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Thursday, 11 May 2017 12:37

Sports Betting Versus Online Slots: Chances of Winning Real Money

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Sports betting and playing online slots are perhaps the two most popular ways of making money in the gambling industry.

Yet, they are entirely different in their essence, and their audiences and users are often not common. If you were a newbie deciding which to choose, you would hear both sides stating that sports betting is more profitable than playing online slots, and vice versa.  

Therefore, the ultimate question is - what is the best choice?


Playing Online Slots


As already widely known, slots are utilizing the RNG(random number generator) system which ensures that the outcome is totally random. Hence, whether you’ll win or not has nothing to do with your play - it depends on the system. That’s why these games are considered the ones of chance; they are machines of luck and there is no such tactic that will change it. However, a few ways you can slightly influence the outcome in slot machines are:


•    Pick the machine with a high RTP percentage and a low house edge casino, so that the odds may be more in your favor;

•    Never bet more than you can afford – keep it real and adapt the bet to your budget;

•    Pick machines with more bonuses and add-ons such as free spins and bonus games.


With that being said, both old and new slot games can be played by inexperienced players, and they will have the same winning chances as those gamblers who play for years. The outcome isn’t affected by hours, weekdays, times played, previous wins, or any other similar factors.


Sports Betting


Sports betting, on the other hand, may seem like a random choice of teams and bets, but that is not how smart bettors play. It takes much time and dedication for sports bettors to determine how to stake, and it is not influenced by luck. Yes, sports betting can also be done by laics and still result in a win, but taking a look at a long-term play, this will not be profitable.


Let’s sum up the difference between a sports betting newbie player – relying on luck, and the experienced one – relying more on knowledge. If they were betting on a soccer game, an inexperienced bettor would most likely just place random numbers based on his gut feeling.

But you wouldn’t believe how much research do veteran sports bettors put. The veteran one will examine all the factors of this particular game – including newly joined players and their previous achievements, team injuries and motivation, field advantages, previous plays of teams in the season, and much more. Such bettors will be more picky and methodical in their choice.


There are many professional sports bettors who consistently follow, for example, horse races of soccer games, and have a budget specially put aside for these events. Most of them are successful in what they do and can highly profit from it. Hence, every bettor should know that this is not a simple activity you can just decide to try because you will most likely lose by making a random decision.


The Ultimate Question: Sports Betting or Slot Machines?


As explained above, online slot machine games such as Prime Slots are based on luck, and there is nothing more to add to that. Therefore, if you are into a fun experience and the industry offering numerous themes and types of video games of your choice, give it a shot! Nowadays, slot games can be played anywhere and anytime, with almost no requirements necessary except an internet connection.

On the other hand, if you are a sports fan, and already follow certain tournaments, teams, and sports events, then the good news is that this can profoundly influence the outcome when placing a stake. Therefore, the choice between the two ways of gambling is simply the choice between two types of audiences, but sports betting is more variable in its winning chances.  

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