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Tuesday, 30 May 2017 13:16

Online Sports Betting Odds favor New England Patriots heavily for AFC East, Again

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With Gronk back in the picture along Edelman and Cooks, the Patriots are (unsurprisingly) once again the heavy favorites for the AFC East this year.

According to early odds from several bookmakers, the Patriots take the lead for the East Division with a great advantage over other top favorites, but also the Super Bowl where they likewise dominate the charts.  

Namely, early odds from Bovada show the Patriots are the top pick for winning the Super Bowl again this year with +375 odds. They are right ahead of the Packers, who are second-favorites with +900 odds, and the Dallas Cowboys, who are the top 3 pick with +1000 odds.

And considering their long domination at the East conference for the past decade and a half, it's no surprise they make the worst bet in the AFC East futures with -500 odds. The Pats are also the top pick to win the AFC this year with +190 odds, followed by the Steelers and Raiders, who make the second best picks with +700 odds. It seems that 2017 will be again a year of Patriots domination.

But it’s a long way until the Super Bowl. For the time being, you can prep up for the opening game in September, where the Pats are again pegged as the -7.5 favorites against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Getting in Early on Online Sport Betting Action

If you do want to get in on the action before season starts, make sure you don’t just dive in head-first without some forethought. Naturally, early odds are good for getting the “big picture”, but making money with them is not a straightforward thing.  It’s great to see the Pats as the top favorites across all charts, but they might not always be the best bet to make.

When betting online whether on Jackpot Fortune Casino or another, the main idea is to go against the public, since that’s where most of the opportunities can be found. Thus, look for bets where odds makers give one team or player the upper hand but you believe there’s a good chance the opposite will happen. Of course, this sounds much simpler than it is, but that’s why you have tons of info freely available online to help you make the best pick.

However, just remember to make sure you always shop around and compare before picking where to bet. Although most bookies have the same odds, there are cases where you can find better payouts for that one pick you’re sure will come through. And it goes without saying that you should never spend money you don’t have (it’s a bet, after all) or invest it in some shady online site you’ve never heard about.

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