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Matt Ignal

Matt Ignal

Matt Ignal is the staff writer for The Game Theory Podcast w/ Sam Vecenie and a Roundtable panelist on the Boston Celtics Newsfeed on CLNS Radio.  Subscribe to Celtics Newsfeed on iTunes and Stitcher.

Follow Matt on Twitter @mattignal

In this Game Theory episode, Sam Vecenie chats with Ricky O'Donnell from over at SB Nation about the Chicago Bulls side of the Jimmy Butler trade, after he had a relatively memorable performance on SB Nation's NBA Draft show. He also wrote this week about how this needs to be the end of the Gar/Pax reign in Chicago. So that's about how excited they get about the Jimmy Butler trade from the Chicago perspective.  Then they chat a bit about NBA Awards finally being given out on Monday night, including Russell Westbrook being named MVP, Malcolm Brogdon being named Rookie of the Year, and Draymond Green getting Defensive Player of the Year.  As always, please remember to rate, review and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. You can follow Ricky at @SBN_Ricky and follow Sam at @Sam_Vecenie.

In this Game Theory episode, Chris Stone and Sam Vecenie chat about the 2017 NBA Draft about 20 minutes after it ended. First, they break down the Jimmy Butler trade, and how ridiculous it was that the Bulls decided to make this move.  Then, they answer who had their favorite drafts, and go into a pick-by-pick breakdown of many of the picks in the draft, all the way down to the second round.  You can follow Chris at @cstonehoops and you can follow Sam at @Sam_Vecenie. Please remember to rate, review and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes! Thanks for listening!

In this Roundtable podcast, Evan Valenti, Matt Ignal, Sam Sheehan, amd Lucky's pipe review the draft and the Jayson Tatum selection. 1:00 Instant reactions to Jayson Tatum pick 3:15 Can Jayson Tatum become an efficient scorer? 5:45 Will Tatum overcome his weaknesses? 8:45 Did Celtics try to trade back? 12:45 How is Tatum's defense? 15:40 Celtics 2nd round picks 17:30 Celtics in serious cap trouble Follow us on Twitter: @CLNSRoundtable and subscribe to the Boston Celtics Newsfeed

In this Game Theory episode, Sam Vecenie chats about the craziness in the NBA on Tuesday. First, he brings on Pete Zayas from over at Laker Film Room to talk about the D'Angelo Russell trade. Why would the Lakers do it? How much better does this make the Nets? They also chat quickly about the Dwight Howard trade and why Atlanta would do that, something Sam's still not 100% sure on.  Then, he chats with Jay King from over at Mass Live about the Boston Celtics. First though, they chatted about the Cavs not moving forward with David Griffin as their general manager, a dumbfounding move that I'm still not sure I understand. Then, they go into all of the crazy decisions Boston has this offseason, including their trade of the No. 1 overall pick, Jimmy Butler/Paul George, who they will look at with the No. 3 pick, and everything in-between.  Please remember to rate, review and subscribe to the Game Theory Podcast on iTunes. You can follow Pete at @lakerfilmroom, you can follow Jay at @ByJayKing, and follow Sam at @Sam_Vecenie. Thanks for listening!

In this Game Theory episode, Sam Vecenie chats with Andrew Lynch from over at Fox Sports about a bevy of different topics that happened over the course of the weekend.  First, they go into the Boston-Philadelphia trade that saw the No. 1 pick be moved for No.3 and a future pick. Which team comes out looking good? Does it make sense for both? Then, they delve deep into Markelle Fultz's fit in Philadelphia, and how it seems to be perfect.  Second, they chat about the news that broke as they were recording, as Paul George has told the Indiana Pacers he plans to leave in free agency next offseason. That leaves Indiana holding the bag. How should the Pacers proceed from here? They come up with a few fake trades that likely make very little sense.  Finally, they break down the Suns offseason. What will they look to do at No. 4? What should they do with Eric Bledsoe? What free agents should they try to hold on to? How excited are they about their young core?  Please remember to rate, review and subscribe to the podcast. You can follow Andrew at @AndrewLynch on Twitter, and follow Sam at @Sam_Vecenie.

In this Game Theory episode, Sam Vecenie chats with Trevor Lane from over at Lakers Nation about the Los Angeles Lakers and their upcoming offseason. Should the Lakers be looking at players other than Lonzo Ball? Is there any chance he's not the pick at No. 2? Does Josh Jackson make sense? Is this all a smokescreen?  Also, they chat about D'Angelo Russell being awesome, get on board the Julius Randle post-hype train, talk about Brandon Ingram's rookie year, and discuss if the Lakers should be setting their sights on a star this offseason. More than that, what should their direction be going forward? Please remember to rate, review and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. You can follow Trevor over at @Trevor_Lane on Twitter, and follow Sam over at @Sam_Vecenie. Thanks for listening!

Friday, 09 June 2017 05:16

Can Sacramento Kings Turn the Corner?

In this Game Theory episode, Sam Vecenie chats about the Kings and Blazers upcoming NBA Draft and offseason decisions. With these two teams having five first round picks combined, Sam felt they were a good tandem of teams to throw together.  In the first half, Greg Wissinger and Sam chat about the Kings and their new direction. Are things better without DeMarcus Cousins? Is there something of a renewed energy? What players should be considered pieces of the core going forward? What should the team look to do with picks 5, 10, and 34? In the second half of the podcast, Sam chats with Erik Gunderson about the Blazers and what they can do going forward. Was this season a disappointment? Is there something they can do here to change things up? What can the team do with its three draft picks (15, 20, 26) to improve? There are a lot of options here.  Please remember to rate, review and subscribe to the podcast. You can follow Greg at @gwiss on Twitter, Erik at @Erik_Gunderson and Sam at @Sam_Vecenie. Thanks!

In this Roundtable podcast, Sam Sheehan, Matt Ignal, Lucky's Pipe, and Jonathan Levy debate the different deals the Celtics should offer Isaiah Thomas, speculate on some lesser free agents, and dream big.

Follow us on Twitter: @CLNSRoundtable and Subscribe to the Boston Celtics Newsfeed!

Wednesday, 07 June 2017 14:51

Should Bulls Try to Trade Jimmy Butler?

In this Game Theory podcast, Sam Vecenie chats with SB Nation's Ricky O'Donnell about the NBA Finals so far and about the Bulls NBA Draft/Offseason. How good are the Warriors? Are the Warriors the best team ever? What is Ty Lue doing trying to run with the Warriors? What's going on with Tristan Thompson? How unbelievable has Kevin Durant been? Can the Cavs come back? Then, they get really depressed and talk about the Bulls. What is this organization doing? Does it have a direction? Are they really going to bring the gang back together on the most depressing team in the NBA? Realistically, should the team be trying to trade Jimmy Butler? Also, what draft prospects should the team look at? Please remember to rate, review, and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes! You can follow Ricky at @SBN_Ricky, and you can follow Sam at @Sam_Vecenie.

In this Game Theory episode, Sam Vecenie chats with Dan Feldman from NBC Sports and Ian Levy from FanSided to break down the Pistons and Pacers NBA Draft and offseasons.  First, Sam chats with Dan about the Pistons. How do they feel about Andre Drummond as the team's franchise player? What options does this team have as it's right up against the cap after it likely re-signs Kentavious Caldwell-Pope? Is the Stan Van Gundy front office experiment working? Will they actually try to shop the No. 12 overall pick? What do they think of their recent draft history under Van Gundy? Then, I chat with Ian where they get right into the question of the hour: what will this roster look like next season? Will they keep Paul George, or decide to trade him? What could a trade for George look like? Will Jeff Teague be back? What will they do at No. 18? How does the front office change from Larry Bird to Kevin Pritchard impact things -- if at all? Lot of tough questions in Indy this year.  Please remember to rate, review and subscribe to the podcast. You can find Dan at @DanFeldmanNBA, Ian at @HickoryHigh, and Sam at @Sam_Vecenie. Thanks for listening, everyone!

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