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Jared Weiss

Jared Weiss

Jared Weiss is the Celtics Locker Room Reporter and Host of The Garden Report: Celtics Post Game Show on Celtics Blog and CLNS Radio. J Weiss hosts The Block Party on Thursday nights at 8 PM and enjoys long walks on the beach while watching Rajon Rondo game footage. You can reach J Weiss at JWeiss@clnsradio.com and @CLNS_JaredWeiss.

Kevin Garnett got the most emotional DNP of his life. As he watched his Minnesota Timberwolves fall 113-99 to his former Boston Celtics, KG got the love from the fans that only an absolute legend could enjoy. Jared Weiss of CLNS Radio is joined by Gethin Coolbaugh to reflect on KG's evening and break down the Celtics' solid win on The Garden Report Post Game Show.

The Celtics coach reflected on the time he shared the same floor as Garnett, while still wearing a jersey.

The Celtics made up for a hideous first half with a great third quarter from Jae Crowder. But when the C's went small, Al Horford and Paul Millsap took over the fourth. The Hawks went on a huge run in the 4th quarter and won 109-101. Jimmy Toscano of CSNNE and Sam Packard of WEEI broke the game down on The Garden Report.

The King put the crown on and put on a show for everyone watching with a double pump reverse slam on the break.His Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Boston Celtics 89-77.

Steph Curry and Draymond Green survived foul trouble and the Celtics' best effort to continue their record winning streak.

Vintage David Lee made a surprise fourth quarter appearance as the Boston Celtics beat the Chicago Bulls 105-100.

With the Celtics staring implosion in the face, the winless Sixers came to town. Tragedy was narrowly avoided in a 84-80 win after Jae Crowder's game-winning three with 38 seconds left.

As the Brooklyn Draft Picks visted Boston, the Celtics got their chance to do their part to ensure a high pick next June. Things went according to plan quite well.

Kelly Olynyk came alive as an aggressive offensive threat as the Boston Celtics beat the Atlanta Hawks 106-93 Friday. Isaiah Thomas dominated with a 23 point, 10 assist and 5 rebound tour de force.