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Larry H. Russell

Larry H. Russell

Larry H. Russell is the Executive Producer of CLNS Radio.  Most noted as the Voice of Celtics Beat and Celtics Pre-Game, LHR has served many roles within CLNS since joining the network in 2011. He is also the author of the critically acclaimed Fall of the Boston Celtics: How Bad Luck, Bad Decisions Brought the Mighty Celtics Empire to Its Knees and Ushered in the Dark Ages which was released in 2014 as well as the director of the film Paul Pierce: The Best Pure Scorer in Celtics History.

LHR is a graduate of Emerson College and currently resides in Brookline.  He can be reached by e-mail at LHRussell@clnsradio.com or on Twitter @CLNS_LHR

Decades of lies have caused near irrecoverable harm to the human race.  Dietary staples such as steak and eggs, that in which we all evolved on were nearly blackmailed all in the name of corporate sales and profits.  However, in the spirit of American individuality, we are reclaiming control of our destiny.  As the old adage states: We are what we eat.  The power of truly organic food allows us to unlock and maximize our own capabilities.  CLNS Radio looks back at the fallacies that put us on a near deadly path.  And celebrates those who are making this revolution possible.

Boston Red Sox 3B Pablo Sandoval is out of shape.  And the Boston media is piling on as they always do.  Yet the real questions are still not being asked.

Daughter of Famed Boston Celtics Patriarch Red Auerbach Outraged by Boston Celtics Game Presentation

Wednesday, 06 January 2016 04:58

Peyton Manning & NFL Pravda


Peyton Manning: The NFL’s World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion

Ovation for Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant by Boston Celtics Fans Went Too Far

Local Boston Media Guilty of Drumming Up Phony Storylines Regarding New England Patriots Tom Brady, Donald Trump, Alex Guerrero...or God Knows What.  Why?

Do Not Listen to Former Los Angeles Lakers Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Jim Barnett: Stephen Curry Will Change the Landscape of Basketball

The Information Age has completely reshaped the role of the media.  Now with Internet 3.0, what will be left of the industry?

Boston Celtics have done well but high times will be courtesy of the Brooklyn Nets