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Wednesday, 10 April 2013 19:06

The Masters 2013: Dark Horses

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Nothing says spring like the flowers in bloom and golf at Augusta National. This week is the most prestigious golf tournament on the calendar is to be played and you have your usual suspects, Tiger, Rory, Phil, but who could come out of the woodworks and wear the green jacket at the famed Butler Cabin.

Here are my picks for those who can surprise the golf world by winning the Masters.

Fred Couples



Although Freddie Couples is 53 years of age, he has always played well at Augusta National and always seems to find some way into contention by the weekend.

Couples, winner of the 1992 Masters, finished tied for 12th last year and has made three consecutive cuts for a golfer over 50 playing with younger guys. He is very comfortable at Augusta and expect to see him play the weekend and possibly finish in the top ten, he always finds a way to do so.

Nicolas Colsaerts


Colsaerts isn't a known name to the fair weather golf fan, but if you closely follow golf, you know that Colsaerts is a very talented golfer.

Colsaerts, a 30 year old Belgian, is leading the PGA in driving distance, a huge plus at a course like Augusta. On the other hand, Colsaerts has only hit the fairways 51% of the time this season, not so great.

This will be Colsaerts' first ever trip at the Masters, so, maybe a trial by fire thing could help his chances. If he can keep his drives on the fairway, he might just stand a chance this weekend at Augusta.

Adam Scott

A name like Adam Scott shouldn't be a dark horse, but alas he is. With people talking about Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, they are forgetting about the talented Aussie.

Scott has yet to win a major (Should have won the 2012 British Open, but wilted under pressure), but is poised to finally breakthrough and win one and Augusta could be the place for it.

Scott has finished in the top ten three times at the Masters, including last year's eighth place finish. He also has four top ten finishes already in this young season. 

My one concern with Scott is his mental game. He melted down after a large lead late to play at the British last year. If he leads late on Sunday, you have to think that will be rattling around in the back of his mind.

Scott Piercy

You may be asking yourself, "Who?", but his all-around game plays perfect at Augusta National. 

The Golf Channel's Mark Rolfing has picked the American as his dark horse to win the Masters due to his "lethal combination" of skills.

Piercy, a 34 year old Las Vegas native, only has two career PGA Tour wins, but he can both hit and putt very well and during the Masters it is so, so vital to be on top of both games and Piercy could very well surprise us all.

Again, much like Colsaerts, Piercy is a Masters rookie, but if he can drive and putt like he has been, Piercy could be wearing that green jacket on Sunday.


So, there you have it, my picks for the dark horses at the Masters 2013. Now if you excuse me, I need to get fitted for my green jacket and make a trip down to Magnolia Lane and hob-knob with golf's elite.