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Matt Ignal

Matt Ignal

Matt Ignal is the staff writer for The Game Theory Podcast w/ Sam Vecenie and a Roundtable panelist on the Boston Celtics Newsfeed on CLNS Radio.  Subscribe to Celtics Newsfeed on iTunes and Stitcher.

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Keith Smith joins the Roundable for a deep dive into the Wizards series with a look-ahead to Game 4.

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In this Game Theory podcast, Sam Vecenie chats with Reags from over at Barstool about a few different topics. First, they talk about Lonzo Ball's signature sneaker release. Do they like the shoes? How outrageous is the price point? Do they think Lavar is secretly a genius? How risky is this for Lonzo? Then, they chat about some cross-racial NBA Draft comparisons, and how they should be better about who we compare NBA Draft prospects to. Included is Luke Kennard, Ivan Rabb, and a few others. Also, they then just compare a few of the elite NBA Draft prospects to their counterparts currently playing in the NBA.  You can follow Reags' work over at @BarstoolReags and at BarstoolSports.com, and follow Sam at @Sam_Vecenie. Please remember to rate, review, and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!

In this Game Theory episode, Sam Vecenie chats with Derek Bodner about the 76ers and about the NBA Draft. First, they talk about the Nerlens Noel trade and how it looks for the 76ers right now. Then, they get into talking about the NBA Draft. What makes Markelle Fultz such a ridiculous prospect? What are the holes that Lonzo Ball has in his game? Does Josh Jackson fit with the 76ers? Who are some of the prospects Derek finds to be underrated? What second-round prospects should the 76ers look at?  You can follow Derek at @DerekBodnerNBA, and follow Sam at @Sam_Vecenie. Please remember to rate, review and subscribe to the podcast!

In this Game Theory episode, Sam Vecenie chats with Scott Phillips from NBC Sports about some recruiting. First, they chat about Duke's recruiting classes, including the Jordan Goldwire decision. Then they talk about where Scott believes the elite recruits remaining without a commitment in the 2017 class will end up, including Trevon Duval, Kevin Knox, Mohammed Bamba, Brian Bowen and M.J. Walker.  Then, they chat about the 2018 class. Should Jontay Porter reclassify? Is Marvin Bagley the best NBA prospect in high school basketball? What do we think of Zion Williamson and Romeo Langford? How has Bol Bol become the breakout prospect of the Spring Recruiting Period? What do they think of the point guards in the class? Finally, they chat about some of the 2017 NBA Draft one-and-done prospects who have made the biggest leaps over the last year.  You can follow Scott at @phillipshoops on Twitter, and follow Sam at @Sam_Vecenie. Please remember to rate, review, and subscribe to the show!

In this Roundtable episode, Lucky's Pipe, Jonathan Levy, and Matt/Jon Ignal preview Game 2 of the Celtics v Wizards Series. We'll be back Wednesday morning.

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IN this ROUNDTABLE preview, Jonathan Levy, Lucky's Pipe (Tom),  and Matt and Jon Ignal discuss some keys to the upcoming series between the Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards. 

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In this Roundtable episode, Mike Walsh joins Jonathan Levy, Evan Valenti, and Jon Ignal to discuss the ins-and-outs of the pivotal Game 5 in this topsy-turvy series. Follow us on Twitter: @CLNSRoundtable

In this Roundtable episode, Evan Valenti along with Matt and Jon Ignal go over the adjustments, the key players, and biggest storylines behind the Celtics tying the Playoff series at 2 games apiece. Follow us on Twitter: @CLNSRoundtable and rate, review, and subscribe to the Boston Celtics Newsfeed!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017 03:48

Hamidou Diallo to Test NBA Waters

In this Game Theory podcast, Sam Vecenie chats with Ricky O'Donnell of SB Nation about the NBA playoffs. They start with the Bulls, their point guard issues, how the front office essentially gave away three rotation pieces for nothing, Fred Hoiberg hitting #PEAKCAUCASITY, and if they can win this series. Then, they move on briefly to talk about Utah and the Clippers, and how disjointed this series has been due to injury. Next, they chat about Milwaukee and Toronto, particularly spending some time on Thon Maker and how he's been able to make an impact so early in his NBA career. Then theymove on to John Wall's dominant play, and how he's probably been the best player so far in the playoffs not named LeBron James. Finally, they chat about Paul George and what they think happens with him and the Pacers this offseason. Then, to cap things off, we chat about Hamidou Diallo, an elite Kentucky freshman that has declared for the draft despite never playing a game for the Wildcats.  Please remember to rate, review, and subscribe to the podcast. You can follow Ricky over at @SBN_Ricky on Twitter, and follow Sam at @Sam_Vecenie.

In this Roundtable Fan Night segment, David Davis (@_Throwbackkk) joins Jonathan Levy, Matt Ignal, and Jon Ignal to examine the mental and tactical adjustments the Celtics made in Game 3. Sweet victory! Subscribe to the Boston Celtics Newsfeed and follow us on Twitter: @CLNSRoundtable

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