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Thursday, 28 September 2017 15:02

A Guide for Newbies in Daily Fantasy Leagues

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Daily Fantasy Leagues are growing at a crazy rate and of course that there is a reason for that, in this article we will tell you about the fun you are missing out in case that you still aren´t playing.

The main difference between regular fantasy football and Daily Fantasy Leagues is that you have the chance to play every week in different leagues and tournaments, or against a friend or a group of friends, and the best thing about Daily Fantasy Leagues is that you can pick different players ever week.

This last detail is very important because in normal fantasy leagues you have to plan your draft ahead of time and with a strategy. Sometimes you won't draft a player if he is prone to injuries, or because of any other reason that can limit his production in the long run. But in Daily Fantasy Football you don´t need to worry about that, the only thing that matters in this format is the points that a given player can produce for us on game day. We don´t have to carry with unnecessary drama.

I know that you have liked everything you have read so far, because it does sound great, doesn't it? To make it even better we'll throw daily fantasy codes so you can gain an extra edge over the competition. This is what you need to do to join all the fun and start winning games from the get-go.

This does not mean that we don't play all the other fantasy formats because we do and we love them, be it standard leagues or PPR leagues, we are fantasy addicts that are always looking for the ultimate edge over our opponents. But the truth is that Daily Fantasy Leagues have revolutionized this market and we just cannot stop playing. Maybe you are new to this and have not understood a bit of what we are saying, but we will give you a more detailed explanation, let's start from the beginning.

Daily Fantasy Leagues are a type of fantasy sports games. As with traditional fantasy football, players compete against others through the construction of a team of professional football players and earn points based on the actual performance of the player’s statistics in the actual games. Daily Fantasy Football is an accelerated variant of traditional fantasy football and is held for periods of time in the short term, a week or even a single day of competition as opposed to traditional played in all a complete season.

But it gets even better because you can win real money every week! Yes, you are reading right, real money, cash. Several sites offer the option to play for real dollars, and that is where the daily fantasy codes we mentioned earlier come in handy, go to DFS Codes and yours for free and see what we are talking about.

The Daily Fantasy Leagues take the same pattern of normal fantasy leagues in both the number of starters and use the same scoring system, so your weekly team will be conformed as follows: one quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, one tight end, one placekicker, and one defense slash special teams.  

To get some players on your team the first thing you need to do is create an account in the site of your liking, then enroll in league or week mode. After you have done that you’ll get a budget so you can by your players. This is very similar to fantasy soccer leagues, as most of them use this budget format, so if you have experience in one of those leagues, then you’ll have no problem in these formats.  

The price of each player is determined by the platform taking into consideration several factors, including production in fantasy points. The greater the production, the higher the cost. To take an obvious example, having Tom Brady will cost you much more than having to Scott Tolzien.

The scoring system follows the basic logic and is the one used in most standard leagues. If you are unfamiliar with this points system, we recommend that you study it and learn it, because it could be the difference between winning and losing. Knowing the scoring system in fantasy sports in any of its formats is one of the essential requirements if you want to have any type of success.

So, what to do you think about Daily Fantasy Football, it is very exciting and entertaining, and the best of it all is that you can win real money if you become an expert. Don’t be afraid of the costs, because there are leagues with low entry fees, so there really are no excuses, start playing Daily Fantasy Football as soon as you can.

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