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The Latest Sports News
Tuesday, 19 January 2010 19:53

Celtics At Pistons Preview

Written by
The Celtics look to find some sort of reprieve from their losing ways and right the ship against a basement dwelling Pistons team in Detroit. This will be Boston’s first matchup of the year against the young and struggling Detroit squad.Tayshaun Prince is a big hole that can’t be filled at the small forward position since going down with a knee injury nine games into the season. His back up Jonas Jerebko has been averaging 8.5 PPG in his absence playing both the power and small forward positions. His length could be an issue for Pierce since he stands 6’ 10” which is three inches taller than Paul but Pierce will probably have no problem getting around the big Swede.Chris Wilcox left Monday’s game against the Knicks with a sore back and no information on whether he will play against the Celtics. Wilcox isn’t exactly a productive starter and Detroit sports Charlie Villanueva and Jason Maxiell on the bench. Both players average more points that Wilcox who gets the bulk of the starting assignments. Regardless of who starts, Rasheed Wallace will probably draw them defensively. Speaking of Sheed, it’s his first game back in Detroit and the reception could go either way. I would call mostly boos with a smattering of applause, but that is just me. Wallace could have a good game motivated by his return to the Palace.Big Ben will be filling up the paint once again for the Pistons after mundane stops in Chicago and Cleveland. He has never been a scorer but is a defensive specialist and may give Kendrick Perkins more than he can handle on the low block. Perk is accustomed to dishing the forearms out rather than absorbing him and Wallace might get under his skin early if Perk doesn’t have quick success.Rodney Stuckey is the starting point guard nowadays and is a bit of a pest offensively but Rondo once again should get the better of that match up. Stuckey is averaging a nice 18.3 per game but that is because no one else (besides Rip) can consistently drain a j.[caption id="attachment_4213" align="alignright" width="480" caption="Amish. I think."][/caption]Rip Hamilton will be forever engrained in my memory for being the guy that made Ray Allen start wearing a shooting since he was slicing Ray’s arms to ribbons with his girly nails. It will be a battle of former Uconn sharpshooters, if Rip is over the flu by then. I hope he is because I want to see if he still has that weird Amish beard he sported at the beginning of the season.All signs point to a Celtics win, but as we have seen of late, there may be a detour.
Monday, 18 January 2010 16:50

Dirk, Mavs Blast C's At Home 99-90

Written by
Boston continues to find new ways to aggravate fans during their losses. Tonight it was allowing Dalla to shoot 74 percent from the floor in the second half. That is a ludicrous rate. Among other shortcomings, leaving Dirk Nowitzki wide open for half the game was probably not conducive to a winning formula since Dirk went 13-20 for 34 PTS ( 22 in the second half).Rasheed scored 11 PTS (seven when the game was already out of hand) in his return from his foot injury and didn’t really do the defensive job on Nowitzki I thought he could do. Sheed was worked on both ends of the floor and only showed up in spurts during the night.Jason Kidd piled up the assists feeding Novitzki who was knocking down everything. Kidd finished with a double double 13 and 17. Rajon Rondo had a decent amount of assists with 12 but his seven points weren’t enough offense since the Celtics bench was again outscored 19-13.Paul Pierce and Ray Allen were the only consistent offense for the C’s. Pierce went for 24 PTS on 9-17 shooting with some muggings mixed in when Boston couldn’t get a call in the paint. Allen had a nice game with 21 PTS on 9-15 from the floor but only shot one free throw courtesy of a technical foul assessed to the Mavs coach.Kendrick Perkins compiled my predicted double double with 14 and 12. Perk got into it with Dirk a little bit at the end of the half after taking an elbow below his right eye that required bandages. Kendrick did miss both of his free throws, though, helping drag down the FFT percentage to 50 for the game.Things are looking bleak since KG went down and Boston has fallen to the .500 mark with him out of the line up and are giving up nine more points per game without number five on the floor. If I was Doc I wouldn’t rush him back before the all star break against Portland like he wants, I would just let him rest up the extra days until the season starts again. One thing has become very clear in Kage’s absence and it’s that the Celtics have no shot of hanging another banner without Garnett in the line up.
Some will react to the news that former Celtics guard Stephon Marbury has landed another paying gig playing basketball with antipathy, amusement, or even vehemence. If you're one of the folks who ridiculed his behavior during this offseason, and there were hordes of them, then prepare to be angered.

Some will react to the news that former Boston guard Stephon Marbury has landed another paying gig playing basketball with antipathy, amusement, or even vehemence. If you're one of the folks who ridiculed his behavior during this offseason, and there were hordes of them, then prepare to be angered.Per the Washington Post: Twice NBA All Star point guard Stephon Marbury will become the highest profile American to play in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) after he agreed to join China's Shanxi Club. The 32-year-old, a free agent since leaving the Boston Celtics last season, had agreed a deal with the northern club and would arrive in Shanxi next week, the team announced on their official website Given that part of the team's stated goals with this signing is to "help boost Shanxi's ticket sales," this has the same bitter flavor to it as Allen Iverson's ill-fated signing by the Grizzlies going into this season. In theory, there shouldn't be the caliber of young talent slotted ahead of Marbury in China as there was in the case of Iverson. I would think that, if he is in any kind of playing shape, and he says he is, he'll stand a decent chance of making an impact in what I'm presuming is a less competitive league.The Post also describes Bonzi Wells' experience with Shanxi last year, making this sound like a match made in some ominous kind of heaven: Shanxi last season hired former NBA player Bonzi Wells, who scored as many as 50 points a game. The contract ended after less than two months when Wells went on holiday but failed to return on time. The team's management is trying to bill this as some kind of reward for their fans, which makes one curious as to exactly what kind of groundbreaking fan/ownership dynamic is playing out over there. There's a joke about sadomasochism in here somewhere, but I'm not entirely sure which party is engaging in perpetrating the abuse: the brass that think bring in Starbury is some kind of treat, or the fans who could instill that kind of sentiment.

All joking aside, I'm glad for Marbury. I posted similar sentiments in the past over at Mark Blount's Port Cellar, but when he was with the Celtics, he looked like a guy who just never quite got his legs under him, and likewise never felt completely comfortable in the system. Towards the end of the season and start of last year's playoffs, he showed some flashes of the guy he used to be. He's not going to need to be that guy to be an effective player in China. I still believe that what we saw last season was more on account of rust than aging.Furthermore, Starbury proved his critics wrong by committing to play solid, if not spectacular, defense, while at the same time not showing the same need to shoot every time the ball was in his hands that many people thought had become a staple of his game. This was, at times, a fault, as he passed up some good looks to defer to teammates, but I think it showed a real willingness to buy into Boston's philosophy. Let's not forget that he almost single-handedly won us Game 5 against Orlando when he poured in 12 points in the fourth quarter. This guy has more left in the tank than some people think.It was hard not to laugh at his online broadcasts over the summer, but I chuckled as I shook my head with sad bemusement, not out of any malice. Whatever was going on in his personal life was clearly difficult and manifested in a way that was, at times, very disturbing, and I'm glad that, at least on the surface, it looks like he's turning things around.I was nothing but impressed by his attitude and by his on-court conduct, and heard nothing negative about him off the court while he was with the Celtics. I wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors.
Sunday, 17 January 2010 22:05

Ray Allen is Full of Opinions

Written by
For many years, the NBA has had a policy of allowing fans to vote for all-star starters, while allowing coaches to select the reserves. One player who has a problem with this is Celtics guard Ray Allen. “I like the fact that the fans get the opportunity to vote and pick who they’d like to see in the All-Star Game, but I don’t think it should be 100 percent,” Allen said this week. Instead, he proposes a 50/50 vote split between fans and a group composed of players and media, believing that players know who is deserving. He said players know who is playing the best, and believes with his idea, "you'd look at five guys starting the All-Star team regardless of hype or highlight."Now, whether or not Allen has a valid point is open to debate. Obviously the fans do not consistently (or ever) pick the ten most deserving starters based upon performance. But for a game that is supposedly an exhibition to reward fans, should they not choose the players they would like to see? Besides, Allen's statements neglect the fact that coaches already pick fourteen out of twenty-four possible spots. Is this not the equivalent of splitting it down the middle? Is it really worth removing fan favorites from the all-star game to reward an extra player or two who fans have little interest in and is likely to play few minutes in the game anyway? I believe that there are better solutions than diluting the ability of the fans to choose the players they most want to see.Let's look at fan selections this season for a moment. Allen is particularly critical of the selections of Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady, saying of McGrady, "Tracy, if he played, I'm sure he'd play well enough to be an All-Star player because he's done that his career. But again, that's taking away from another player in the Western Conference that's having a great year, that's been playing, that deserves to be in there."If you believe as Ray does, that every all-star slot should be alloted to a deserving player, then clearly he has a point. Tracy McGrady has barely played this season and Allen Iverson is averaging 15 points a game with the Sixers (although he is shooting a higher percentage than he has at any point in his career).The problem is that Ray fails to mention the name of the other undeserving potential all-star if the fans have their way: teammate Kevin Garnett. KG has been slowed by injuries that have seen his scoring and rebounding dip to 15 and 7.6 respectively, numbers which are nothing to sneeze at but far from all-star caliber. Clearly Chris Bosh has outperformed Garnett this season, but so has the young Gerald Wallace and surging Antwan Jamison, to say nothing of potential defensive player of the year Josh Smith. Strangely, I have not heard a peep from him on that subject. The point is that Allen complaining about undeserving starters is akin to Kobe Bryant whining about an unfair trade. Avoiding the issues in your own house makes you seem hypocritical.I suppose what I really want to know is: why? He would not be an all-star this season if coaches and players made all twelve selections. Maybe he is trying to make a subtle case for Rondo, although I would argue that he would have been more direct. But unless he is delusional, personal interest does not come into play. Then again, that has never stopped him before. Whether it is offering unsolicited speculation on the careers of Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson or these latest all-star comments, Ray periodically creates controversey with unneccesary and unproductive comments. Does he think that Stern and the league office is unaware of this "undeserving starters" phenomenon? The fans have chosen their own interests over the greater good since the 1970s. We don't need Ray to talk down to everyone. Hopefully, tomorrow he releases a statement claiming that his associated press account was hacked.
Sunday, 17 January 2010 13:03

Celtics Vs. Maverics Preview

Written by
The C’s are going to be hosting an angry Dallas Mavericks team that was just blown out by 22 points against the Raptors, a team that Boston consistently handles.With Garnett questionable for return before the all star break, the Celtics had a bit of good news with the return of Rasheed Wallace who is welcomed back by having to defend Dirk Nowitzki who is averaging 25.3 PPG. Sheed was on fire when he scored a season high 29 PTS in Toronto and then went down with a foot injury.Paul Pierce usually gets the best of Shawn Marion who isn’t a threat from deep, only attempting nine three point attempts this year and not converting any of them. Marion is averaging 11.3 PPG in 31 minutes. Pierce had 20 PTS in the loss to Chicago and is probably going to be the first option every time down the court unless Doc wants to try and get Ray Allen on track.Ray will be on Josh Howard who is chipping in with 13.2 PPG but is also battling season long injuries and may not be a huge factor in the game.Kendrick Perkins will be all over Erick Dampier who is at best an overrated center. Dampier didn’t even attempt a shot against the Raptors and is only scoring 7.8 PPG for the season. Perk will probably have a field day against him and collect another double double.Rajon Rondo on Jason Kidd is another favorable match up since Kidd won’t have the wheels to keep up with the speedy ‘Jon. I would think that Rondo would get a ton of dribble penetration since Sheed will more than likely be roaming around the perimeter and make Dirk follow him so Dampier is the only big man inside. That could open up a lot of possibilities for the C’s where they could kick out to any one of three players on the perimeter, Rondo could take it around the center himself or hand off to perk for an easy deuce.I think the key to the game will be if the Celtics get any sort of offense from the bench. It may sound like a broken record but no one can consistently give 8-10 points off the bench and Doc is burning out the starters like crazy. I can’t even predict what is going to happen since the C’s have been playing down to the level of their competition lately and playing good teams close.
Just when things were looking marginally up for the Celtics with Rasheed Wallace's imminent return tomorrow night against the Mavericks, the Herald is reporting that C's captain Paul Pierce injured his knee during practice today. Worse, it's the same knee that the Truth had drained several weeks ago.Just when things were looking marginally up for the Celtics with Rasheed Wallace's imminent return tomorrow night against the Mavericks, the Herald is reporting that C's captain Paul Pierce injured his knee during practice today. Worse, it's the same knee that the Truth had drained several weeks ago.Per the Herald's Insider Blog: It may have been nothing more than a momentary stinger, but Paul Pierce headed to the trainer’s room near the end of today’s practice after bumping knees with Shelden Williams and falling to the floor in significant pain. This, for Pierce, was the same right knee that had to be drained two weeks ago.Pierce briefly reemerged with a heavy ice pack on the knee before heading back to the locker room once practice ended.“He got kneed in the exact same spot - it’s just amazing, the luck right now with little things like that,” said Doc Rivers. “That’s why he was so upset. He was like, it was starting to feel good. So we hope that he’s fine.“I don’t even look any more,” he said. “I’ve seen it too much.”Rivers was encouraged by the progress of Rasheed Wallace, who is recovering from a sore foot, and even Kevin Garnett, who ran through sets with the first team today.“Rasheed was great, he went through the whole practice so that’s good, and Kevin actually did skeleton - he went through all of that and he looked great,” said the Celtics coach, who added that this doesn’t mean Garnett will return before next Friday’s game against Portland in the Garden. “He won’t play before Friday, and he may not play Friday, because we have to get him into some active stuff. We may do a little bit (of practice with Garnett) Tuesday, and something on Thursday but not with the team. It will be with five guys and some three-on-three stuff.” The Herald's blog goes on to mention the injury statuses of Kevin Garnett and Rasheed Wallace: Rivers was encouraged by the progress of Rasheed Wallace, who is recovering from a sore foot, and even Kevin Garnett, who ran through sets with the first team today.“Rasheed was great, he went through the whole practice so that’s good, and Kevin actually did skeleton - he went through all of that and he looked great,” said the Celtics coach, who added that this doesn’t mean Garnett will return before next Friday’s game against Portland in the Garden. “He won’t play before Friday, and he may not play Friday, because we have to get him into some active stuff. We may do a little bit (of practice with Garnett) Tuesday, and something on Thursday but not with the team. It will be with five guys and some three-on-three stuff.” While I'm under the restrictions of my self-imposed Kevin Garnett non-news moratorium, I've gotta say, that sure doesn't instill confidence that the Big Ticket will be seen striding across the parquet anytime soon. He's going "through all that," and he "looked great," yet they aren't penciling him in yet because he needs to "get into some active stuff." Super.Although it raises the interesting question regarding what the term "skeleton" means in the context of a player returning to practice after an injury: I'd take it to mean he did a bare bones type of workout/drills, rather than full contact activities, but I'd be thrilled if anyone with more clarity to offer on that point would do so in the comments section below.
Getting 'Sheed back into the line-up is a sight for sore eyes. Sheed's sore foot has kept him out the line-up for three games. In his absence, the Celtics had a lack of length on the front line. 'Sheed was brought in to smooth the possibility of a Kevin Garnett injury. With KG sidelined at least until Friday, Rasheed's being back in encouraging and improves the C's chances of beating the Mavs on Monday.From the Boston Globe:Just a little sprain,’’ Wallace said. “How I did it, I haven’t the slightest idea. I was playing on it for about two weeks, before, finally, the last few minutes in that Toronto game [last Sunday] sort of did it.’’Garnett’s target for a return remains Friday’s contest against Portland. And Rivers said he will attempt to limit Paul Pierce’s playing time, using J.R. Giddens and Bill Walker in his place.With Kevin Garnett (hyperextended knee) also out, the Celtics missed a big-man presence on the perimeter as well as in the post.“Rasheed can just shoot - he’s a great shooter, so that doesn’t affect him,’’ Rivers said. “It’s more just the movement and stuff. Eddie said the swelling is down but there is still concern about it a little bit.’’Rivers said Wallace will “go through practice and see how he feels’’ today, then check with trainer Eddie Lacerte.“Baby [Glen Davis] did a tremendous job, to me. He’s rebounding, he’s giving it his all down there on the blocks, going against taller players. But it’s kind of hard for them to back him down because he’s so strong. So, the guys that came in, they were effective.’’"We still have other good shooters on the team,’’ Wallace said. “I think Scal [Brian Scalabrine] did a good job, especially in that first half, starting us off right, the last couple games.

Rasheed's return will be discussed in detail with Gary Dzen of the Boston Globe on

tonight's (live) episode of the Celtics Late Night Show

Nick from North Station Sports along with Brandon and Travis, from Hardwood Houdini, will be live tonight (January 10th) with their next episode of the…

The Celtics Late Night Show

Live at 11 pm EST

Call In Number – (347)-215-7771

We have one heck of a show lined up for you tomorrow night at 11pm. Earlier today we pre-recorded a segment with Gary Dzen from the Boston Globe and let me tell you this guy knows his stuff. Gary has credentials and all the behind the scene access you could only wish for. He currently is a staff writer for Boston.com and the somewhat newly established Celtics Blog on the site. He also is web editor of the site and is the man doing all the work behind the camera to keep the site going. Gary talked with us for a little over 30 minutes and answered almost every possible question you could think about when it comes to the Boston Celtics.

Topics that will be discussed with Gary include:

KG’s Injury Updates (Is he really practicing? Does he have a noticeable limp? Is he talking to media?) His take on Big Baby’s physical conditioning. What he thinks the Celtics plan to do before the trade deadline, if anything. His take on the lack of energy at the Garden this year and why he thinks that may be. Doc's rotations: Why aren't Bill Walker or J.R. Giddens getting playing time? How are they handling the lack of playing time?

Again this is just a small preview of what we discussed with Gary earlier this morning. To hear the whole segment tune into the Celtics Late Night Show tomorrow night at 11pm. The media player will be up on the site and you can also listen to us on Blog Talk Radio.

Besides having Gary on the show we also plan to do a little talking of our own. We will look back at the week that was, talk a little bit about Gilbert Arenas, and a whole bunch of other topics surrounding the Boston Celtics. As always we will also have our two special segments “Ten in Ten” and “Around the Hardwood”. For those of you unfamiliar Ten in Ten is a segment with Matt Rury from Gino’s Jungle to discuss weekly NBA power rankings; Around the Hardwood is a segment in which we are joined by Alex from NBA Tipoff to talk about everything going on around the league as a whole.

Be sure to tune in at 11PM EST as we will be live, taking your calls, and discussing all things Boston Celtics and the NBA as a whole.

The call in number is listed above so don’t be shy and call in!

This weekend, I was pleased to read that North Station (our name-sake) in Boston was now dedicated to the legendary Red Auerbach. It's fitting that such an iconic sports figure in Boston gets this honor. Red is the "godfather" of the NBA, whether you like him or not, he is one of the forefathers that helped to lead the NBA from amateur-ish upstart league to a worldly professional sports league. From the Boston Globe: // Auerbach Concourse dedicated at North Station Link|Comments (2) Posted by Matt Pepin, Boston.com Staff January 15, 2010 07:48 PM North Station's concourse was dedicated as the Red Auerbach Concourse on Friday.Former players JoJo White, Mal Graham, Satch Sanders, Tommy Heinsohn, and Dana Barros joined current team captain Paul Pierce, coach Doc Rivers, and Nancy Auerbach Collins, Red's daughter, at a ceremony Friday.Two plaques -- a relief of Red and a shamrock -- were unveiled in honor of the legendary coach who won nine NBA titles and later served as team president and general manager.
Saturday, 16 January 2010 22:07

NBA Injuries: It Isn't Only The Celtics

Written by

That stupid injury virus is flying around everywhere, and luckily for the Celtics it is not only them. As nasty as we said the top tier teams such as: Orlando, Boston, Cleveland, LA, and maybe even Denver, appeared, they have not shown it thus far into the season. They are not extremely dominant by any means. There are no teams starting the season like the 27-2 Celtics team, or the 33-7 team LA put out on the floor last year. Well they are all dealing with injuries so lets weap for them as well.Starting atop the east:1) Cavs: (30-11)Shaq- Has missed 6 games- Team record: 5-1 Varejao- Missed 2 games- Team record: 1-1 West- Missed 9 games- Team record: 7-2 Big Z- Missed 1 game- Team record: 1-0 Moon- Missed 10 games- Team record: 5-5Combined Missed Games by Key Players: 28So byfar the biggest loss for the Cavs has been Jamario Moon.... Haha just kidding. He is about as key to the Cavs as maybe Marquis Daniels is to the Celtics. The Cavs are probably a better team without Shaq, so his lossed games really dont mean as much as the loss of Big Z who has only missed 1 game. Delante West is another key to this team, and he is struggling in every aspect. He is a good player as we saw on the Celtics, but I dont know if he has it together enough to really help the team out.2) Celtics (27-11)Garnett- Has missed 9 games- Team record: 5-4 Pierce- Has missed 5 games- Team Record: 2-3 Rondo- Has missed 1 game- Team Record: 1-0 Sheed- Has missed 3 games- Team Record: 1-2 Big Baby- Has missed 28 games- Team Record: 22-6 Daniels- Has missed 19 games- Team Record 12-7Combined Missed Games by Key Players: 65We haven't had a complete team yet this year. Whether it be the explosive bench we expected, or the same starting 5 that has had 2 years to gel, there is alot of room for error when this many games have been missed. The top 2 on this list are clearly the ones we care about the most, however the Big Baby's, Sheed's, and Daniels of the world mean alot to the team as well. They are the players to come in and HOLD not let the lead SLIP.3) Atlanta (26-13)Evans- Has missed 1 game- Team Record: 1-0 Williams- Has missed 1 game- Team Record: 1-0Combined Missed Games by Key Players: 2Thats all she wrote. You can't really blame them, though, because they have a young team. I don't personally expect a young team to play with as many injuries as the Celtics and Cavs do as those teams have veteran players who have been around a while. This only helps to explain their standing in the Eastern Conference, however, and eventually some sort of injuries will catch up to them, leading me to feel confident in saying, this team wont even be contending with the Celtics, Cavs, or Magic come April. They have felt no adversity yet.4) Magic (26-14)Anderson- Has missed 8 games- Team Record: 4-4 Carter- Has missed 7 games- Team Record: 5-2 Gortat- Has missed 1 game- Team Record: 1-0 Lewis- Has missed 10 games- Team Record: 7-3 Nelson- Has missed 17 games- Team Record: 13-4 Pietrus- Has missed 2 games- Team Record: 1-1Combined Missed Games by Key Players: 45The Magic have had some very key losses like Nelson and Lewis being out for the extended period of time they were out for. This far into the year both Nelson and Lewis are far off their career averages. As the year goes on we will have to see if it becomes an issue with this team, or if they will get back on track. Of all the teams in the league, it seems as though the Magic are battling with the Celtics for the most injuried plagued teams. (Among contenders- Sorry TrailBlazers fans, but I dont consider you "Title Contenders")Now to the West where I will talk about the only team the Celtics are worried about 1) Lakers (31-9)Artest- Has missed 5 games- Team Record: 4-1 Bynum- Has missed 2 games- Team Record: 2-0 Gasol- Has missed 17 games- Team Record: 11-6 Adam Morrison has missed 20 games.... But for some reason I don't think its due to injury....Combined Missed Games by Key Players: 24Alright now Laker fan, give me a break. I dont need all these postings crying about how your team is all banged up and saying "Another one goes down". With the exception of Pau Gasol, you have not even partially grasped the concept of what it means for a team to be injury plagued. Kobe has not missed a game but in strong quotes I will mention he had a "Finger Injury". Gasol is a key part to the Laker team, and if he doesn't stay healthy LA will slip. As for Artest, so far into this season he has not been as big a factor as thought to be when he was signed in the offseason. (Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images)
The article can also be viewed at Gino's Jungle
Saturday, 16 January 2010 09:56

KG Is King Of Smack

Written by
The art of trash talking is partaken by many and perfected by few. Larry Legend bumped his gums on more than one occasion, Dennis Rodman was known to tell you how inferior he thinks you are and Jordan would tell you which way he was going and dare you to stop him.KG takes it to another level.For the recent poll conducted by Sports Illustrated, 173 NBA players were asked who talks the most garbage on the floor. Garnett blew away the competition with 62 percent of the vote. That is a staggering landslide since Kobe Bryant was second on the list with a measly 7 percent of the vote. Sheed was third with 5 percent while Paul Pierce and Nate Robinson tied for fourth with 3.Between Kevin screaming at no one in particular and getting down on all floors while melting the faces of anyone trying to bring the ball cross court I would say the players made the right choice. KG drops F bombs at about 36 per minute and leads the league in crazy screaming at the roof.During last year’s playoffs Kage tried to combust the Bulls players with some contorted mug that was so severe I thought his chin was going to blow off his face or Joakim Noah’s head was going to pop like a frog in the microwave. Every time the camera cut to Garnett in his three piece on the bench you had to hide the little ones’ eyes because you didn’t need to be a lip reading expert to catch what sor of filth was being vomited onto the court.It does beg one question, though. Does KG do it because he thinks it helps to get in someone’s head or does he do it just to hear himself talk and get psyched up? Also, if you play ball at the league level, does trash talking effect the way you play? I would hope that a dude’s mind wouldn’t be so fragile that they would be thrown off their game because someone said they sucked.One thing is for sure, Kevin Garnett has cemented himself as one of the most elite (if not the best ever) smack talker the NBA has ever seen. He can stand side by side with the trash talking all stars, the likes of Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, and Gary Payton.I’d still take KG to out smack all of those mother f*ckers.
The latest installment in the ongoing serial drama that is the status of Kevin Garnett's knee injury has arrived, and, surprise! It's just as ambiguous and unsettling as anything we could have hoped for. Per the Celtics Insider blog at BostonHerald.com:"It’s an extremely rough target, but Doc Rivers believes that one possibility for a Kevin Garnett return is a Jan. 22 home game against Portland."

The latest installment in the ongoing serial drama that is the status of Kevin Garnett's knee injury has arrived, and, surprise! It's just as ambiguous and unsettling as anything we could have hoped for.Per the Celtics Insider blog at BostonHerald.com: It’s an extremely rough target, but Doc Rivers believes that one possibility for a Kevin Garnett return is a Jan. 22 home game against Portland.The Celtics play a game against the Pistons two nights earlier in Auburn Hills, MI.“We would have a practice day the day before (the Portland game),” the Celtics coach said before tonight’s game against the Bulls. “I’m just glad that he’s running right now. We’ll have a couple of practices over the next week where he can get on the floor and work with us.“We’ll play him when he’s ready, and that’s it,” said Rivers. “But there’s an outside chance that Portland could be the return game for him.” My favorite aspect of this "update" is the title itself, which reads "New KG target: Jan. 22nd vs. Portland." The question I find myself instinctively asking is, if I were playing darts, and began haphazardly hurling projectiles in the general direction of the dart board, is that the same thing as selecting a valid target? If the C's, as an organization, continue to give the public vague timetables, unclear diagnoses, and very little of any substance aside from a metaphoric finger gesturing lackadaisically somewhere down the road... does that really count as an update?I don't mean this post to come across as a turd in the punch bowl, as any concrete news regarding an impending return by the Big Ticket would be warmly welcomed, but that's not how this reads: in fact, it bears a striking resemblance to a past update on KG's knee, this time from the Boston Globe: Garnett has been out with a sprained right knee he suffered Feb. 19 at Utah. The 2007-08 Defensive Player of the Year made the trip to San Antonio, but has not practiced since suffering the injury. Although Ainge is confident Garnett is ready based on his workouts this week, the team is still being cautious."He's looking good," Ainge said. "He's made a great deal of strides, especially in the last 10 days or so. It took him a little while to get going. But in the last week to 10 days, he's been looking a lot better."Just by the way he's moving, he looks fresh and healthy. We're still playing it by ear. We're still waiting to see what's going to happen. I'm confident that he will be back [soon]."A strong shootaround could get Garnett back in the starting lineup tonight. That update came last season on March 20, 2009, just a week and a half before KG was shut down going into the playoffs.I'm not trying to say that Garnett is on the verge of being shut down: only that these updates should be taken with a grain of salt. The rhetoric is the same now as it was last year: he's looking better, blah blah blah, not going to rush him, blah blah blah, confident he'll be back soon, blah blah blah. And we all know how that story unfolded.I'd much rather the Celtics take their cues from Bill Belichick (not a popular sentiment these days, I know) on this one, and say nothing beyond the player's official status. Maybe they think that they're reassuring fans, but I don't find that to be the case here at all. If Garnett didn't have the injury track record that he does, perhaps that'd be valid. But all I feel when I read these constantly adjusted return projections is an ever-increasing sense of impending gloom (not yet full on doom). I spent all of last year's playoffs holding my breath for a Willis Reed-esque return by KG, first against the Bulls, then against the Magic, which ended in disappointment and diminished my enjoyment of a classic series against Chicago.I had a college philosophy professor with whom I shared a fanatical worship of hobbit-creating author J.R.R. Tolkien, and he particularly loved one quote that he would trot out on an almost weekly basis, and which resonates with me to this day: Perilous to us all are the devices of an art deeper than we possess ourselves. (LOTR, p. 583) There are machinations occurring here that we, as fans, aren't privy to. Knowledge of what is going on with Garnett's knee would be illuminating, but incomplete knowledge, obscurities and exaggerations are not. All this incomplete information does is set us up for disappointment. It diminishes my enjoyment of what is happening by making casual promises about what might happen in the near future. Thus, barring the release of what appears to be substantial, breaking information regarding Garnett (i.e. "KG to return tonight"), or a significant change in his injury status (change in diagnosis, etc.), this will be my last post on the subject.Sometimes, it's better not to know.
Saturday, 16 January 2010 03:29

For the Celtics, 2010 Draws Eery Similarities to 1988

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As disappointing as the Celtics loss was on Thursday night, I found it slightly encouraging to hear the captain not excepting any reasons as an excuse for lack of energy. The Boston Globe's Gary Dzen (guest on this week's Celtics Late Night Show) would bring reference to the Celtics lack of fire power on the second night of back to backs by quoting Pierce as saying, "Every team in the NBA has to do it," said Celtics captain Paul Pierce. "We’re conditioned to play as many games as they put on the schedule, so I don’t know if that’s a factor or not...We feel like we’re at home, we should be a better team at home than what we’ve been playing as of late." Playing on national television and on the second night of back to backs (four games in five nights), the Celtics looked old, tired and defeated at tip off. The young and athletic Bulls had charged through the TD Garden tunnel, onto the parquet floor and over the vulnerable Celtics. Described as "old and experienced" by the TNT intro to the telecast, the 2009-10 Celtics continue bare resemblance to the late 80's/early 90's team led by the aging Big Three of that era.Those, late-era, Larry Bird led team's were very dangerous but never had the youth and health needed to compete with the emerging Bulls, Pistons and Hawks of that era. Those youthful team's gave Bird, Parish, McHale, Ainge and DJ fits that they were not accustomed to. The '88 team (57-25) would drop regular season games to up and coming team's, such as the Hawks, Bulls, Nuggets, Knicks and Cavs. By this time in January, the '88 team had already dropped two games to the Hawks, Cavs, Pistons and Bucks. They had compiled a three game losing streak, something that had not been done by a Bird led team since the early 80's.The 1988 team would post their eleventh loss of the season by January 16th. Though the Celtics of that era epitomized Celtics Mystique by protecting the parquet floor (three losses at home through January), they were atrocious on the road, displaying a lack of focus similar to 2010's team's lack of focus at home.Though, in 1988, Larry Bird would notch career high's in offensive stats, it had become visibly apparent that the team had run out of gas and had to be carried on Bird's back throughout the season. Unfortunately we all remember the affects of carrying his teammates had on Bird's back.The 1988 team had been the '84, '85, '86, '87 versions of the team, beat down by injuries and burnt out from four straight seasons of hard fought battles to get the finals. Back then, I remember thinking "this team lacks the fire of the past team's." How can the exact same line-up look so much older in one season?Though today's version of the team has only reached the finals once and won one title, they draw eery similarities to the late era Bird team's. Bird had provided excitement in 1988 but was ultimately burned out by the eastern conference finals, losing to the Pistons in six games. In 1989, Larry Bird would only play six games and, when returning a season later, never displayed the lethal shooting that had made him famous.1988 kicked off the theme that "we, as fans, might be watching the Celtics of that era compete for the last time." In the seasons that followed, broadcasters would refer to the Celtics as "old legs" and "veteran savvy and experience."Sound familiar?
Thursday, 14 January 2010 23:12

Celtics Look Tired Against Bulls, Lose 96-83

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[caption id="attachment_4142" align="alignleft" width="272" caption=" (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)"][/caption]Boston needs to figure out how to get some continuity going after tonight’s frustrating loss against a sub .500 Chicago team. They can start by practicing free throws from the end of the game until the start of the next one on Monday.The Celtics shot an abysmal 52% from the line on 14-27. That alone was the margin of defeat. They also could learn to box out on the defensive end since they gave up 15 O boards and 49 overall. Boston grabbed 39. The C’s only had five more assists (17) than turnovers (12). Needless to say, that is not a recipe for winning.Glen Davis had one of the most inefficient performances off the bench I’ve seen in a long time scoring 6 PTS in 26 minutes. To be fair, he did grab 8 REBS but that is about it. Tony Allen only scored 2 PTS in his 14 minutes.The starters are tired and it showed in the second half. Perkins walking back after offensive misses and a plethora of flat shots from Pierce and Ray Allen signaled the toll of that stretch of 40+ minute games is catching up to them. Ray only went 4-10 and didn’t hit a three pointer. Pierce had 20 PTS, 8 REBS and 6 ASTS for a decent night but couldn’t turn it on down the stretch. It’s a disconcerting trend that when the C’s fall behind early by 11 or so they can never seem to close the gap. Whenever they get close they give up another 10-2 run and have to start digging out from another hole.Chicago had 10 blocks as a team with Joakim Noah collecting four of them. If I was blocked by Noah and he started talking junk to me, I’m not sure I would be able to keep my fist from trying to reach the back of his ugly head through his rat face.One bright spot was Kendrick Perkins collecting another double double with 14 PTS and 10 REBS. It was something to cheer for in an otherwise excruciating game to watch. Chicago took advantage of the tired legs of Boston and ran the tempo up from the start, only slowing down when the likes of Brad Miller were in the game.Now the Celtics have three days off and will host Dallas on Monday night. If they can’t address some of their season long issues with turnovers and rebounding I doubt that game will be very much fun to watch.
Wednesday, 13 January 2010 22:28

Celtics Paste Nets 111-87

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The Celtics finally dominated a game from start to finish, though with the Nets looking like the Washington Generals these days, it wasn’t hard.Boston led by as many as 36 and that was just at the end of the first half. The Celtics shot right around 60% from the field for the game. Curiously, even though the C’s were up large for most of the game and it being the first of a back to back, Doc played Pierce for 28 minutes. Paul had 24 PTS, 6 REBS and two knee on knee collisions.Kendrick Perkins had a lock down defensive game despite Brook Lopez’s numbers. Perk had 12 PTS, 8 REBS and 5 BLKS on the night and he only played 26 minutes. Rajon Rondo piled up 11 PTS and 14 ASTS while Boston demolished the Nets in the first half.Tony Allen showed some more signs of his high flying ability coming back from two devastating knee injuries. In the second quarter he caught an alley oop from Pierce which he caught one handed with his head slightly behind the backboard and flushed it with authority. TA finished up with 11 PTS, 5 REBS and a couple of steals on the night.The Celtics bench finally played some minutes tonight as Doc cleared the pine in the 4th when Bill Walker was the last player to enter the game. Everyone but Walker had double digits off the bench with TA leading the way with 20. Glen Davis scored 13 PTS to lead the reserves and Eddie House struggled going 1-9 for a lowly 2 PTS. Davis was icing his right hand after a hard foul by Kris Humphries late in the game and will remain to be seen how that will affect tomorrow’s game against Chicago.For everything that went right for Boston, it was the exact opposite for New Jersey. They couldn’t get any sort of rhythm going against the starting five of the Celtics and were outplayed by the C’s bench for most of the game. Boston outrebounded the Nets 47-36 collected 14 of them on the offensive side of the glass.Billy Walker and J.R Giddens had a game of anything you can do I can do better during the last three minutes of the game with some high flying dunks and athletic layups which was fun to see. Not only because I like to see those guys play but because that meant that the starters were relegated to cheerleaders. Every starter was off the floor with less than 30 minutes of playing time so they finally got some rest after a few games of 40 minutes plus.This was a good win that they had to blow out in order to get some rest for a back to back with travel. The C’s will look to continue their winning ways against a Bulls team on Thursday that is nowhere near the club they faced in the playoffs.
Wednesday, 13 January 2010 13:17

Frustration, transition, and expectation

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As I began the long descent from my seats in the Garden's balcony down to the arena's North Station exit after Monday night's loss to the Hawks, I found myself awash in a sea of downcast faces, of murmured profanities directed towards Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford, and of more vocal (and colorful) criticisms of the evening's officials. At one time, I might have been right there, unified in sentiment, invoking the name of Tim Donaghy, seething with pessimism and with my symbolic cub brimming with disgust at the home team's performance. For a few minutes, my nostrils tingling with the stale cologne of a Heineken spilled on my sweater during Doc's memorable ejection from the game, I indulged my disappointment...As I began the long descent from my seats in the Garden's balcony down to the arena's North Station exit after Monday night's loss to the Hawks, I found myself awash in a sea of downcast faces, of murmured profanities directed towards Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford, and of more vocal (and colorful) criticisms of the evening's officials. At one time, I might have been right there, unified in sentiment, invoking the name of Tim Donaghy, seething with pessimism and with my symbolic cub brimming with disgust at the home team's performance. For a few minutes, my nostrils tingling with the stale cologne of a Heineken spilled on my sweater during Doc's memorable ejection from the game, I indulged my disappointment. But as the concrete stairs of the Garden yielded to the familiar sights, sounds and aromas of Causeway Street, I found to my surprise that I was as calm as the ill-informed airline passengers in Fight Club described scathingly by Tyler Durden as Hindu cows.I won't pretend that the C's 0-3 record against the Hawks, who they are likely to see again in this year's postseason, doesn't carry with it some ominous undertones. Atlanta gave Boston all it could handle in 2008, with the Big 3 closer to their respective primes, and that was before the arrival of Jamal Crawford or the ever-more-obvious maturation process undergone in the period since then by Josh Smith and Al Horford. The Hawks are exactly the kind of freakishly athletic (whatever that actually means) and increasingly polished young team that one would expect to give the Celtics trouble in theory, and it's played out that way this year in practice. So the fact that they won a close game at the Garden against a veteran team missing it's defensive stalwart and emotional rudder, as well as their most important bench player (brought in, ironically, for exactly the kind of game that he was unable to suit up for on Monday night) shouldn't really come as any great surprise to anyone.This is becoming something of a theme in my posts, but I feel it warrants repeating: I don't watch basketball the same way I do baseball or football (or, in rare instances, hockey). Despite putting far more time into watching basketball than other sports, I don't feel the same instant gratification in a single Celtics win, the same minor despair in a loss, as I do with the Sox and Pats. Baseball and football seasons are, for me, a collection of snapshots, whereas the NBA seasons ends up resembling something more like a collage. I enjoy the storyline of an NBA season far more than any sport, and that impacts the degree to which I react to individual contests.So on Monday night, while I saw the Celtics vanquished, I also saw in the Hawks a kind of bizarro-Boston team. Whereas Danny Ainge opted to deal away his young assets for veteran talent, this Hawks team, assembled largely by Billy Knight and inherited by Rick Sund, represent what can happen when a few things break right (ignoring the indefensible selection of Marvin Williams over Chris Paul and Deron Williams), and young players are allowed to grow together. There's a pleasure to be found in watching young players cohere as a unit: it's like the rewarding experience of watching Rondo and Perkins go from "guys who didn't hurt the Celtics' chances" in 2007-2008 to valuable contributors last year and, in my opinion, players worthy of an All-Star selection this year, only expanded over a large portion of Atlanta's roster. I wholeheartedly believe that Danny Ainge made the right move in dealing for KG and Ray: the fact that seeing three just-past-their-prime stars come together and win wearing Celtics green was the most emotional and enjoyable sports moment of my life doesn't mean that watching a young team go from tanalizing-but-raw to up-and-coming to, now, a top-tier team in the league can't also be a thrill. Moreover, I find a lot of the Hawks' players to be likeable (much like Joakim Noah, I love to boo Al Horford, but I've love to have him on my favorite team even more), and the ones who aren't, namely Mike Bibby and Mr. Square for a Head himself, Zaza Pachulia, are even more fun to hate.

As Nick pointed out yesterday, there's always a certain degree of frustration that accompanies the act of rooting on a team for which there is set a high level of expectation. We're caught in a strange period of not-quite transition, where the success of the 2008 Championship team is still fresh in our minds and the team we see on the court boasts many of the same names, despite having undergone a substantial metamorphosis since then. The reigns of the team aren't yet being handed over to Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins, though we're moving ever closer to that day. Monday night's game, in which Rondo dominated the first three quarters before pulling off a remarkable disappearing act in the fourth quarter, served as a keen reminder of the fact that he's not yet the consistent offensive player he may one day become. But that doesn't diminish the explosiveness he displayed early in the contest, which inspired me to turn several times to my friend in the seat next to me and gush that "every game, Rondo seems to do something I've never seen before."2008's regular season dominance is a sight we're increasingly unlikely to see this year, as KG continues to be sidelined by an injury that I find equal parts disturbing and ambiguous. But in a season which could potentially be Ray Allen's last, regular season results aren't the only thing worth monitoring. We need to see to what degree Kendrick Perkins is able to serve as the team's main defensive presence, as KG's health becomes more and more of a question (and his contract more frighteningly onerous). We need to see how much of the scoring load Rajon Rondo is able to shoulder if there's any chance that the team moves forward next year without Ray-Ray (the wisdom of which is very much open to debate). And we need to keep in mind that seasons like 2008's, or that of the 1996 Chicago Bulls to whom Rasheed Wallace prematurely compared this year's Celtics, are far and away the exception and not the rule.

Seeding for this year's playoffs is going to be important given the way the Cavaliers and Magic are playing, but this team's regular season record won't fully reflect their potential, if the team is relatively healthy come May. Much like the 2006-2007 Spurs, the Celtics could easily fly under the radar down the stretch while still having what it takes to win a title: they can play great defense and hit big shots when it counts, and they've been there before. To make another Fight Club reference, the Celtics could be the NBA's equivalent of "a predator posing as a house pet." And of the other contenders (in my mind, that's Orlando, Cleveland, LA, San Antonio, Dallas and Atlanta), only the Spurs boast the kind of dizzyingly fast and tantalizing talent in Tony Paker that the Celtics have at the point in #9, whose continued growth could prove to be what makes or breaks the C's title hopes. But if we invest too much in the results of individual games played without Kevin Garnett, the duration of the season could prove to be more frustrating than it needs to be.Maybe it makes me naieve like those aforementioned Hindu cows, but I still feel that NBA fans were robbed of a Lakers/Celtics rematch last year, and hope wholeheartedly that we're treated to it in this year's Finals. This Celtics team is well aware of what is at stake now, and as the season continues to play itself out. They're experiencing more than their share of adversity, but it could prove to be a blessing that it's occurring sooner rather than later. Super Bowl XLII serves as a somber reminder of what can happen to team, and their comfort level, when they steamroll their competition over the course of a regular season. I wholeheartedly hope that this season ends with all steak, and none of last year's anti-climactic, fading sizzle.The Celtics have not yet played the kind of basketball they should be capable of, which gives us something to look forward to. But whatever happens down the stretch, this season isn't our favorite franchise's last, and everything that happens now, win or lose, will resonate down the road.
Tuesday, 12 January 2010 17:35

Party with Paul Pierce at the Lakers Game!

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From the Celebrities for Charity Foundation:The Celebrities for Charity Foundation is currently having Paul Pierce’s Ultimate Celtics/Lakers Raffle. Paul Pierce is raffling off this great prize to benefit the Truth Foundation and Celebrities for Charity. The raffle includes the following listed below.•Winner will receive 12 Tickets to Paul Pierce’s Personal Luxury Suite for the Boston Celtics vs. the LA Lakers Sunday January 31, 2010 Game at TD Garden (Tip-off at 3:00 PM) •Winner and Guests will enjoy Luxury Suite Food and Beverages Services (Limit $500.00) •Winner will enjoy a Courtside Meet and Greet, plus Photo-op, with Paul Pierce •Winner will receive an autographed authentic Paul Pierce Boston Celtics Jersey
Tickets are only $2 each (min 5).
Tuesday, 12 January 2010 16:56

Celtics At Nets Preview

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The Celtics are in the midst of a strange stretch of games in which in some games they look unbeatable and in others they look extremely flat. Boston needs to find some sort of rotational continuity especially with the injuries. Granted, KG is reported to be coming back in two weeks but I would imagine his minutes will be limited, though with Doc, you never know.New Jersey is flat out the worst team in the league with a 3-34 record. If Boston loses to them I will punch myself multiple small children and not apologize to their parents.The starting five for the nets is actually pretty good on paper. Brook Lopez is turning into a legit threat against any team and Devin Harris is having a nice year averaging 15.9 PPG and 5.8 APG. Kendrick Perkins had a fine defensive game against Lopez in their first meeting of the season and I expect Perk to hold Brook to about 15 and 7 for the game. Harris is one of the quicker guards in the league and Rondo is going to have to be aware that Devin will take a lot of those little pull up jumpers around the top of the key.It will be interesting to see who Doc starts against Yi Jianlian with Sheed still out with his ailing foot. I would assume Scalabrine gets the start but we may see Big Baby get the call instead. Yi has only played in 13 games this season but is averaging 15.8 PPG and 7.5 RPG.I don’t expect Chris Douglas-Roberts to give Pierce much of a problem defensively and between Paul and TA I don’t think CDR will have much of a night on the offensive end.Courtney Lee is a sort of enigma for me. He was stellar for Orlando during last year’s playoffs but as a starting shooting guard on a crappy team he is only scoring 11 PPG and is shooting a horrid 27% from three. If he wasn’t a guard that wouldn’t be so bad but he is shooting a full ten percent lower from deep than last year.The C’s need to get their act together and find some way to get back to winning since they can’t play NJ and Toronto every night.
Fan frustrations have hit an all-time high since the beginning of the "new big three era." Injuries, DNP's, lack of fire, inconsistent play and blurry focus, have all contributed to a tense atmosphere in Boston.Last night's loss to the Atlanta Hawks was a case in point for the mounting frustrations in the stands and in the Celtics huddle. With Kevin Garnett and Marquis Daniels, joined by Rasheed Wallace (sore foot) on the side lines, the Celtics rotations would be an interesteing watching point last night.It proved to be quite the opposite, as John from Red's Army pointed out on Twitter, the last Celtics substitution was at the seven minute mark of the THIRD QUARTER! Bill Walker and J.R. Giddens had another DNP next to their name in the box score and Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce and Kendrick Perkins all logged over 40 minutes.The Boston Globe summed up the sequence of events in the third quarter that culminated in ejections, technicals and (deservingly) heckled officials, You could zero in on the 6:16 mark in the third quarter - an implosive sequence in which three technical fouls were called, one coach was ejected, five free throws were taken, and the 18,624 fans at TD Garden last night went from cute and cuddly to angry - and call it the tipping point in the Celtics’ 102-96 loss to the Atlanta Hawks. The 2009-10 season has undoubtidly been the most frustrating since Ray Allen and KG came to Boston. This team had extremely high expectations at the onset of the season and I think it is safe to say that the result, up to this point, has been disappointing. Though the C's are enduring countless injuries (to key players) again, injuries cannot be blamed for our slowest start to a season since 2006.I hate the term "window of opportunity" but I think it's worth mentioning today. The "window" is closing and with the re-occuring knee issues for Garnett and the aging legs of Ray, Paul and Rasheed, I can comfortably say that the windown is barely still open.I am not quite panicked yet. I am, however, slightly concerned. At this point, though none of us want to admit it, I do not feel we can beat the Lakers, Hawks, Magic or Cavs in a seven game series. It's yet to be determined whether the return of Garnett will change that fact but, it can be said, that with or without the injuries, healthy or not, the Celtics have not been consistently impressive this season. It's safe to say that team's rarely reach the night in and night out domination of the 2008 squad but this year's team comes no where close to resembling that team's mastery of the league.One thing is certain to me, a fully healthy Celtics roster has the talent to beat any team in the league. I never thought I would hear myself contemplate this but, do they have the drive, killer instinct or, possibly most importantly, do they have the energy and durability to compete 46 games from now when the playoffs start?A fair question to ask.
Monday, 11 January 2010 22:38

Celtics Lose Tough One At Home To Hawks/Refs 102-96

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[caption id="attachment_4099" align="alignleft" width="393" caption="Probably a foul that didn't get called"][/caption]“This is the worst officiated game I’ve seen in a long time.” –Tommy HeinsohnThis isn’t going to be a typical recap because it wasn’t a typical game. When the visiting team is down 11 and get 5 free throws and possession while Doc Rivers gets ejected is absolute garbage. The one way officiating in the second half of that game made me sick with rage. Atlanta had a 20-11 free throw attempt advantage in the second half including a ticky tack foul on a three point attempt.Double technicals on Doc with six minutes to go in the third quarter sparked the Hawks comeback. The refs were handing out T’s like candy from the back of a van with blacked out windows after calling a marginal flagrant one on Glen Davis. I have no idea what even transpired since it happened so quickly. All I know is that the refs better have had protection leaving the Garden because there was about 18,000 potential assailants in the stands.The Celtics actually shot 55% percent from the field and 50% percent from beyond the arc. They even out rebounded the Hawks 35-30. Joe Johnson was the only Atlanta player to log some legit damage against Boston with 36 PTS on 14-25 shooting and hit some tough shots down the stretch. Jamal Crawford scored half of his 17 from the charity stripe and Marvin Williams scored eight of his 14 by the grace of the referees.Rondo scored 26 PTS and led the C’s in that department as yet another injury befell the team plagued by them. Rasheed Wallace was out with a foot injury and Doc turned to Brian Scalabrine to start at the power forward position. Scal actually went 3-3 from deep and shot the ball when he was wide open, which Heinsohn had spoken to him before the game about. Glen Davis scored 13 PTS off the bench and had some decent plays. The others on the bench had little or no effect in limited minutes.Paul Pierce was getting mugged in the lane and became frustrated at the lack of calls and started taking awkward outside jumpers while being double teams. That led to some poor decision making and Ray Allen couldn’t find the mark from deep or inside with his leaner.I had to write this after my rage had subsided and I could self edit and not post this with the stream of curse words that would have melted your computer screen. I hate the Hawks, I hate Mike Bibby and I hate that stupid John Cena “You can’t see me” face wave that the Atlanta bench was doing after every bucket once they were ahead. Guess what, I can see you, and you are a bunch of effing tools. Congrats, enjoy your tainted win. Expect heads to roll if you end up in Boston for the playoffs, asshats.