericks had won 55 games and Houston Rockets (1986 WC champs) still had the twin towers. What was more impressive was the offensive role that Magic Johnson (23 ppg, 12 apg) took on while Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's career winded down.Abdul-Jabbar, admirably took a position as a role player on a Lakers team dominated by James Worthy, Magic, Byron Scott, AC Green, Michael Cooper and Mychal Thompson. This was Showtime basketball with a cool edge. Gone were the days of LA only being able to run the fast break. The bump and grind Celtics of years past now had an opponent that can run you into the ground or set up a beautiful half court set.This team personified versatility unmatched. The Lakers beat up on the west opponents with an 11-1 playoff record entering the grand finale of the Celtics/Lakers rivalry of the 1980's. The Lakers faced a Celtics squad decimated by injuries and ultimately beat them after six, hard fought games.Honorable Mention - 1970 New York Knicks (60-22)This team would not be given an honorable mention on my list based solely on stats.The 1970 Knicks did not win 70 games, they barely won 60. Though the Knicks had dominant streaks, such as starting the season 9-1 and not losing a game from October 24th thru November 28th, they were more recognized for the things that can only be seen by watching them play and can never be fully appreciated in print.Recognized as one the more talented team's in NBA history with notable names such as Walt Frazier, Dave DeBusschere, Bill Bradley, Dick Barnett and the legendary Willis Reed. Though the team was recognized for it's noteworthy names, it was not the players who conquered the NBA individually, it was the players as a team that eventually won the NBA title.The "Team First" mentality was made famous and personified by this great championship squad. It was often said that, though Willis Reed was the league and finals MVP that season, this Knicks team had no player that was more valuable then the other. Often recognized as the most inspiring unit's in NBA history, this team was more known for it's defensive grit and unselfish nature then it's players that made the buckets. Any NBA fan can recall the highlights of Willis Reed, injured, walking out of the tunnel to play game seven against the Lakers while unable to run. His entrance electrified the audience at Madison Square Garden and adrenalized the Knicks team. Reed, challenged with the daunting task of guarding Wilt Chamberlain, hit his first two buckets and only played a few minutes into the first quarter. That's all the Knicks needed and they went on to beat LA. Again, statistically, there have been better teams but this team is possibly the most unselfish and chemistry driven team's in NBA history.

Matt's Fav 5:

#5 - 1999 San Antonio Spurs (37-13) This Spurs team was the second best defensive team of all time, holding opponents to 40.2% shooting and just under Robinson_Duncan_Parker_small85 points per game. Timmy and the Admiral were a fierce twin towers. Mario Elie was a pit bull. Sean Elliot was a clutch, athletic swing man. Avery Johnson was a great team leader, a cagey defender, and underrated on offense. This is the best team of the last decade.To be honest, I could have put any number of teams in this spot. The '65 Celts, The '83 Sixers (Fo Fo Fo), the '71 Lakers, even the '08 Celts. But I decided to go with a team often overlooked. This Spurs team is underrated historically because of the strike shortened season and deserves to be remembered. Tim Duncan is probably the best all around 4 ever. He was the linchpin of 4 championship teams and because he isn't flashy he is denied his rightful spot. The guy has the last remaining bank shot in basketball. He is living proof that footwork, fundamentals, and basketball IQ beat raw athleticism.To me there are four teams of my lifetime that stand out among all the others. Ranking them among each other is so difficult because a great team gels and you get that feeling that nothing could derail them from their rings. But when you look at it subjectively, not objectively, there is an order.#4 - 1989 Detroit Pistons (63-19)pistonsThe meanest, nastiest, and toughest team ever. Bullies. They were the best defensive team in the history of the NBA and it was due in no small part to their intimidating and physically beating opponents. They were the Bad Boys. Blue collar and proud. But make no mistake, they were extremely talented, deep, clutch, and well coached.Isiah Thomas and Joe Dumars are one of the best back courts ever. They could score in bunches, were as clutch as any players ever, distributed the ball effectively, and played killer D. Dumars shot better than 48% from 3. This team traded a Hall of Famer in Adrian Dantley midway through the season for another slasher scorer in Mark Aguirre.All of that aside, to me the true strength of this team was the depth on the front line. Lambeer, Rodman, Mahorn, Sally, and Edwards. An unbelievable group of skilled, strong, and mean defenders. You were not getting to the rim on this team. Add to that the Microwave, the best 80's nickname...Vinnie Johnson. Instant offense.On offense, the scoring was very balanced, with five players averaging between 10 and 18 per game on their playoff run. The Bad Boys went through the Celtics, the Bulls, and the Lakers on their way to the title. Three dynasties at very different points in their respective timelines, but a very impressive lineup of foes. The Pistons went 15-2 in the playoffs. This team beat the best and deserves to be included in the best teams of all time. Side note: The '89 Pistons and the '83 Sixers are the only non-Bird or Magic teams to win titles in the '80s.


For the final three, I am going to lay them all out at once so as to compare and contrast them. Team A .478 FG%; 6892 FGA; .403 3P%; 1349 3PA; 105.2 PPG Team B .516 FG%; 7245 FGA; .367 3P%; 447 3PA; 117.8 PPG Team C .508 FG%; 7312 FGA; .351 3P%; 393 3PA; 114.1 PPG Team A was more of a walk it up the floor, drive and dish, jump shooting team. The best jump shooting team of all time. Granted it was a lot of wide open threes, but I digress. Looking at these numbers there is no way you could rank Team A over B or C. They shot 10-12 more threes a game, took 5-8 less shots a game, was much worse from the field, and scored a dozen points less a game. From a pure style point of view, two of these teams played a wide open, extremely skilled, beautiful and exciting game. The other featured one extremely talented player, and 3 to 4 guys standing around doing nothing. Standing still.If you are too young to have watched the Celts or Lakers of the '80s, then I don't want to hear about it. The "triangle" of the '96 Bulls consisted of Jordan at the top of the key, two spot up threes, Rodman in the corner ready to crash (he played no role in the offense. None.), and Longley setting a pick or trying to get out of Jordan's way. It was a drive and dish team. The best one ever. But that is like saying they are the best grunge band ever and then saying they are better than the Beatles or the Stones. It is a lesser brand of ball. Period. 3. Team A 1996 Bulls 2. Team B 1987 Lakers 1. Team C 1986 Celtics I have to admit that I am biased in putting the Celts number one, Sue me. I watched the games and the teams and when both teams were healthy, the Celtics were a better team. They just weren't ever healthy enough.Back to the Bulls for a minute. Let's compare the starting 5's. PG 1. Lakers - Magic 2. Celtics - DJ 3. Bulls - Ron Harper Magic is the best player in the history of the game. He played four positions at an all star level, was the best passer ever, and could score on anyone in any situation. And he had that smile. I hated that smile. DJ should be in the HoF. He was as clutch as they come and one of the best defenders at his position in the history of the game. Ron Harper was an aging journeyman who couldn't shine a candle to the other two. SG 1. Bulls - Michael Jordan 2t. Celtics - Danny Ainge 2t. Lakers - Byron Scott As you will recall from a previous post I made, I believe MJ is overrated. But I am not crazy. He is on the short list for best player ever. Ainge is underrated. He was a key member of the '91 and '92 Blazers that went to the Western Conf. finals and the Finals, respectively. He then was a key member of the '93 Suns that went to the Finals. The guy was a winner. Byron Scott is also an underrated guard. He was extremely athletic and a deadly shooter. SF 1. Celtics - Larry Bird 2t. Bulls - Scottie Pippen 2t. Lakers - James Worthy What a group of swing men! The cheese stands alone as Bird is clearly the tops here. There will never be a better player at the position of 3 1/2. Bird was every bit the equal to Jordan and Magic. Pippen and Worthy were great second fiddle guys. Neither could carry a team to a ring alone but were in the perfect position in history. They were both long, athletic forwards who could do it all. Shoot, defend, slash and score, and really run the floor. Pippen gets the slight edge for being able to guard most team's best player even though that spoke as much about the Bulls guards as it did for Pippen's D. PF 1. Celtics - Kevin McHale 2. Lakers - AC Green 2. Bulls - Dennis Rodman Kevin McHale is the best offensive post player in the history of the game. Period. Rodman in 1996 was probably the worst (with Ben Wallace) offensive post player in the history of the game. AC Green was a great role player. I don't care if Rodman got 100 rebounds a game, if you ever played basketball, you know that Kevin McHale is an infinitely superior player. C 1. Lakers - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 2. Celts - Robert Parish 3. Bulls - Luc Longley The all time leading scorer and one of the most unstoppable players ever. An all time great center with an vastly underrated offensive game. Two all time greats and hall of famers. And Luc Longley. Longley scored 4090 points and grabbed 2794 rebounds. Kareem has 38,387 points and 17,440 rebounds. Chief had 23,334 points and 14,715 rebounds. And in 1986-87 these players were not washed up. They were all star caliber players.The Bulls were a one man show. In the playoffs, the Bulls had 3 players average more than 10 points. The Lakers had 6 average more than 10! The Celts had 5 average more than 15! It is actually not even close.I am gonna quit now before I move the Bad Boys ahead of the Bulls. //
Friday, 16 October 2009 09:50

NSS Congatulates and Thanks Celtics Circuit!

Written by
celticsblog logoYesterday I read on one of my fav blogs, Celtics Circuit, that site owner, Greg Payne, will now be moving to Celticsblog, one of the premier hoops blogs on the net - certainly one of my favorites and always on my morning sports reading list!As I read the information, I couldn't help but be shocked, disappointed and thrilled for Greg!Since I started blogging, in the spring of 2009, I tuned into Celtics Circuit daily to get updates on Payne's interesting perspectives on all things related to Celtics basketball. My relationship with Celtics Circuit, however, began before I started The Boston Celtics New Station (the original NSS). As a Celtics fan, with no blog of my own, I tuned into Celtics Circuit daily for new information. It wasn't Celticsblog or Red's Army that originally captivated me, though I respect those sites more then you know, it was Celtics Circuit.Celtics Circuit didn't have a flashy layout, custom headers or great graphics. The content stood alone as the primary reason for tuning into the site daily. The content was fresh, cool, informative and well rounded. Greg's site and style of writing was a true fans perspective and I just enjoyed his take on the state of the Boston Celtics. It needed no frills to be appealing.One of my first posts at The Boston Celtics News Station was a review of Greg's site. That post was originally published on May 14, 2009, my first full month of blogging.Greg, Celtics Circuit will be missed. I'm glad you are not abandoning the site completely. I will check back when new content is posted and I will certainly be adding you to my (vast) reading selections at Celticsblog.Good Luck and Congrats!

Celtics Shamrock

Friday, 16 October 2009 09:12

Today's Headlines 10/16

Written by
Only Two Days Left to Win Bird Autograph!Before listing all my friends links, I would like to thank those sites who posted links to NSS' Larry Bird FREE Autograph Contest. Thank you all!Just a reminder, entries for this contest will not be taken after Saturday! This contest ends on Saturday at midnight. The winner will be announced next week. There are ONLY TWO MORE DAYS to enter to win this autographed plague - valued at $200!Here are Today's Headlines:North Station Sports NSS One on One: Top Five Team's of All-Time, 30 Years in the Making: Bird/Magic HBO Documentary to air in March, Your Last Chance to Win FREE Larry Bird Autograph - Valued at $200!Boston Globe Good Stuff from Garnett, Rondo, At Last, Eddie is SteadiedBoston Herald Celtic starts Giddens it, Rajon Rondo Raises his Game, Kevin Garnett Takes Hit, Keeps on TickingCeltics Blog Doc Rivers: Fitting the Pieces, Can Pierce Re-Work His Deal?, Milwaukee Bucks Preview, Kendrick Perkins: What I did this Summer...and MoreCeltics Circuit The Efforts of Celtics Circuit are Transitioning to Celticsblog - Congrats Greg!Celtics Town Celtics Run by Toronto, 106-90 - Jay, I Love the new header & tagline! "Where Red is more then just a color! - Love it!Red's Army A Conversation with Ray Allen, All Work and No Play Makes Kevin a Dull Boy, One Reason to Love Stephen Jackson, KG's New Addidas Commercial , Perk Takes a Shot at Chris Bosh , Do we Really Need Much More From KG?NBAtipoff Southwest Division RecapLoy's Place Random Thoughts on Celtics Win Over RaptorsCeltics Hub Celtics and the Stanford Spirit, Can Paul Pierce Really Re-work His Deal? , What a Game!Celtics17 MVN to Wordpress. Keep in Mind that...NBA Primetime Upcoming Season: Western Conference Rankings,Sports Then & Now Waiting for the Weekend: Looking at the Number, NLCS Preview: Can the Phillies Do it Again?Ball Don't Lie The 10 Man Rotation, Starring Live Music, BDL: Atlantic Division Preview Chat, BDL's 2009-10 NBA Preview: The Cleveland CavaliersGino's Jungle Gino's Jungle at Open Practice, Consistency is the Key for a Mature Big Baby - Gino's Jungle is a fantastic new site! Check them out!The TVNavigator Bird and Magic have an HBO Doc!Banner 18? Baby's Big Block, Here's the TicketCeltics Life NBA News: Now You Can Take Two Steps, Today's Video: 07-08 Season, When did People Start Hating on the NBA?Lex Nihil Novi C's and 76ers Meet Again, Four Days after Basketbrawl, 1983-84 Boston CelticsMike & Jeremy Like Sports The Last ShotSwish Appeal The Evolution of the WNBA, Introducing Swish Appeals Women's College Basketball Writers

Celtics Shamrock

Special Note from NSS:NSS is looking for talented, opinionated, enthusiastic and well informed Basketball fans to join our writing staff.Blogging experience is not a requirement but a writing sample is reccommended.If blogging is your passion, we are willing to help promote your blog through your posts on NSS, links on our email newsletter and through writer’s profiles which will be posted on our “About Us” page.If you are interested in contributing to North Station Sports, please contact us.

Celtics Shamrock

To Celebrate the start of the 2009-2010 season, North Station Sports is offering a chance for it's readers to win a FREE (authentic) Larry Bird autographed plaque with career stats. This unique piece of memorabilia has a retail value of $200.

After resounding response with hundreds of submissions to BOTH our email newsletter and mobile update list, NSS is now announcing the end to our contest. As scheduled, Saturday (October 18th) at midnight, entries into the compitition will be closed. The winner of the Larry Bird autograph will be announced the week of October 20th. Though the contest will end on October 18th, we still encourage you to join our email list and mobile list so you can be in the huddle at NSS with all the breaking news coverage.

Below is the original annoucement, posted on October 3rd, outlining the contests policies. Thank you again for taking part in this great contest!


October 3, 2009

To Celebrate the start of the 2009-2010 season, North Station Sports is offering a chance for it's readers to win a FREE (authentic) Larry Bird autographed plaque with career stats. This unique piece of memorabilia has a retail value of $200.

This autographed memorabilia is a great conversation piece. It's FREE for you to enter this contest, NSS even takes care of the shipping for you and will ensure the product, as it is valuable!This contest begins NOW and ends on Sunday, October 18th.The winner will be notified via email or mobile text message the week of October 18th and the plaque will be mailed to you one day after the announcement is made.Here's How the Competition Works:NSS is giving you two possibilities to win this valuable piece of memorabilia.Subscribe to our email newsletter and have your email address put into the raffle to win the autographed plaque Subscribe to our mobile updates and have your cell phone number entered into the raffle to win the autographed plaque Subscribe to both the email newsletter and mobile updates and have both your email address and cell phone number entered into the raffle to win the autographed plaque, giving you TWO chances to win!So don't hesitate! Enter yourself into the raffle to win TODAY! This is an opportunity to win an authentic, unique and valuable piece of Celtics/NBA History!Also, don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on the progression of this compitition!


birdmagicsketchHBO Sports is giving the full court press treatment to the legendary rivalry and friendship of Bird and Magic. Thirty (30!?!) years after the NCAA championship game that launched it all. The HBO documentary will feature Bird, Magic, and a slew of coaches, players, and writers and debuts in March.I couldn't be more excited. I love the model HBO has for doing these documentaries and it will get my adrenaline flowing as well as tugging at my sentimental heart strings.This comes on the heels of the release of When The Game Was Ours, a book "written" by Bird and Magic (with Jackie birdmagiconsMacMullan). Jackie Mac is great on Around the Horn and has been a columnist forever. With my schedule, it is much easier for me to do the audio book so I am going to hold out until the middle of November to buy the MP3. I am, however, getting the hardcover for my dad for Christmas.The Bird-Magic rivalry (and friendship) is so legendary. It is Troy-Sparta. Hackfields and McCoys. It is basketball at a level that has never been duplicated. We are talking the two (or two of the three) best teams of all time, taking 8 titles in nine years between them.In my opinion, the two can't get enough attention.//
Tuesday, 13 October 2009 22:53

Celtics Second Unit Posts Impressive Victory

Written by
With the Big Three sitting out and Rasheed Wallace tweeking his anke early in the second half, the Boston Celtics posted an impressive 14 point comeback to defeat the New Jersey Nets 91-88.Tune in for a full game recap tomorrow morning.
Tuesday, 13 October 2009 07:27

NSS One on One Preview: Top Five Team's of All-Time!

Written by


For those of you who love a gripping basketball debate, you have found your home. NSS: One on One has created quite a stirr here at North Station Sports and the debates are now pouring over onto sites such as Bleacher Report. Last week's battle over Allen Iverson's Legacy brought on TONS of comments on B/R and created quite an emotional buzz. This week's edition should be no different...This week's NSS: One on One asks the familiar question: Which Team is the Best of All-Time?Matt and I will rate our favorite team's into a "fave 5" list - in order according to team attributes and accomplishments. Our lists should produce several different versions (or order of the same list) from you.Who tops the list?The 1996 Bulls?Who makes the list?The 2009 Lakers?Who's left off the list?The 1983 76ers?The questions will be answered on Thursday morning but we ask you, our loyal readers, to join in and give us your "Fav 5" list. You can wait until we post this edition of NSS One on One on Thursday OR you can send us your "fav 5" list before Thursday and we will feature it in the post when it appears on the site.On Thursday, Matt Golden and I will do our normal contradictory ping pong battle of basketball back and forth.Tune in on Thursday and make your voice heard, get involved in the NSS battle of One on One.
Monday, 12 October 2009 17:46

ESPN Live Blog Recap: The State of the Boston Celtics

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Chris Sheridan and Brian Robb, the C's True Hoop blogger, held a chat this afternoon on the state of the Celts as ESPN is having a chat for each of the Atlantic teams. I have listed a link to the transcript of the recap at the end of this post.Here are my highlights of the chat:With the Celts starting five all settled, presently healthy, and among the leagues elite, the focus was on the bench. The consensus is the bench is a plus for the Celts. We all know the health of the big three is the most important factor for the success of the season and the strength of the bench will help keep their minutes in the 30s.Here are some other points that were made about the bench:- Marquis Daniels, House, and Hudson are going to combine to be the backup PG...at least until February.- Both Sheridan and Robb love the Celts bench. Sheed, Sheldon Williams, Scalabrine, Daniels, House, and the rest will buy the vets some much needed rest during the dog days of winter.- On the issue of weight, Big Baby and Perkins are down 15-20 lbs each. Big Baby has been doing MMA. Sweetney is overweight and not making the team.- Tony Allen has an uphill battle to get minutes this year, unless he can improve on his awful offensive game.Then there was talk of predictions for the season. I caution anyone who believes in superstitions or jinxes...proceed at your own risk. Toronto can be dangerous and is much improved, but is at least 10 games worse than the Celts. 60 wins is no problem. Count on it. Robb has the C's down for 65, Sheridan for 68, and Sheed himself has them down for 73.Personally, I don't care how many they win as long as they are healthy after game 82. Anyway, the preseason can't be over fast enough. What are your thoughts on the state of the C's right now?Full transcript link below.http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/preview2009/news/story?page=Celtics-Live0910

Celtics Shamrock

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Celtics Starting To Take Championship Form

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kgknicksWith the Boston sports world focused on the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots, NBA preseason often goes by with little coverage. You don't have to worry about that here. We don't miss a beat!The story during preseason is most often not the games, who wins or loses, but more so the chemistry that the team is gaining. Preseason is just a teaser for what is to occur opening night, in our case October 27th is Cleveland.If preseason is to indicate what's to follow, Celtics opponents better be bracing themselves for challenge possibly greater then the one they faced during the 2008 championship campaign.Thus far, in the 2009-2010 preseason, the Boston Celtics are 2-1. They dropped their first game to Houston and have now won two consecutive games against the Knicks and Nets.Though, overall, the play has been sloppy in typical preseason fashion, the Celtics have morphed into a championship caliber team with every exhibition game played.Yesterday's match up against the Nets showed the greatest revelations since training camp began.Paul Pierce can still play (25 points, 29 minutes, 8-12 from the field, 7-8 from the line, 3 assists).Eddie House is still instant offense (13 points, 3-6 from downtown).Kevin Garnett continues to improve. He played 20 minutes and scored 12 points (6-8 from the field), with 6 rebounds. Most importantly, Garnett seems less tentative with every game. Garnett is still being hampered by shin splint and calf pain, said to be no side effect from his knee surgery.Garnett was asked what he did better yesterday, the Ticket responded: "Sprint. I thought today I got up and down. I tried to put the pressure on their defense to get in the middle, call for the ball. As far as being aggressive, this is probably the most aggressive I’ve been since I’ve come back and play. Reaction time was a lot better, a lot faster. My gait’s getting better and better. I’m getting stronger; I can feel it. I can see it. You know, confidence is growing every time I step on the floor, and that includes practice.” Glad to hear more comments from KG stating that his recovery is on schedule. Hopefully soon "Tendon-GAIT" is a story of the past.Check out the highlights, interview with Doc and KG, PP's post game presser below.(Courtesy of Celtics.com)(Courtesy of NBA.com)As you can see above, KG displays a "Kevin McHale-like" move but is still favoring that right leg. Whether it's the knee or the calf related issues, we do not know but KG still has to be in some pain. Hate to be a downer but it's obvious in the above clip that Garnett is still not moving naturally.Also to note above, Rasheed's defensive presense in the middle is clear. Glad to have him.
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Rondo: Up, Up and Awayyyy!

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Watch this devistating dunk (courtesy of Red's Army) by Rajon Rondo during yesterday's preseason victory over the Nets. This dunk is amazing and is only a bit of foreshadowing for what we will see post October 26th. Can't wait!!!rondodunk
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Mikki Moore: Different Uniform, Same Game

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mikkimooreJust a quick note. I was dozing off on the couch, (yes - it's Saturday night and I am home on the couch), when I heard Marv Albert, Reggie Miller and Mike Fratello calling a basketball game. Half in a daze, I thought maybe I was dreaming or had fallen asleep with NBATV on again.When I came around from my Saturday evening slumber, I heard Marv say, "Moore fumbles the ball out of bounds". I jolted off the couch, attempting to see what the hell I was listening to on the tube. I had experienced Mikki Moore nightmares before in his playing days with Boston. Had I woken up and it was already late October?No. TNT was broadcasting a preseason game being played out doors in, what looked like, a football stadium. It was actually a Tennis Garden in Palm Springs, CA. It looked to be a damn good crowd that packed into this stadium to see Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns battle rookie point guard, Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors. Speaking of Curry, Marv told me (well not me directly) that Curry had four first half turnovers. I noticed the young man does not use his left hand at all either. Granted, it's only preseason, but Del better get out the drills for his talented, young son or Curry is destined for a turnover riddled season.I tuned in at the start of the 3rd quarter and yes, I realized it was Mikki on the court when I saw his lanky frame jogging down court - dreads dangling in the air.I got through about eight minutes of the third quarter where Phoenix led Golden State by three. Steve Nash kept cool control over the Phoenix offense in this sloppy mess of a game. Watching Nash really brought to the forefront what a positive impact a great floor general has on his team. It made me think of how fortunate we are to have Rondo running our show.After soaking in the sights and sounds of the game, watching Nellie roaming the Warriors sidelines, hearing Fratello laying into Marv to lighten up the flat on court play and chuckling at Reggie's scrutiny of the teams laxidasical style of ball in this exhibition match, I seemed to be getting a taste of satisfaction for my 4 months of NBA withdrawal.In stepped Mikki Moore with three turnovers, two HARD bricks and, of course, a wreckless foul and I woke up completely. It was just enough to make me realize that it was preseason and this wasn't a dream - Mikki Moore was really no longer a Celtic - Thank God!Like a painful toothache, I had to continue to annoy myself, intently watching Mikki's impact-less play, scowling facial expressions and uncoordinated flopping that lacked any sort of fluidity, typically displayed in even the gangliest of NBA players. I started to think to myself, "I'm being too tough on Moore". Then I came to my senses and realized that he is no longer a Celtic and I am now allowed to say everything I thought during Danny Ainge's "experiment" last season but kept to myself.I decided to now take it a little easier on Mikki and divert my attention to the replacement officials. Maddox, Mayberry and Nansel were filling in for the usual NBA officiating zebras - or, in the case of the NBA - more like grey crayons impersonating NBA referees. I thought to myself, these guys are really not doing that bad of a job. They called a few more blocks in place of the regulars favorite, offensive foul call that is often overused in the NBA. All in all, these replacement guys weren't so bad. Though this is preseason, the NBA players seemed to disagree with me, looking for any reason to complain and roll their eyes.Wow - I just looked up at the scoreboard and the Warriors have taken the lead. Coincidentally, Phoenix lost the lead when Steve Nash went to the bench. Yep, the NBA point guard is so important.Well, I really don't have to see the end of this game. The broadcast team is actually more entertaining then the play.I'll close this basketball blabber blog with a few more observation...I really only got two things out of this sloppy preseason game. They are:It was good to say hello to Marv, Reggie, Mike and Cheryl as another season of NBA basketball on TNT crawls closer to beginning and it was even better to say good bye to the Mikki Moore Era in Boston.Oh... one more thing, it's apparent with the use of words like "impact-less", "gangliest" and "basketball blabber blog", the "anything goes" style of play on court has rubbed off on me in this post. Hell, Golden State and Phoenix are making up the plays on the court, why can't I make up the words in this post - even if they don't make sense.Good night.
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Ray Allen: President Deserved Nobel Peace Prize

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The well spoken and always classy, Ray Allen, comments on President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize.obama3
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C's Bigs Play Big in 96-82 Victory Over Knicks

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The Garden crowd got their first glimpse of Wallace in green last night.

Both the Knicks and Celtics were trying to shake off some preseason rust in the first half of Boston's preseason home opener at the TD Garden. Kevin Garnett recieved a rousing ovation from the crowd when introduced in the starting line-up.

Both team's struggled through very sloppy play in the first half as air balls were raining down from the banners hanging high above the parquet.The true story behind the backwards basketball last night was Kevin Garnett's continue recovery. KG looked more fluid and played more minutes. His defense was, as usual, outstanding and his limp was less noticeable. The Boston faithful was given a scare when Jared Jeffries fouled Garnett, banging him in the right calf. Garnett, in noticeable pain, stood at the foul line for a few moments to shake it off.After the game, Garnett and Paul Pierce added their usual comic breakdown, discussing the details of the right calf bang up.Garnet asked Pierce, "Did I look like I was hurt?" Pierce responded, "You looked like you got kicked in the calf," Garnett responded, "When you get kicked in the calf, that's what you look like," It was nice to see Peirce and KG doing their usual post game routine.Though Garnett is still not in complete game shape, it's safe to say that we can ease up on watching the knee more then watching the game. However, it should be noted that Garnett's knee may be more interesting then some of this sloppy preseason action.Coach Doc Rivers told the media that KG was experiencing shin splints and other various aches. I hope it's something that's going to nag the Big Ticket all season long.Rasheed Wallace also struggled through the first half of action. In the second half Sheed started finding his touch from down town as he nailed a three pointer from about 5 feet behind the line. At that point, Wallace looked very "at home" in Celtics green. He finished with a double-double off the bench. Also worth noting - Sheed did not pick up a technical foul.Enjoy the highlight of the game below.
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Ray Allen: Countering Age with Conditioning

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rayallenwhiteA basketball fan is always concerned about his favorite team's health and aging stars. In regards to the Los Angeles Lakers, fans have to start being concerned about Kobe Bryant's (31) durability as he has logged a tremendous amount of minutes for a player in his early 30's. Derek Fisher turned 35 years old in August.We often hear references to the San Antonio Spurs aging stars. Tim Duncan will turn 34 this year and Manu Ginobili turned 32 in July.The Cavs, though a relatively young team, have to be concerned about the amount of minutes (and pounding) Shaq can endure. Shaq will turn 38 in March. Cav's fans will say they have the flexibility to just replace Shaq with Zyrdunas Ilgauskas if he were to get hurt. If I were a Cavs fan, I would not be so quick to spit out that rebuttal as Big Z turned 34 in June and has had a long history of injury problems, dating back to his early 20's.How about Kevin McHale's favorite team? The Dallas Mavs are going to experience the same concerns as the above teams. Dirk Nowitzki, Shawn Marion, Erick Dampier and Tim Thomas are all either over 31 or turning 31 this season. Jason Kidd is turning 37 in March. The Mavs are, arguably, the most fragile team in the league.The Boston Celtics, often questioned for their aging core of stars, are now dealing with Kevin Garnett (33), Paul Pierce(32), Rasheed Wallace (35), Eddie House (31) and Ray Allen (34), all over the age of 31.With most the preseason's focus on Kevin Garnett's recovery, Rajon Rondo's emergence as an all-star and the additions of Rasheed Wallace and Marquis Daniels, the forgotten man has been, arguably, the team's hardest working.Ray Allen's work ethic has become stuff of legend. Allen often declares that his workout and practice routines are rayallenshirtlessdirectly related to his ability to continue to contribute as he is now playing into his mid 30's.In an interview given to the Boston Globe yesterday, Allen said, There are times when my body’s feeling great that I have to take advantage of it,’’ Allen said when asked why he dedicated himself to getting into pristine shape. “I always said the more we run, the better it makes the rest of our game so I’m just trying to just remember to get up and down the floor. I focused on getting my body fat low but putting more muscle weight on and having my legs good. I think of all the goals during the season, one of the biggest for us is to stay healthy.’’ When asked about his ankles, Allen said, “I was telling Marquis [Daniels] earlier, all the drills that we do defensively, when I came here in ’08 . . . every time I stepped down, I felt like crunchiness, like it was just stinging me. But training camp-wise, this is the best my feet have felt.’’ It's apparent that the post season the last two years has been a great topic of critism for Ray's dipped shooting percentage and inability to find open looks. I was never very concerned about Ray last season. I understood that, with KG injured, the court was going to get smaller and Ray would be the player to suffer most.I do have to point out, however, that during the Chicago series, Ray notched a 50 point performance and hit several game clinching shots.It is often said that "shooters never stop shooting". I couldn't agree more with the philosophy, especially when it pertains to Ray Ray.Ray Allen has always been one of my favorite NBA talents. His on court heroics are well documented, his classy nature has always been admired and his love for the camera sometimes cracks me up. I must point, in reference to that love for the camera, though Ray ALWAYS know where the camera is and when it's directed towards him, he never allows that love to become obnoxious or distracting to his play.In closing, I would like to say, Ray may be 0-20 from the field with 20 seconds left int he game and I would still want the ball in his hands.
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KG Looked Good in Pre-Season Loss to Houston

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rondohoustonSorry for the delay in posting this game recap. Don't expect this lackadaisical type posting once October 27th rolls around. You can expect full game coverage and mobile scores and stats update once the season starts.Regarding last night's contest: Not much to report in the Celtics loss to the Rockets. KG pulled down 5 rebounds and scored 6 points in his first action since March 24th. According to the Boston Globe, KG started out strong but with 3:58 remaining in the first quarter he was removed from action and didn't return until the second half.Garnett looked to be stiff when the second half started and played only 5 minutes into the third quarter before going to the bench for the remainder of the game.Doc Rivers continues with his game plan of playing Garnett around 8 minutes per game. This was Rivers strategy when Kevin made his ill fated return last March and he continued it last night against Houston.I think this is a good strategy for now. The pre-season holds no really baring on the regular season and it is unwise to risk another injury to the Big Ticket in exhibition play.After the game Garnett told the Globe, I felt good, I thought I ran well. Sprint wise I was not where I need to be. I didn't play for a whole quarter and after six month, you have to warm it up, you know what I mean? I was happy to hear Garnett tell the media that he has no pain, For the most part, I felt great out there, I wasn't hesitant out there. There was no pain. Speaking of pain, Paul Pierce gave everyone a scare when he was whistiled for an offensive foul early in the third. Coming down lame on his back, Pierce was slow to get up and held onto his lower back as he went to the bench for the rest of the game. Paul is said to be fine - Thank God.In other news, I was really curious to see how Rasheed Wallace and Marquis Daniels would fit in.So good, so far. Wallace blocked three shots and was assessed a technical foul - yep, everything is normal there.Daniels chipped in by leading the team in assists with 5 dimes.The Celtics reserved lost the lead in the fourth quarter as Houston ended up with a 96-90 victory.Okay, you can all tell that this is preseason but it was nice to see how the new look bench is taking shape.Next up - Pre-Season, home debut, against the Knicks on Friday night. Tune into NSS for continuing game by game analysis and breakdown.
alleniversonbackTo further my Allen Iverson argument vs Matt Golden earlier today in our One on One session, I have attached a link to an incident I COMPLETELY forgot - Shame on me! Good thing my friend Matt Camody and Thom Roche reminded me about this hip hop version of a press conference.This is WHY the is NO defense for Allen Iverson! We talkin' about practice?It's easy to sum it up when you talk about practicewe talkin' about practice, not a game that I go out there and die for...we talkin' bout practice, how silly is that?we talkin' bout practice!How the hell can I make my teammates better by practicing?PracticePracticePracticePractice How did this clown become the face of the NBA for several years?Okay Allen. What's the "Answer"? Could it be... ummm... practice?
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NSS One on One: Is There a Defense for Allen Iverson?

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Arguments provided by Nick Gelso and Mathew Golden.In our second edition of “NSS One on One”, we decided to debate another subject that often sparks an emotional response.Is There a Defense for Allen Iverson?This section of North Station Sports is designed to encourage you to join in the debate and voice your opinion. If you would like to take on the point guard role and initiate our next “One on One” feature, simply contact us with your topic and your argument for, or against, that topic.In Defense of Allen Iversonby Mathew GoldenI was a freshman in college in the fall of 1996. I was living in a dorm room and my assigned roommate was an all around die hard Philadelphia sports fan. He was psyched to have this rookie on his team. I knew a little bit about him from his days at Georgetown where he was the quickest player in the country. (I also knew he had been involved in a brawl at a bowling alley in Virginia.) He was raw and out of control but competitive and tough as nails. He had a legendary battle with Ray Allen in the Big East Tournament that year. He went number 1 overall in the draft to Philly. At about 5'9" and weighing about 140 pounds, Allen Iverson entered the NBA.As a rookie, he put together a stretch of games of 44, 40, 44, 50, and 40. He was a riot to watch. Lightning fast. Insane crossover. Extremely fearless. He was like a moto cross X-gamer with a basketball. And he got better and better and the team got better around him. When the Sixers got Eric Snow to play PG and AI moved to SG, he really took off. He was one of the 5 best players in the game at my size. And not in a Steve Nash finese game. He was a power guard. He got his shot off time after time. No player crashed to the floor more.Did he take a ton of shots and were a lot of them bad shots? Hell yes. Did you see the teams he had? They had no one. I watched a ton of Sixer games and an off balance fadaway from AI was better than an open 15 footer from Eric Snow. They were a slow, plodding, methodical team that was one of the most exciting teams in the league solely because of AI? Was the ball in his hands too much? Hell yes. But I wouldn't have had it any other way. I was living w/ a Sixer fan and we had CSN. I watched Daily News Live every day and there was no talk about AI doing anything different.Was he a thug? Absolutely. And I admire him for it. He grew up before our eyes and became a man. He has insane ink, like the Chinese thing on his neck, and the corn rows and whatnot. He paid for it in endorsement money probably. He wasn't mainstream. So what. His mother was there at almost every game with her jersey on and holding up signs. Did he have a posse? Don't we all. Ever see Entourage? I come from a blue collar town where the people wear that fact like a badge of honor. So does AI. He wanted to keep it real and good for him.Did he dog practice and chase out a teammate or two? Absolutely. And those teammates were dogs. Jerry Stackhouse and Larry Hughes are bums. Derrick Coleman?!? How much did Bird practice the last couple years he was in the league? McHale? How many NFL vets never practice all season? Until LeBron, I have never seen a team rely so much on one player to do everything. And he is a third the size of LeBron. 10-15 times a game the shot clock is running down and it is on AI to make a play. Everything ran through him and it wasn't stand at the top of the key like Duncan. It was break your man down and take on three guys giving up a foot and 100 pounds. AI led the league in free throw attempts and makes. He never came off the floor. He led the league in minutes 7 TIMES. No one hit the floor more.I am going to end with the five most under appreciated aspects to AI are:5. He has the best nickname ever. The Answer.4. He was not a selfish player. He was 21 when he came into the league and was not a PG. He improved his passing game a ton over the years. He was relied on and expected to score, especially early in his career.3. He was an excellent defender. He was everywhere on defense. He was so quick and had such great instincts, it felt like he was doubling everyone. A crazy amount of energy he had.2. He was the most exciting and electric player in the NBA between Jordan and LeBron. Period. He would have 3 or 4 jaw dropping plays per game. And because of his size, the degree of difficulty is elevated. His 40 were better than Shaq's or Kobe's. Hands down. And when he went off, you could feel the excitement from the crowd, the announcers, everyone. I would call my brother or he would call me..."AI is going off. He just dropped 22 in the first quarter." He was must see TV in a league that was losing ratings every year. He was undefendable. There was no one in the league that could stay in front of him, handcheck or not.1. This is the big one for me. This is the reason all the negative gets overlooked. I give him the benefit of the doubt about Detroit and Denver. I don't care about practice-gate, the bowling alley, the corn rows, the battles with coaches...none of it...and all because...HE PLAYED HARDER THAN ANYONE I HAVE EVER SEEN. He wanted it more. He was trying so hard to win every game. You felt it. He wasn't a freak physically. He wasn't tall. He wasn't using his wits to get around the court, although I am sure his basketball IQ is underrated. He played harder. He played hurt. He was motoring all over the court like the other players were in slo-mo. The way he took on big men. All of it.He is a 4 time scoring champ. He is a league MVP. He is a 2 time All-Star MVP. He is a 10 time all star.Don't judge the Answer by his cover.There is No Defense for Allen Iversonby Nick GelsoThe topic of A.I. is one that I am most passionate about and yet, because of his hard nature of play, is one of the most difficult arguments to make in print.Iverson was always a controversial character. Like Matt said, he was never mainstream but he always played hard and that always made my argument against Iverson's effect on the game difficult. The events of the last two season, however, have made it a bit easier to contest Iverson's legacy.Knowing the style of player I respect, Iverson certainly does not fit that mold and here is why...Though I agree with Matt's assessment of Iverson's career achievements and hard style of play, I cannot get past the fact that A.I. has never won the championship. He only competed in the Finals once, in a season the Eastern Conference was clearly subpar. He has been a cancer for teammates and has been the leading contributor to team decay in both Denver and Detroit.He is a bad influence on his younger teammates. Clearly, as a whole, Iverson make the players around him worse. Though his achievements in Philly are admirable, he clearly hurt the Denver Nuggets. His stamp on the team was made clear after his departure. The arrival of Chauncey Billups had as much of a positive affect on the Nuggets as Iverson's arrival in Detroit had negativly on the Pistons.Speaking of Iverson in Detroit, what a nightmare!The Pistons have been, arguably, the most successful team in the Eastern Conference this decade. In 2008, the Pistons took the Celtics to 6 games in the EC Finals only to find them completely unravel one season later. In a coaching nightmare, made worse by Iverson's refusal to back up Rip Hamilton, the Pistons completely fell apart and out right quit playing towards the end of the season. Champions such as Rip Hamleton, Rasheed Wallace and Tayshaun Prince QUIT playing? This uncharacteristic retreat from competition by these respected winners was led by the player making the most money.A.I. collected 20+ million last season to basically tear apart a team that won 57 games the year before. All Iverson had to do was shut up, cooperate and contribute for ONE SEASON. Instead he cried and sat out the playoffs due to a (questionable) injury. Did Hamilton complain? Of course he did! Do I blame him? No, I don't!Rip Hamilton won an NBA title, he has been a big time contributor to Detroit for years and always did his job in a quiet and cooperative manner within the team concept. Why should a proven winner of this magnitude be forced to the bench by an aging prima donna in Iverson?The result?The Pistons finished with their worst record in years, they were the butt of media scrutiny (deserving so) all season long and were COMPLETELY embarrassed in the playoffs while waiving the white flag since the tip off of game one.After making such a negative impact on these former champions, where was Iverson?Home watching. He wasn't even on the sidelines trying to look like a team player.I guess you get what you give. This off-season, Iverson was almost relegated to playing overseas. Can you imagine a former scoring champion being turned down by the entire league? Would you want him on your team? I wouldn't. I would have rathered see Stephon Crybury return then have Iverson backing up Rondo. Call me crazy but I just don't want this guy's ego in the Celtics locker room.What will Allen Iverson's legacy be?I don't feel that Iverson can even be put into a category of non champions, such as Charles Barkley, Elgin Baylor, Patrick Ewing, Dominique Wilkens, John Stockton, Karl Malone and Bernard King. Despite never winning the NBA title, those legends were still winners. Their impact on the game has been a positive one. They consistently made their teammates better. Their short comings were few and rarely remembered in the contect of their historical impact on the game they left behind when they retired.Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, John Stockton, Karl Malone, Elgin Baylor, Bernard King, etc. all defined a generation, changed the style of play in the league and left an indelible impact on the game.Iverson also defined a generation, changed the style of play and left an impact on the game.Unfortunately, for the era Iverson reigned over, his impacts were negative. Today the league, abandoned the MTV/WWE image that Iverson's image defined, has enforced a dress code for players on game day, enforced stronger in game rules regarding physical play, drug use and foul language. I would dare to state that, though not alone, Iverson's "style" had a direct impact on these rule changes/alterations.All in all, Iverson's impact on the game is not a positive one. He will not leave behind a legacy that will be more defined by his negative attributes.I would NEVER want A.I. on my team. Speaking of Larry Bird, don't pass up your chance to win his autograph! NSS is GIVING AWAY a FREE Bird autographed photo in a plaque citing career stats and achievements.
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KG Starts in Pre-Season Opener Tonight

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kgppKevin Garnett is seeing his first action tonight since his failed comeback on March 24th.It will be interesting to see how Kevin holds up against in game action. It may be a preseason game but it's sure to be more physically challenging then the exhibition games played during training camp.Also interesting to note, tonight will be the debut of Rasheed Wallace and Marquis Daniels. Sheed is expected to be the first man off the bench and Perk will continue to start - smart move by Doc not to changed the starting line-up.This is the Celtics first game of pre-season, so no stats are being displayed on Celtics.com but this the below numbers are a decent indicator of how Houston played in their first game. Tonight's MatchupRockets vs. Boston Celtics1-0 Record 0-095.7 PPG 0.090.9 PPGA 0.045.3 FG% 0.045.1 Opp. FG% 0.038.8 Rebounds 0.018.3 Assists 0.012.5 Turnovers 0.07.2 Steals 0.04.7 Blocks 0.0Though it is pre-season, and the rotations are very unpredictable, the player match ups look to be a bit uneven. Okay, very uneven - lol. Check back later for post game analysis.Reminder:To celebrate the opening of the 2009-2010 season, NSS is GIVING AWAY a FREE Larry Bird autographed photo in a plaque with engraved career stats and accomplishments. Retail value is $200. Click here to see details.
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Today's Headlines 10-7-09

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Before listing all my friends links, I would like to thank those sites who posted links to NSS' Larry Bird FREE Autograph Contest. Thank you all!Here are Today's Headlines:North Station Sports NSS One on One Preview: Is the a Defense for Allen Iverson?Celtics Blog Goodbye, JR?Dallas Mavs PreviewCeltics Circuit It's Already Preseason?Doc Says Marquis Daniels is Team's Best DefenderFree Larry Bird Autographed PlaqueCeltics Town The Boston Celtics Should be More Like Brett FavreRed's Army Just Remember, The Problem is with KG's ShinDanny Ainge Admits to Reading Blogs! Sort of... --- I got a good chuckle out of this post. It's a must read! lol. _NSSNBAtipoff Bulls vs. Jazz: Very Solid Preseason BasketballLoy's Place Player Profile: Sheldon Williams, #13Celtics Hub My Goal for the Pre-SeasonLoscy The Math of the Minutes for Rondo, Allen, Pierce, KG, Perk and Co.Celtics17 Garnett's knee, Still Not Working ProperlyWomens Hoops Blog Why I Love the MercuryNBA Primetime The NBA's Biggest Misunderstanding of the Off-Season Fantasy NBA: SleepersBoston Sports Then & Now Can the Red Sox Keep Their Winning Ways Against Angels?Ball Don't Lie The Cavaliers are a Confident Bunch, Print Finals Tickets!Gino's Jungle Giddens Learned his Lesson the Hard WayThe TVNavigator Jon and Kate Plus 8 - How Far Can it Go?Check Out this Site! --- Thanks Matt! _NSS

Celtics Shamrock

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How Close is Rondo to Being an All-Star?

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rondosmileRajon Rondo has come a long way since being drafted 21st overall by the Suns in 2006. He's developed into the key element that makes the Celtics run correctly, and was a huge part of why the C's won in 2008.With the Celtics stars continuing to age, he has to take his game to another level. Early reports from training camp say that he's stronger, worked on his weak jump shot and has looked great overall. Last year, his best season yet, Rondo was not too far from being in the conversation as an All-Star, but how much further does he have to push to be considered an All-Star? It's possible that he could be an All-Star this season. If his jump shot is dramatically improved (I've seen the new shot once, it looks much better but that's all I'll say having only seen it once), then his scoring should increase and even though he's not the caliber of a scorer that Devin Harris and Jameer Nelson are, I'd like a team guy to get that kind of recognition. I mean, when you have a guy that was selected after Renaldo Balkman in the draft captaining a ship that includes Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, he's got to get some kind of accolade. If he's not an All-Star soon, I'd like to see him recognized as the NBA most improved player maybe, but only if that jump shot is noticeably improved. The other element holding Rondo back from being an All-Star is the competition. Harris is a lock, most likely, Mo Williams will probably also make the cut and I wouldn't call Nelson a lock yet, but if he's at full strength again, it's not unlikely. The only guard from last year that has switched conferences is Allen Iverson, who was somehow a starter last season. Ray Allen, Rondo's teammate, might also have just a 50-50 chance at getting in. So there's a slight window for Rondo.At some point in the next two seasons I'd like to see Rondo be an All-Star. The guy is an amazing talent, has paid his dues and is a total team player who wants to win. Just because he's not an elite scorer shouldn't mean that he never gets play in the big game, NBA?Vote in stars that are great teammates, not just scoreboard stuffers.Alex Curtis-Slep covers the NBA for North Station Sports. You can check out more of his great work at NBAtipoff.